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Saturday, May 31, 2003
For anyone who doesn't know me, I am an extremely conservative person and I feel like bashing some Democrats and ranting right now.
My Opinions
1) Welfare is totally useless and should be banished to the infernal depths of Hell. Yay! Free money! Wait! Free money? No money is ever free. The working man pays for the fat-ass lazy Democrats to sit and feel their asses grow= Welfare. Welfare is not fair.
2) Immigrants should be able to receive a driver's license, a form of important identification which basically indicates citizenship? Hell no! Yeah, that's smart. Let's open the borders to all countries and invite everyone to become a citizen. Sounds like a smart plan to me.....especially if one wants to increase the welfare system.
3) Bush shouldn't wage war on Iraq? Why not? So we can let Iraq kill their own people? So we can let Hussein inspire terrorism thoughout the world and in America? Ok, sounds reasonable. WRONG! Time for war. And if you say Bush is waging war for oil, well, I bet you won't complain when gas prices go down, now will you?
4) Gray Davis is a great leader, no? Emphatic Hell NO! He had the largest surplus in California history. Now he has the largest debt. Whoops. Smooth move, ex-lax.
5) For all the people that hate Bush, at least he is professional and keeps his tallywacker in his pants, unlike Slick Willy (oh yeah, and he doesn't lie, especially under oath).
6) The economy. It is not doing well. I admit it. A nice little thing is that it takes about 6 to 8 years for political changes to affect the economy. So, let's see. Who exactly was in office 6 years ago and what was his political affliation? Clinton. Democrat. Oh jeez. Point proven.
7) This isn't really political, but it's important. The Dixie Chicks need to be beaten with their guitars. Way to bash the president and expect people to like it. Whoops. Can someone say backfire?
8) Bilingual education. Oh jeez. Where to start? It doesn't work. OK, let's teach these non-English speakers to speak English by speaking in their native language. OK, that sounds reasonable. BS! They won't learn. English and English only. This is America, the last time I checked.
9) Affirmative action. I am not a racist person. I'm really not. I am prejudiced against stupidity and ignorance. Anyways, here we go. I hate affirmative action. I can't win scholarships simply because I'm a white male. Claiming Italian ancestry doesn't even help, mainly because even though I have something of an ethnic background, I still have the male equipment. This is backwards discrimination.
10) Al Gore. Oh boy, he would have been a great leader (sarcasm). I'll just leave it at that.
11) Celebrities. Who appointed them the freaking master of foreign diplomacy? Who cares what their views are on war? On abortion? On anything? Last time I checked, they didn't run the country (thank God!).
12) Education. I used to have faith in public schools and the system, even wantign to reform it. It's hopeless. Utterly hopeless. I voluntered in a relative's classroom and let me tell you, it was Hell. These kids are in first grade, yet they don't know how to spell their damn name, nor can they count to 2. Jesus. Christ. Oh Lord. I don't have an answer here, maybe private schools are the answer along with vouchers, yet they will go downhill eventually too.
13) The environment. OK, I don't promote drilling for oil everywhere and blowing the hell out of every living thing, but if we want to eat, have electricity, drive, or even have a place to live, we have to destroy a part of the environment. Accept this, you Democrats and tree-huggers, and move on.
14) Taxes. The rich are rich for a reason. They are a success. Poor people are poor because they are failures. Plain and simple. Rich people needn't be taxed just because they're rich and they are a success.
15) Death penalty. Hell yes! Call me old-fashioned and bloodthirsty if you must, but if you commit an atrocious crime, you deserve to die. It's cheaper and it makes the victim's family and friends feel like justice was served. Plus, do you really want to pay for the food and clothing of a serial killer? I mean, come on. Get realistic here. Let the bastards hang until the sun falls and rises again.
16) I'll leave you with a Democratic ideal. I'm actually a little Democratic here. Abortion. Damn. Tough subject. I believe that killing a baby is pretty wrong, but if the case is of rape or incest (or some other awful situation), then I think that the woman should have a choice.
Allright, enough political crap. Out. up early this morning. 4:30 AM. Jesus. Just to go play a round of golf in Palm Springs. We tried to get out there early so we wouldn't die from the heat, but I was still sweating my nuts off. It was probably about 100 and I was out in it for about 5 hours.

In other news, the Williams sisters seem to be advancing rather easily through the French Open (tennis tournament held on clay courts). I am sick and tired of seeing these orangutans playing on TV (not because they're black, but because they're fat, disgusting, and ugly). I want to see Anna Kournikova play, but it's a damn shame she never wins.

Last night was the Senior Banquet, where they hand out the gag, or Hagar, awards. I received "Senior with no Senioritis." A certain friend received "Best Laugh," which I wholeheartedly agree on. A certain person from Utah also received "Best Laugh," but she probably should have got "Most Likely to Starve While Hugging a Tree." Oh well. Condolences go out to the guy who got "Most Likely to Live with his Mom until Age 30." On a light note, the most deserving girl got "The Weakest Link," a girl who I call ET. Dumb bitch.....hahahaha.

Also just finished my homework. What BS. I still have homework. It's the end of the freakin' year and I still have homework. What is wrong with these damn teachers? Can they not let me relax at all?

Time to watch TV and whatnot. Out.
Friday, May 30, 2003
Quick one before I go to bed. More family sayings:
1) When someone is very hungry, the "belly-button is touching their asshole."
2) In golf when someone keeps hitting the ball to the left, they are said to be "hooking like a poor whore."
3) When someone is extremely hungry, they are "hungrier than a bitch wolf with sixteen sucking pups."
4) When a person is African-American and is very dark, they are "blacker than the ace of spades."
5) When you drive a car with no air-conditioning, you roll down the windows and go fast to have "Mexican air-conditioning."
6) When someone is very fat, they are said to "make a better door than a window."

Time for bed---> 8:45 PM. Out.
Feels like I'm on a roll today....
Here's a poem for graduation:

It's Independence Day, I'm free
And it's a strange place to be
I'm gonna break these chains
Unleash the changes in me.
I see an endless road
I feel the restless wind
I've lost the fear inside
Cause I've got no choice
But to live or die.

Goodbye REV. Hello college (Idaho State) and hello potatoes! Out.
My family sayings (WARNING: these are not normal sayings and I have no idea how my family arrived at some of these):

1) When something is utterly useless, "it is as useless as tits on the side of bacon."
2) When someone is not intelligent or sharp, "they don't know sh*t from applebutter."
3) When someone is not intelligent or sharp, "they don't know their ass from a two-bit piece."
4) When it sounds as if someone is fibbing, one says "sh*t too if you eat regular."
5) When something is very small and round, it is referred to as "a squirrel's left nut."
6) When someone is driving very fast, they are said to "have a rocket up their ass."
7) When something is very hard or durable, "it is as hard as Kelsey's nuts."

Now time for a joke I heard....

The Seven Dwarves are visting Rome and Dopey has the urge to meet the Pope. They are taken in to meet the Pope, because they are the Seven Dwarves. Dopey asks the Pope, "are there any dwarf nuns in Rome?"
The Pope says, "No."
The other six dwarves start snickering. Dopey asks, "are there any dwarf nuns in Europe?"
The Pope says again, "No."
By now, the six other dwarves are laughing very hard. Dopey is getting desperate and asks, "are there any dwarf nuns anywhere in the world?"
The Pope says finally, "No."
The4 other six dwarves can no longer hold it in. They all exclaim "Dopey screwed a penguin!"

More blog later. Out.
Thursday, May 29, 2003
Finally got this damn site up and going. Yay. Anyways, not much new. Pissed a guy off yesterday, got to feel like a big man when I flipped the bird. Take that cocksucker.

Finals are coming up. Oh joy. Doesn't really matter a flying f**k though. Only have one class with a final: Physics E. Did I mention that it is going to be absolutely impossible and that I will not have a clue of what to do on it? It's a good feeling going into a test knowing nothing, mainly because I was taught nothing.

Anyone here have a band that lives near them? I do. They suck. They're called "Boda" (at least for this week anyways). That translates to "wedding" in Spanish, but the only thing they wed is "suck" and "blow," which, accordingly to Bart Simpson, is physically impossible. They play late at night and the insulation in their garage does absolutely nothing. Complaining has only encouraged them to serenade me with their brand of sh*t rock until late at night. Jerks. Guess I'll have to result to eggs and TP. Oh well.

Graduation approaches. Thank God (metaphorically). I can't take much more of this hell-hole. Summer! Beach, golf, sleep. Oh yeah. That's the life for me. Screw school until September. No summer work. Hell yeah. Allright, it's late (all of 8:30 P.M.) and I'm getting tired. Out.
Saturday, May 24, 2003
Just finished playing in the county amateur golf tournament. I feel like reverse discrimination has just occurred. An African American brother played in my group. I don't dislike black people solely because they're black. In fact, most black people I know are perfectly OK. This guy wasn't. A jerk. In golf, see, you're supposed to be a gentleman. You're supposed to compliment good shots and say "thanks" when someone says "good shot" to you. He didn't. Asshole. He also refused to fix his ballmark (the mark made by the ball when it hits the green); I fixed all of his. I feel like a slave. Oh joy, I get to play with the same jerk tomorrow too. Oh yeah, did I mention that he tried to cheat three times? F***ing moron. He thinks that I, the valedictorian, can't add two numbers. 3+4=6? Nice try jackass. Oh well. Good thing this black guy sucks at golf, because I kicked his ass.
I'd also like to add my comments about the Annika Sorenstam controversy (the woman that played in the male golf tournament). Thank God (speak metaphorically) that she didn't make the cut. I would have shot myself if she had. Also, if women can play on the men's tour, I want to play on the women's tour. I know I could beat some of those fat heifers.
Friday, May 23, 2003
Stupid little thoughts for the day...
Anyone here every taken AP courses? Anyone like the fact that the world has now come to a complete stop......except one class of course. Calculus---> Cake-ulus. So cute. Something the teacher comes up with so that we can't just sit there and stare off into oblivion or actually have some fun.....oh no. That is not frigging allowed. We must do pointless, trivial work that just wastes time and energy, as well as paper. Allright, enough about calculus.
Anyone here ever play sports for the high school? I do. Golf. Oh yeah, I'm a pure jock. Definitely. Cool guy me. Apparently that's what certain team members think. You need to be a pothead or alcoholic to be a golfer (or just a dumb motherf***er). I think if you are reading this blog, you know who I mean. I mean the moron who thinks that drinking and crashing his damn red Acura Integra into a wall is "cool" and that actually trying to succeed in life is "uncool." Screw him.
Enough of this crap. Time for some good stuff...
Thoughts on Prom (can you tell I'm not going?)
One tux rental: $90
One limo rental: too much
Dinner: wallet is now tapped out
Getting shot down for Prom: priceless
That's all folks. Out.
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