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Sunday, August 31, 2003
Ah yes. Like I said before, such a way with women. This one girl, Callie, flips me off daily. And all just because I laughed at her playing pool.

I watched the Matrix Reloaded again last night in the theater here at ISU. So that was cool.

Update on the laxatives prank. It worked. Our RA thinks that he ate too much or something like that. LOL. Poor guy.....funny though.

My parents are nuts. Every time I call, they get more clingy and more clingy. It's ridiculous.

I actually did my own laundry this weekend. That blows. At least my mommy was good for something.


Our poor RA. I actually feel a little sorry for him. Yesterday morning, my roommate and I locked him out of his room while he was in the shower. We went in, locked the door, went out the window, and came back in our own window to watch him struggle against the locked door. Oh yeah, then we got some laxatives and put them in his energy drink and the drinks of some other guys in our hall. Oh, we're so mean.

Update on my furry, 3-legged friend. We set out the food for him, but the little $hithead wouldn't take it or eat it. So now it looks like we may have to fake a picture of him eating and dry-lab the whole thing. Yay!

If you know me, you probably won't believe this. I've been staying up until about 11:00 every night; in fact, last night, I made it until midnight.

Friday, August 29, 2003
I love rain. I woke up to the falling rain this morning. Awesome. No nut-sweating today.

I went to the ISU football game last night. It looked about like one of REV's games, except ISU was the winning team. YAY! Finally, I get to watch a team that wins. The score was 54-20, but it was messy and looked about like high school quality football.

Nuts, my furry, 3-legged friend, is as frisky and happy as ever. I just said "hi" to him on the way back from breakfast.

Two nights ago, we (my roommate and I) gave our RA a little sip of an energy drink. Our RA is the Nigerian guy and is funny as hell. With just one little sip, he was wired for an hour and a half. He drove in circles in the Albertsons parking lot and tried to go 120 on the freeway. He ran up and down the aisles of Wal-Mart. He was absolutely nuts. So anyways, last night, after the football game, we gave him a Rockstar. This energy drink was ridiculous. It had like 400% of all the stuff you needed and caffeine was actually listed as an ingredient. Oh boy. He downed the whole can and ate a Powerbar. Lordy. He was bouncing off the walls in the dorm. Then he called everyone into his room at about 11, and insisted on praising each one of us for about 10 minutes. Absolutely hilarious. I went to bed at midnight, but I don't think he got any sleep at all. Someone's going to be dozing in class. ROFL.

Thursday, August 28, 2003
I renamed the blog. "The 3-Legged Squirrel Journal." Let's review. I had my first Biology Lab today. We received a project, making up a lab and actually carrying it out. Well, we (three guys and me) came up a few ideas for a lab. "How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?" "How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?" "How much gunpowder does it take to blow up a squirrel?" Our teacher told us we were on our way to greatness. Cool. Anyways, the unofficial mascot of our hall is a squirrel with a broken back right leg. The poor guy can't hardly walk, so we call him the 3-legged squirrel, or Nuts. Our experiment now consists of whether the 3-legged squirrel will eat shelled or unshelled peanuts.

So yeah. After one day of Bio Lab, my teacher knows we're the screw-offs. Great. Good start. And to top it off, our grades depend on the survival of a gimpy squirrel. $hit!

Now we have shifts on the "Squirrel Watch." We take turns watching him, watching which nuts he eats. What f*cking fun.


Tuesday, August 26, 2003
DSL is great. I just got it put in. Hell yeah. It kicks ass. No more slow Internet for Rico.

I have become a pool shark. I'm in the games room about 3 hours (minimum) a day. I've beat everyone there. Oh yeah, I also am kicking ass at ping-pong.

My classes are going smoothly. I have a "First Year Seminar" class. What a joke! There's only nine of us in the class. We do nothing but stare at the walls (or stroke it).

Some of the guys in me hall have some REAL tough schedules. Weightlifting, ultimate frisbee, intro to karate, and aerobics. Jesus H. Christ.

More blog later. Out.
Monday, August 25, 2003
Wow, last night was hilarious. My RA, Bobby from Nigeria, had us all play this get-to-know-one-another game. We sat in a circle and sucked M&M's off a plate with a straw until the person to the right rolled doubles with two dice. I ended up with about 50 M&M's, more than anyone else by far. Anyways, you had to tell the group one thing about yourself for every M&M you had. Well, after a while, I ran out of stuff to say, so I said stuff like "I have 5 M&M's left" and "I attend ISU" and "I wear size shoes." It was really funny though, because by the end, everyone was just laughing at me because I had absolutely nothing else left to say.

Anyways, class started today. Pretty cool teachers and decent class sizes. It sucks though, because I already have homework.

I met a hot chick today while I was playing pool with my roommate in the games room. I laughed at her because she really sucks at pool, so she flipped me off. Ah yes, such a way with women. Anyways, my roommate saved the day. He told her that "Rico" means delicious and rich in Spanish. She wanted to know if I was really delicious. I believe I said yes. LOL.

Sunday, August 24, 2003
OK, this dorm is screwy. There's some strange stuff going on. By strange, I mean funny.

My hall has three floors, the 1st is guys and the other two are chicks. One of the chicks upstairs is engaged to some guy on my floor. Well, this guy went to the store one last night and the chick came downstairs looking for him. Instead, she found some other guy and they obviously hit it off, because they were screwing 20 minutes later in the room next to me. least I didn't walk in on them, like TJ (another guy in my hall) did. ROFL.

The two guys in the room across from mine have set up a system for rating chicks that walk by. They have 3 sets of signs, ranking chicks from 1 to 10, which they put up in the window whenever a chick walks by.

The black guys in my hall dribble a basketball up and down the hall late at night and bounce it off the walls. Nice.

My roommate and his girlfriend make a daily trip to Wal-Mart. Daily. No kidding.

My roommate watches cartoons. Crappy ones too. Enough said.

Right now, 4 white guys all have their rap up as loud as it will go. The walls are shaking.

Two nights ago, two guys got locked out of the hall and they slept on the concrete next to the door. Really smart.

Saturday, August 23, 2003
I admit it. I'm confessing openly. I have a problem with lightning. Not what you expected, huh? If you read my blog regularly, you know of my previous troubles with lightning (like almost dying). Anyways, let me start at the beginning.

My dad came up for a few days and we wanted to play some golf. Well, we played 18 holes in the morning, ate lunch, and decided to play some more (it was free, so what else do you expect from me?). We left the motel room at 3:30 PM after resting for a little while. We started golfing at 4:00 PM, the same exact time a lightning and flood warning was issued for Pocatello, Idaho home of ISU). We didn't know this, but we went ahead and played (walking, of course). As we walked down the first fairway, it started pouring. "No biggie," we thought. We kept going. About the 2nd hole, we could could hear thunder, and by the third hole, it was right on us. Did we stop, you might ask? Of course not. We kept going. About the 4th hole, a dust storm swept through (weird, since it was raining too), accompanied by 50 mph winds. Did we stop? No. Anyways, we got to the 7th hole when the lightning started hitting on the golf course, the rain was so heavy you couldn't see $hit, and the winds were up to about 60 mph. We hid in the restroom for about 30 minutes and then ran for the truck when the the lightning and rain let up.

So, there it is. I have a problem with lightning. I can't seem to stay away from it. This time may have been worse, considering I was holding 14 lightning rods, plus an umbrella. I am a dumbass. Out.
Thursday, August 21, 2003
Oh wow... a whole week since I blogged. A lot of great crap has happened since then. And here comes the crapload of "great" stuff...

Sunday, August 17th
The drive up to Idaho State University absolutely sucked all kinds of balls, from hairy ones to dirty ones. 13 and a half hours of ass-numbing driving. In my truck, which now has 204,000 miles. Oh yay! Anyways, my ass was so sweaty and numb after that it was unbelievable. Oh something else "great" here too. DOWN WITH MORMONS! I thoroughly dislike Mormons now (as if I didn't before? Felix knows what I'm talking about here). So yeah, Mormons can't go outside on Sundays, or some crap like that. I had an empty tank and tried to stop in Provo. After trying 5 different gas stations, I finally found some little dump that probably watered down their gasoline. Not only did that suck, but also trying to find food in Provo was extremely difficult. Nothing was open. I had to find a Subway and the guy was closing it up early, so I was the last person to get served. Down with Mormonism and their proverbial twenty carbon-copy kids!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 18th
Borrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggggggggggg. Did all sorts of busywork and such.

Tuesday, August 19th
Boring again. More registration and crap. Had a neat little excursion though. Went to these natural hot springs about 30 minutes from my college campus. Hot as hell water (104 degrees and up), but that was pretty cool (yes, I'm aware "cool" doesn't fit with "hot").

Wednesday, August 20th
Move-in day. My roommate is a weirdo. He brought a TV, about twenty blankets, a computer tower, but no monitor. And that's it. Psycho. Oh yeah, he also likes to stay up late and get up late. That doesn't quite fit my style.I like to get up at 6 AM, be alseep by 9:30 PM.
Thursday, August 21st
This frigging blows too. I'm sick. Sinus infection. Wonderful.

Friday, August 22nd
Yes, I'm aware Friday is tomorrow. I'll be playing golf with my dad for the last time in a while.

Well, that's about it. Oh wait, I had to set up my computer. Took 3 and a half hours. Bastard people and their $hitty ass server. The help desk couldn't even help me. Bastards. I was not a happy camper. Anyways, I finally have it all figured out.
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My AIM screen name is: plickplick22

Thursday, August 14, 2003
Not much has happened since Monday. A little golf, a little sleep, and a whole crapload of packing. That's right. This guy is getting ready for college. A whole new world is opening and such drivel could be spouted right now, but I prefer to pass on that.

Yesterday was not a fun day. Well, it started OK anyways. I played in a golf tourney in Beaumont and had a kick-ass start. Birdie, par, birdie, eagle in my first four holes. In case you are golf-ignorant (it's OK if you are, don't feel bad), that is freaking awesome. That's better than Tiger Woods. Too bad I went to $hit after that. HAHAHA. I suck. Anyways, it was really hot and not worth my time.

Today was very sad. I had to say goodbye to a very special person to me, my lady friend. No, we're not boyfriend/girlfriend, but I do care a lot about her. So that was actually pretty depressing. *wipes away a tear, sniffles, etc.*

This may be my last blog for a little while, until I get settled in in Idaho. So I'll leave you with some words of wisdom.
"As you walk down that road of life, hitchhike. It's faster than walking."


Monday, August 11, 2003
Allrighty, time for more complaining. That's right. Yay for power outages! The power surge must have blown the hell out of the speakers of my home computer, because they were perfectly fine just before the power went out. Cool! Another victim of the power outage, along with all the food and milk, my sweat, and such. Great. Just great. So now I have a silent computer. I don't get any cool little noises when someone IMs me and nobody says "Welcome" or "You've got mail" when I sign onto AOL. How sad and depressing. *sniffle*

Anyways, it's almost time to leave for the land of potatoes. The parents are getting really clingy. I mean really clingy. It's pretty damn disturbing actually. Scary. Be nice to finally get there and have class start so I can have some sort of peace. I'll be continuing this madness (er....blogging goodness, that is) even when I'm up in Idaho, so you guys can read about cow-tipping, potato gun and Mr. Potatohead fun-filled days. By the way, there is civilization in Idaho.


Well, for any of you that thought I was weird for complaining about not having power, I had a legitimate complaint. The bastards cut off the power again yesterday, this time at 2:00 PM, the hottest time of the day. And yes, it was off for several hours. That was a nice hot SOB.

Anyways, sorry about the short blog. I have a lot of stuff to do, so I don't have much time to blog. Out.
Sunday, August 10, 2003
The world is addicted to electricity. I just realized how much we depend on electricity last night and this morning. Unlike most of you fortunate souls, my power was out from 7:45 last night until about 30 minutes ago. That's a pretty damn long time. Anyways, so yeah. No food is any good. Nothing good for breakfast, except some nasty dehydrated milk and cereal. Yummy. But besides the whole food situation, think about this. No lights. Went to bed at 8:20 PM. No AC. Hot as hell. No clocks work. Had no f*cking clue what time it was, except for my cellphone. No TV. Bored as hell. No radio. Bored as HELL!

By the way, the Edison Company can go to hell. Bastard motherf*ckers. Here I am sweating my balls off and those bastards working on the lines and cables say that they never got the call until 7 AM this morning, even though we called the motherf*ckers three times last night between 7:50 PM and 8:20 PM. All our neighbors called as well, and these dumb m-f'ers have the nerve to say that no one called. F*CK YOU! F*CK YOU! F*CK YOU! DIE! DIE, BITCHES, DIE! In case you think I'm being extreme, try living without any modern convenience, like cool air, cold drinks, warm food, any food at all, etc. Then you'll understand my pain. Out.
Saturday, August 09, 2003
Wow, it's been a long time since I've blogged. Actually, it's been a week since I was home. A week since I had a nice warm, clean shower and a comfortable bed.

We went camping in Carlsbad. It's pretty fun since we sleep right on the cliffs and can hear the ocean all night long. In the morning, we get up and go in the water and stay on the beach all day. The only bad part about the whole vacation is the bathroom/shower situation. The bathrooms are tiny, smelly, nasty (people conveniently miss the toilet) and hot. They have no vents to the outside. Now what f*cking genius designs a bathroom without a way to vent the smell (and if you think propping the door open is the answer, you're wrong: the doors have the little thingies on them that force them to close). I have a similar complaint about the showers. Bastard people can't understand that the bench is supposed to be kept dry, not soaking wet. It's not difficult, you can acutally take a shower without sloshing water five feet from the damn nozzle. Anyways, so yeah, there's also no vents in the shower. Bastard designers. So it feels more like a sauna than a shower. Great. You go to try to clean off and come out smelling worse.

And then of course you have the morons that "troll" the campground late at night ("trolling" refers to fishing, look it up if you don't know). Except these idiots have no bait. People just walk around late at night for no f*cking reason, making noise and causing me to lose sleep and be grumpy. Idiots.

Anyways, enough bitching about the trip. The first four days were awesome... 4-6 foot waves, good shape, etc. The last three sucked....1-2 foot waves, no shape. I pulled a really good one on the first day too. I caught this 5 foot-ish wave and had no place to go but straight down. I thought I was going to eat $hit, but I didn't. Instead, I bounced really hard and hit my nose on my bodyboard. Almost broke my damn nose. It's still sore a week later. But it was worth it for those 4-6 foot waves.

Thursday was a good day, even though the waves really blew. The lady friend came down for the day. Apparently, I am wiser than some of you guys gave me credit for. I believe I called this one. There is no more boyfriend.

Damn, Ethan. Way to cheat death man. Glad to hear you're OK though....those pictures on your car on Felix's blog are scary.

I leave on the 17th for Idaho. That ought to be a nice long, ass-numbing drive. Anyways. Out.
Friday, August 01, 2003
OK, I'm back after an action-packed two days. I actually stayed up past 9 (made it until midnight two nights in a row and for those of you who know me, that's a freaking accomplishment). Anyways, I got to see 6 tennis matches and I watched the number one male player in the world kick the living crap out of some poor no-name guy.

So yeah, I got to hear some good stories from my uncle (he's probably the funniest guy I know) and we had a pretty funny experience too. He was taking a crap in the restroom at the tennis tournament at UCLA and apparently it had a god-awful, eye-watering smell. Some guy went into the restroom (mind you, he was black) and shouted "Eewwweeee, nigga! Mix sum wata wit dat $hit!"

I got to play golf at a rich folks country club for free during this little trip too (my cousin's boyfriend is the tennis pro at the country club). Awesome course, and best of all, the price was right. Hell yeah.

One thing I have to say is that I love Redlands. Yes, it's dead. Yes, it's slow. Yes, it's kind of cutesy. But compared to the hell-hole of LA, I love it. Between the traffic, Mexicans, blacks, and oblivious college people (college chicks are the worst drivers ever; we almost got into 3 accidents, all would have been caused by college chicks), I have to say that it's nice to be back in Redlands.

I'm packing my bags for a week at the beach. Yay! The only relaxing and fun family vacation that we take. So anyways, you'll have to live without my criticism and sarcasm for about a week. *Sniffle, sniffle* If you want to come visit, we're down in Carlsbad. Just give my cell a ring. Out.
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