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Tuesday, March 30, 2004
Today was awesome.

English was cancelled. Hell yes!

I got my Ping driver. Whew. That's a $400 relief. Yay.

I got to hit the new driver. Yay. Good times.

And most important of all, I'm happy again. I don't know what the deal is. I've just been very happy the last few days. If I were a better singer, I'd almost feel like belting out into song. Yeah, that happy. :D

The only downer for me today was a take-home bio test. Ugh. But I'm not going to let that POS dampen my day. Hell no.

Katie and I going out on Wednesday night. Nice restaurant, dress-up deal, kind of a mock Prom deal. Kind of. Sort of. I got f*cked on my attempt for Prom at REV (for further discussion on this, consult the very first post of this blog, and by the way, screw REV and all the girls that attended there- well not all, just a select few and they know who they are), and so here's a fake one (minus the dancing probably.....because, you know, all white guys are really coordinated and such.....). Might sound dorky to you guys, but oh well. I've having the time of my life.

Well, I really ought to skedaddle off to bed. But for $hits and giggles, would you guys write down the 3 things you hated about high school and the 3 things you liked? Thanks! Here's mine:

1) Stupid, stupid, stupid drama
2) Stupid people (lots of them at REV)
3) the cliques and all the "cool" people (how it was "cool" to be ghetto and retarded)

1) Lunch at "The Table" with "The Crew"
2) Graduation (that counts)
3) Having some of the same people in all your classes (true, some could be annoying as hell, but some were great to have around)

Monday, March 29, 2004
YAY!!! English was cancelled today, so here I am in the SUB, typing on a laptop. I got nothing else. Just happy that English got cancelled. Brightened up my day, that's for damn sure.

I went to see "Cat in the Hat" today. It's not Mike Myers' best effort, but it's not all bad. Definitely has its moments. Some Asian guy in front of Katie and me in the theater leaned over to his side during some point in the movie, and let one rip. It was a clearly audible fart. Haha. It was completely obvious and not even subtle in the slightest.

Hmmmm.......what else to post.....? I wrote my philosophy paper today and got to mad at my printer because it sucks ass and refuses to print anything. I got to cuss at the computers in the lab because I hate their word processing program. Damn. Grrr......

I haven't shaved in almost three days now and it's fairly hairy. I think I will shave it all off tomorrow morning. And I haven't had a haircut in a long time. It's thick and lengthy now.

Katie and I had the same thoughts about 50 times today. It was ridiculous. One of us would start to talk and the other would just join in. Weird. Or we would think back to some earlier day or time. I guess it shouldn't be too weird since we're basically the same person, but sometimes, it's still a little creepy to share an exact thought with someone. Oh well.

My club has gotten here and I will pick it tomorrow sometime. Yay. I can be back in the game finally. No more short hitting for Rico. Time for the big dog to eat. LOL.

Saturday, March 27, 2004
I watched some girls tennis here yesterday. Damn, I want to play now. I miss it, I miss the competition, I miss the strategy, I miss everything about it. *Sigh*

I went to see "Big Fish" last night. That's the weird Tim Burton film that came out awhile ago. Inspirational, feel-good movie. Strange though. It has neat shifts in time and such, but it's not hard to follow. Has some rather humorous parts too.

God, I'm in such a lazy mood today. I want to sleep, lay around, and do nothing. No homework, no anything. Oh well. I need to though. Damn.

Wow, this post sucks. Sorry to waste your time reading it.

Friday, March 26, 2004
YAY!!! I will get my Ping driver replaced for free. It should get here in the next couple days. YAY!!!

Happiness is good, happiness is great, happiness is something we can all appreciate. LOL. This is the happiest that I have ever been in my life, at least for as long as I can remember. I don't know why and I don't really want to analyze it. I'd rather just let it be and let myself be happy. I think I do have a suspicion as to the cause of it though. It may be because of a girl named Katie.....just a wild guess on that one.....(*wink*). Thanks for an awesome five months!

I added 7 pictures to the end of my Imagestation album. They are pretty cool. I think you should check them out. Sunsets, flowers, smog, etc.

So homework sucks ass. I have let it build up and now I will have a ton this weekend. $hitty. Philosophy paper, English research paper, Calc homework, and a Cell Biology lab report thing. Ugh. Can someone out there do my homework for me while I sleep or lay in the sun? Or hit golf balls. Please? Aw come on, just because I used to be a huge overachiever doesn't mean that I am now. Everybody has to slack occassionally. I guess I finally hit my slacking time.

Wednesday, March 24, 2004
It's been forever and a day since I posted something. So here goes.

I got my clubs back. YAY!!! I went to the range and hit some balls, but I was slightly saddened because I didn't have my favorite club ever, my Ping Si3 driver. Oh well. Katie went with me and she actually knocked the $hit out of a couple balls; she hit an 8 iron about 120 in the air. Played mini golf too. I hate those damn rubber putters......I should have taken my own in.

I got my Calc test back today. Turns out I didn't do as well as I had thought. $hit. I got an 85, which is alright. I just thought I did better, but I made a ton of crappy little errors.

So it's actually warm enough to go outside in flip flops now. Yay. Katie and I laid in the sun for a couple hours today. It felt good to see sunshine again.

Anyways, I have class at 9 and it is now 2:45. Crappy.

Monday, March 22, 2004
F*ck a duck. The airlines lost my golf bag. I flew from Ontario to Salt Lake City and from there to Pocatello. Well, my golf bag made the trip to Salt Lake, but no further. Why, you might ask? Well, apparently, the flight was overloaded and they needed to leave some of the luggage behind for the next flight up to Pocatello. I guess they do that without telling the owners, which makes absolutely no sense. There I sat in Pocatello, waiting forever for my golf bag to come around the corner, but no, it never came. I went to the counter and the lady told me they must have left it behind.

AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! Not only did my driver bite the big one, but now my whole bag is missing. Damnit. Maybe it’s a sign from the golf gods that I should quit golf while I’m ahead. But no, I must keep struggling and fighting those sons of bitches. Grrr……..I want my clubs.

Damn, it’s been a long, $hitty day. I think I’m going to take a nice, warm, long shower and hit the hay.

Saturday, March 20, 2004
Well, I lied. Rico= liar. I said no more entries until I get to Pocatello, but I lied, because this is an entry. Damnit. Oh well.

I went with my cousin to Ontario Mills today. I hope you guys don't think it's weird that I hang out with my cousin, but she and her boyfriend are hilarious and great fun to be around. Anyhow, we went to the Nike outlet (I saw nothing worthwhile as usual). Then we went to eat at Pat & Oscar's. That is a good resturant. Pizza, salad, breadsticks. Basic food, but very good. All of it. Thumbs up to that stuff. Then we went and saw "Secret Window," the new Johnny Depp movie. In case you hadn't noticed, I like Johnny Depp. Not attracted to him or anything gay like that, I just think he's pretty funny and an excellent actor.

So the movie wasn't creepy as much as it was suspenseful. It was a Stephen King, so if you're familiar with his plotlines and such, it gets kind of predictable. But entertaining nonetheless.

So there were a bunch of young kids in the movie today. about 10 years old, plus or minus 3 years. I don't understand why parents take their kids to see violent, disturbing, sick, or gross movies. You know they're going to be asking questions, ruining the movie for the rest of the audience, they'll be totally lost, and even if they do understand it, they will have nightmares for awhile. Why would you subject your child and yourself and the rest of the audience to that when you could just leave the little pricks at home?

Well, my last night in California. How sad. *Wipes tear* Not really. I saw enough smog today to last me a lifetime. Today was probably the worst smog I have ever seen in my entire life. Not only did the mountains not seem to exist, but I couldn't even see a mile on flat level ground. $hit. That is some serious smog. I hate you LA, for that $hit you send my way!!! (cool, that rhymed)

Time to pack. Ugh. I wish some little goddamn elf would sneak into my room tonight and pack everything for me, so I can sit around and do nothing. Eh.

Guess what time I woke up today? 9:22 AM. Yeah, for some reason, I always see the clock twice a day at 9:22, but it's not like I'm staring at the clock, waiting for it turn from 9:20 to 9:21 to 9:22. No, it's just the random glance at the clock- and lo and behold, it's 9:22 (by the way, my birthday is 9-22-85, so that's why that's weird).

So yeah, I'm pretty tired right now. I played golf yesterday morning (after getting up at 5:30 AM or some godawful time like that). Then, last night, I went with some family to the pro tennis tournament at Indian Wells. I saw three matches.
The first one was so sad. The number one player in the tourney for the women's draw (Justine Henin-Hardenne) beat the hell out of some little skinny Russian girl (Anastasia Myskina). Myskina won two games the entire match. Very sad. I think I could have beaten Myskina- she was pitiful. Then we watched a men's doubles match. A couple Frenchies versus some Americans. The Frenchies won. It was a much more even match than the Russian girl ass kicking. Then we caught the end of a women's double's match: Myskina and some other Russian were playing a couple other Russians. Myskina and her partner got their asses completely kicked, winning two games again in the whole match. Pathetic. So that wasn't a very good match either.

And to top off the evening, guess who I saw at the tennis? No, not Anna Kournikova. :( No, I saw Curtis Marcell, the guy who was the Vice Prinicipal at REV last year. I ducked behind the crowd of people to avoid him. Trying to stay the hell away from anything to do with REV.

Well, crapola, I have run out of things to say. I will probably be back in Pocatello by the next time I post an entry. So until then, ummmmmmmm.................I got nothing witty or whatever.........ummm.......bye?

Friday, March 19, 2004
OK, blogger killed my first entry. I had a decent one, but NO, NOOOOOO!. Blogger won’t let you post anything good. Damnit.

Anyways, I played golf today. And I played well. Damn well for not having played in two and a half months. I shot 76 at Moreno Valley Ranch, which is a fairly difficult course. Two birdies, one double bogey, four bogies. Eh. Not bad. Nothing to write home about, but not bad. Nothing like playing well the make your day. I swear, whenever I play well, I always feel like I’m king of the world.

I added 8 pictures to my Imagestation album. Please visit them. I like them, especially the bumper sticker one. Haha. Click below to go to my album. I always add on the end of it, so the pictures are like numbers 121 thru 128.

I guess I’m going to the pro tennis tournament at Indian Wells tonight. And Anna Kournikova won’t be there. That’s a damn shame (*winks at Katie*). It really is.

Thursday, March 18, 2004
Sorry for the lack of updates. Been pretty busy the last couple days.

On Wednesday, I went to Long's and job shadowed Joe Chin's dad. He's a good guy; I like him a lot. He showed me all the nifty stuff (I would say "cool," but you guys probably don't associate "cool" with "pharmacy") that they have. Pretty interesting. The days of counting pills by hand are gone (except for the narcs, which legally should be hand counted). So what does the mighty pharmacist do, you might ask? He/she talks to patients, doctors, and bosses other people around. Hell, if he/she gets tired of filling prescriptions, he/she can send them to be filled in the "Central Fill," this other store location where they just have a ton of people filling prescriptions and then shipping them to the desired stores. LOL. Now that's lazy for you. so yeah, I can see pharmacy being my job. That would be great.

So today I went to the beach solo. Jackie was supposed to go, but she crapped out. Eh. Feels like the old high school friends are falling apart except for a select few. Sad. Oh well. But the beach was a nice getaway. Cold, overcast, and unpopulated. I just laid there for awhile, just soaking up whatever sun I could. Just relaxing. Letting the world slip away. Listening to the waves crash. And oh yeah, the waves sucked again today. But they were a little bigger, so I went in and frolicked. I rode about 5 waves, only one of those was any good. Eh. I took some cool pics, but I'm too frustrated with my home computer to add them to my album at Imagestation. So it was a nice day overall though.

And at the beach today, I saw something that has always bugged me. Some girl was laying on the beach, listening to music. No, you don't do that. The point of the beach is to listen to the ocean, not block it out. The ocean is very soothing and it can't be any more relaxing, but no, no no, that wasn't good enough for this stupid girl. Damn you girl and your waste of the great noise of the ocean!

Sad news I heard today: Pamela Anderson will be quiting from acting career. How depressing (sarcasm). WAIT A SECOND! Don't you have to start acting to stop acting? She never started in my book. So not very sad at all. And what's worse is that she thinks she can become a serious novelist. Seriously. I'm not joking here. Oh lordy. Plus, she won't be writing anyways; she'll have a ghost writer do it for her. So SHE won't be a serious novelist, but maybe the ghost writer will. Oh my, oh my. This should be interesting as hell.

Anyways, I need to go eat something. Bye-bye!

Tuesday, March 16, 2004
Things are looking up for my golf club. Ping (the company) may replace it for free, I just would have to pay shipping and handling (which is about 4 bucks). So that's a good thing. I hope I don't have to keep calling the company to remind them to assess my club and send out a replacement. But what sucks is that I won't have it for a little while when I'm in Idaho because they have to send it to the Nevada Bob's here in Redlands. That means my pops will have to send it to me in Pocatello and I hope that doesn't end up in a clusterf*ck.

Today was a long, chore-filled mo-fo. I ran errand after errand. Ugh. Busy work homework for philosophy. Baked cookies. Yummy, by the way. Did this, did that. Visited my granny. Aw how tweet (that's right, sweet with a "t").

Katie- I hope your mouth feels better and you can eat normally as soon as possible. Get well soon!

I guess I'll be going to the beach on Thursday. Yay! I miss it. I haven't been in soooo long (well, January, but it was too cold and there were no waves whatsoever- looked like a frigging lake). Maybe I can work on my tan there too. I am pasty white from the Pocatello winter. Been laying by my pool, working on it. But hey, the beach is the best place in SoCal to tan, so maybe that will get me a better tan. I hope so anyway. Some guy in my dorm got to go to Hawai'i. Lucky f*ck. So he'll be tan when he comes back (and by the way, he's the guy that is absolutely built, so he has no problem showing off his body).

Well, I think my dad is watching some South Park. I'll join him.

Monday, March 15, 2004
GODDAMNIT! HELL! $HIT! F*CK! BITCH! ASS! MOTHERF*CKER! SON OF A BITCH! PIECE OF $HIT! There's tons more, but I'm getting bored of cussing and you're probably tired of reading it.

My favorite golf club (my Ping Si3 driver) was broken when I took it out of the bag today. Damnit. The top of the head was cracked. Now honestly, how the hell does the top of the head crack? That is weird. I didn't beat this one on the ground or throw it either. I'm nice to this club because it hasn't f*cked me over too much (that's right: bad shots are the club's fault, not mine---> ;)

Anyhow, this is a $400 club. $hit. I hope the company replaces it for free. They should, but they'll probably try to screw me out of another $400 bucks.

Check out my club:

Ping Si3 Driver
Oh my God. OK, rant time. Yay!

Religion is allright for some people and only in moderation. Now that's out of the way, here we go.....

I went to the dentist today to get my tooth fixed (well, really my composite- fake part of my tooth- since it was all rough and gross). While waiting in the office and trying to read some homework, I noticed a little kid screaming his head off. How could I not? The little $hithead was balling and yelling and crying and throwing a magnificent tantrum. The mom finally got him to shut up when she took him out of the stroller and let him run around. Jesus, couldn't the woman see the little bastard just wanted out of his prison? He wanted some freedom. Even I could see that and I don't have kids.

Anyways, once she got him to shut up, she got on her cell phone and called some dumb heifer named Victoria (I know this because it was Victoria-this and Victoria-that and blah-blah-blah). The mom asked Victoria to pray for her and Daniel (apparently the little $hithead's name is Daniel). And then I heard this stupid story about how she fell this morning and shoudl have hrut her elbow and knee and only hurt her knee instead. And she thinks that the Good Lord protected her elbow and padded her fall. Oh my. Haha. Yeah right lady, the Good Dude upstairs really gives a $hit whether you fall on your face ot not. I think He has more to worry about than that.

But that's not all. At this point, I'm trying not to laugh. I'm trying my best. Then I guess Victoria had something similarly bad (sarcasm there) happen to her, because the next thing I know, the mom was praying with Victoria. she had her head bent over in dentist's office, praying on a goddamned cellphone. HAHAHAHA!!! OK, I couldn't hold it anymore. I pretended to cough, even though I was laughing my ass off. Don't get me wrong, I'm not being rude or insensitive or anything. I just think that a dentist's office is a weird place to pray, especially using a cellphone to do so.

I should have gone over and kneeled by her and busted out my own prayer. That would have made my day. But watching and listening to her was pretty good. And to top it all off, I could tell she was a dumb, dumb, dumb California blonde. The kind you wish had never bred, thus prolonging their stupidity in their offspring. Oh well. Damn ultra-religious people. Nothing against a little mild religion, just the holy-rollers and the ones who think they're so goddamned godly (like the dumb blonde) really piss me off.

OK, I'm done.

Sunday, March 14, 2004

Second post of the day. Oh yeah!!! I guess since Imagestation is going to be a bitch, I'll just give you guys the link to my album. Eh. Enjoy.....the ghetto-ness. Oh well, there's a buttload of pics to keep you busy and I'll let you know when I add pics. And just to let you know, I added pics.

OK, now. This may present a minor problem. See, you have to be a member of Imagestation to view my album. So, if you aren't a member, IM me (plickplick22) or email me ( and I can give you mine to tour it. But you take my password and stuff and f*ck it up, I will hunt you down and shoot you. No kidding there. Anyways, enjoy.

Friday night was allright. I drove Katie halfway home, to some little hell-hole called Jerome. Her mom picked her up there. After going back to Pocatello, I went and ate at the little Mexican dump called Rolberto’s. Mmmmm…….machaca. Almost as good as chorizo, but not quite. I just love the sausage and chili powder more than any other Mexican food.

I think I did six loads of laundry. Obviously, I had slacked off in my laundry for a couple weeks. Oh well, that’s what you get for being lazy. Eh.

Between loads of laundry, I went to see Kill Bill in the ISU theater. Good movie. I don’t know how many of you have seen it, but you should see it. If you liked the Last Samurai and didn’t mind the level of graphic violence portrayed in it, you won’t mind the violence in Kill Bill too much. Yes, it’s horribly violent and vividly gory. It’s pretty sick and twisted as well. But on the whole, I think it’s a good guy movie. Entertaining, to say the least. It also had interesting shifting camera viewpoints and flashbacks and such. Hats off to Quentin Tarantino.

Today, I flew to Salt Lake City and Ontario. I got in to Ontario at noon and we went to Ventura for a quintuple birthday party. I didn’t even get to go home first. In fact, this entry is being typed on my laptop on the car ride back from Ventura. But it was fun to see the whole family for the first time since Christmas. Good fun, good times.

Whew, I’m beat. I think I only got about five hours of sleep last night (last night being Friday night at this point), maybe not even that much. Oh well.

Friday, March 12, 2004
I don't know what to type tonight. I just feel numb to the world around me, yet my insides feel like they're being twisted by a vise. I just feel lost and alone. I feel like no one cares or gives a damn right now. I wish I wasn't sensitive. Sometimes, I wish I had no emotions. Sometimes, that would be a great thing. I wish I could never feel pain or sorrow, only happiness and elation. I guess I wouldn't know the highs without the lows, but who gives a $hit? I hate feeling miserable. And I'm not asking for pity here, just writing down what I'm thinking about. Maybe I need a break from school and stress. Maybe I need alone time to think. Maybe I need to find the old Rico. I don't know. I want to be around friends and I want companionship. I don't want to be alone. I don't know what the hell is going on. I wish I did. I wish I could make everything right, like the way it used to be. Anyways, I feel $hitty right now. I'm going to bed, hopefully I can sleep and not think.

Thursday, March 11, 2004
Today was a $hit day. My English class blew, we wrote on postcards. Yes, that's right. Postcards. Goddamn. I hate that class. My chem test sucked ass. I probably got a C. I love failing. So much fun. My philosophy class ran long and I was sick of class by then, so I walked out. Said f*ck it. Cell bio wasn't bad in lecture, but the lab was retarded. We loaded one gel, meaning we made one solution in thirty seconds and loaded it. Then we f*cked around for 3 hours, doing absolutely nothing. Oh well.

At least this evening got better. I went to an induction ceremony for the Golden Key Foundation. It's an honor society for juniors and seniors. Thus me. I got a certificate, got to hear a bad singer, and ate some yummy cookies. I got one guest, and since I have no family or truly close friends here (except for Katie), guess who I took? Katie, thanks for having patience through that crap. I know it wasn't the most exciting thing in the world, but it meant a lot to me that you went.

Holy crap, guess who IM'ed me out of the blue yesterday. Laura Whitehurst. Wow, haven't heard from her in a long freaking time. Almost since graduation. Wonder what spurred that. Maybe she was lonely, maybe she needed to talk to some old friends. Oh well, I don't know and never will. No use in pondering it.

Well, I put the Zuma game in my last post. Since then, I have been able to advance a little in the game. I got to level 4-2, where the little balls move too goddamned fast to see them. Ugh. Damn frustrating, addciting games. Take away my time without me even really noticing. I really think the world could go to $hit around me and I wouldn't even notice if I'm playing a computer game (or any video game) or reading. I realized that I don't really connect with the outside world when I read. I must be so focused on my book that the rest of the world fades to oblivion. Anyways, that took a weird turn.

Tuesday, March 09, 2004
Allrighty then. I don't really have much to post about. Not much really happened today. So whatever follows may not make sense at all.

I had my second Calc III midterm today (yes, we have 3 midterms.....I don't understand it either, why the teacher can't just call them tests, since that's what they obviously are.....). I think I did well. I was able to at least write an answer down for all the questions. It was supposed to take one and a half hours, but I think I finished in about 35 minutes. Oops. Oh well. I hope I didn't f*ck up and forget to do something vital. Eh.

I have a Chem test tomorrow (well, really today). I studied quite a bit and I think I still may struggle with some parts. Chemistry is actually starting to become more difficult. Damnit. I wanted an easy, slack-off class. No such luck.

I just talked to Jackie for the first time in awhile. Good to hear from her.

I have come to realize (not today, but sometime in the past, awhile ago) that I try to be perfect. I know I am a perfectionist in school and C's and B's (and lower) don't sit well with me. I need A's. I don't know if you guys can understand this; you probably all thought I was nuts last year with 6 AP classes. Well, that's just the person I am. I try to excel in everything I do. I get frustrated when I don't do well. I get pissy. And when I'm wrong. And I don't mean in class or school solely there. I can't help the person I am. I am competitive, perfectionistic, and capable of good work. I know I can do good work (or be a good person and always be right), but sometimes I fall short. I hate that. So I apologize to all those that I have offended because of my stupid perfectionist attitude and competitive personality. I don't do it on purpose, I just can't change the person I am. I try to keep control of it and I usually do fairly well. But I guess sometimes it spills over and I look like a jerk. Sorry.

Anyways, here's a bastard of a game. I can't get past level 3-4. That's 3 dash 4, not level 3 or 4. Try this game. It's pretty fun and it gets hard fairly quickly.

Zuma- Play Me

OK, my English teacher is a dumb bitch. She expects our writing skills to improve. That is probably good and I can see a teacher expecting that. Fine. OK. But to help us improve, she wants us to go buy a postcard and a 23 cent stamp for Wednesday. I don't know what we're doing, but apparently, it requires a 23 cent stamp and a 37 cent one (a normal one) is not worthy of a passing grade for the assignment. Oh my God, am I in 3rd grade? And why the hell does a 37 cent stamp not work? I had to make a special trip to the campus post office for one 23 cent stamp. The guy working there just looked at me like "What the f*ck?"

I hate technology. I wish computers had never been invented, I wish everything still had to be handwritten. Please don't give me the bull$hit about it being faster and such. No, it's not. It takes longer than ever. You ever call to make a doctor's appointment? OK, well, they have to check your birthday, your address, your records, your insurance, your life history, your numbers, your mother's maiden name (yes, I've actually gotten all these). Whereas, before the "wonderful" age of computers, people actually wrote $hit down. Oh my God! Is that now forbidden? Is it a faux pas? I don't know about you, but I hate computers and all of the new modern miracles. "Oh they make everything easier." No. No no. They don't do anything of the sort. They complicate $hit. Have you ever had to scream at a f*cking computer to get it to work correctly? I know there have been times when I wish I could just talk to it and tell it what I want it to do. But no, there's always some little motherf*cking matter what. Personally, I like when you try to go to the grocery store and they can't check you out because their computers are down. So what the f*ck did you do in the bad old days when their were no computers? HUH?!?! You added that $hit up! Either you used a calculator or a functioning brain! You didn't type it into some goddamn computer that does everything for you besides hand the money to the customer and scan the items. Hell, some of these even tell the checkers what to give the customer in change (in bills, quarters, dimes, etc. to the exact penny). I mean, we even have automatic change machines. Jesus, how lazy is that. You mean you can't count out a few coins? Damn, that's sad. So very sad. Or these people that have Palm Pilots. Jesus. What did you do before that contraption? Huh? Did you just run around in circles, lost from the world and in a daze? No, you wrote it down. Paper or hand. Those are two excellent alternatives. Or cellphones. What did people do before cellphones? Did they have to carry their phone everywhere with them, so when they drove to work, they needed a 40 mile phone cord (so that they could have their phone with them at all times- their home phone)? Did they talk to themselves when driving? Damn.

OK, now, don't get all pissy and in a hissy. I do appreciate the useful things technology can do. Take cars for example. They are good. I like driving places, rather than getting my ass bruised in a carriage or walking. Cellphones can be beneficial, but like anything, they need to be used in moderation. Not in excess. Palm Pilots suck. They have no use. F*ck them. I guess I like getting the right change back at the store, but I think it's a sad state of affairs when a checker struggles to figure out what coins to give when the change is 26 cents. And nothing good can come from computer systems at the doctor's office (besides medical equipment, but that's a different point). Anyways, this rant was borne from my malfunctioning printer. I hate it. I want to bash it against my window. I don't think it's really the printer though, I think it installed incorrectly so it never had a chance. Anyways, screw this. I need sleep now.

Monday, March 08, 2004
It was really nice outside here today. I think it may have topped 50 degrees. Warm. I wore shorts and was still warm. Ah yes, the loveliness of pit stains. One thing I didn't miss about summer, but oh well. Bitching about it won't help.

I know the last few times I've talked about my days, it's been negative or depressing. But today was good. One of the better days. I don't know why. I didn't do anything wonderfully spectacular, but it was still a good day. I had a smile for most of the day, which is always a bonus. Never really had a bad thought today, except for feeling a little bit crappy (still pukey) this morning. Don't know what that was and I hope it stays the hell away forever and ever. But other than that, a great day. Maybe the sunshine and warmth helped, maybe the fact that my ab workouts are showing some improvements, maybe being around Katie (which always helps). Like I said, I don't know what caused it. But it was good and that's all that matters. No analysis, just enjoy the good ones. Screw the bad ones and move on. I wish some days I could take my own advice there.

I feel a little better about my Calc III test now. I took the practice test today and knew most of the answers. I just couldn't do the last one; it was utterly impossible. I can't remember the 10 thousand formulas we need to do it. In case you're wondering what Calc III comprises (even if you don't care, I'm still going to tell you), it's basically the stuff we did in Calc, but in 3 or 4 dimensions and involving vectors (oh boy, the stuff I really love: Physics!!!).

OK, bedtime.

Sunday, March 07, 2004
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Oh well. Yeah, this post sucked. At least maybe, you guys can have fun with these quizzes. I know I searched forever to try to find some quizzes that weren't extremely gay or incorrect. Anyways, I think these are fairly good, except I don't know about the greedy part of the middle one.

Katie and I rented a few movies last night: The Emperor's New Groove, Legend of Bagger Vance, and Austin Powers: Goldmember. All very good. The Legend of Bagger Vance is a great movie, even if it's a little corny and cheesy. I like it. And the other two are good comedies. Ah, the greatness of Disney and Mike Myers. Screw y'all if you don't like Mike Myers, I think he's pretty goddamn funny.

Saturday, March 06, 2004
So I don't know what the hell is up with Imagestation, but it's being gay. I want to post pictures of my truck, but no. I can't. Stupid goddamn Imagestation. I hate you. You have thwarted my attempts to get sympathy for my little red truck. You have angered me greatly. What a wonderful modern era we live in when you can't even get pictures to show up on a webpage. Goddamn Imagestation to the infernal depths of Hell. If I feel like it sometime, I will add some pictures to my album there and give you guys the link to the album. So maybe that will work. Gay, but serviceable.

Well, I got back my Philosophy paper yesterday, but not my Biology test. Anyways, my philosophy class has a weird grading system. 80% is an A, 60% is a B, 40% is a C, 20% is a D. Now, you might be saying, well that's so easy to get an A!!! Well, you might also be wrong. Haha. I got a 41 out of 50 on my paper, which I thought was an A paper, and that relates to an 82%. Barely an A. Oh God. My teacher grades so goddamn hard. Two people got A's in all her classes. Me and some other person. Holy crap. She said the mean score was about 20 out of 50. Wouldn't it clue you in that you're grading too harshly if you have to modify your grading scale so people can pass the class? Whew. Just glad I did well. And my Biology teacher said that scores were high on the test, the mean was a 94%. So that seems reassuring, but I won't be happy until I see an A on the test in my hands.

I woke up yesterday with a horrible sore throat and a stuffy nose. This morning, there is only a mild stuffy nose and no sore throat. But now I feel like I could upchuck (vomit, ralph, puke, hurl, toss my cookies, spew, blow chunks, purge the contents of my stomach, in there's any more, feel free to add them in the comments section) at any time. As Katie put it, I feel all pukey (puky?). Eh. Oh well. It'll fade (I hope). I think I got over my wanna-be cold by taking Cold-Eeze cough drops. I swear by those things now. I think they have averted 4 colds for me, which is awesome. Praise the inventor of Cold-Eeze cough drops!!!

I have another Calculus test coming up on Tuesday. I'm scared of this one. Yes, that's right. I am scared of a math test. Mainly because this one will be harder than the last one, which I thought I did fairly well on and got a B+. And I thought I did well for the difficulty of the material. But now there's about ten thousand formulas and twenty thousand different processes we have to know. Goddamnit. Why, o why did I have to be stupid and take Calc III?

The wind is blowing pretty hard here right now. It absolutely howled all night long and I think it shook the windows at times. On the bright side, it cleared out the clouds and we have some sun today. That means the snow will melt and spring will come. Spring will come. I found out awhile ago that Idaho has four seasons: Almost Winter, Winter, Still Winter, and Construction. Yay for construction season. I'm ready for it. Tired of Still Winter.

I had a strange dream last night. I woke up and instantly knew that I had dreamed about a toaster. A goddamn toaster. Now I usually don't remember my dreams, but this was an exception. I guess I was toaster shopping and I found the world's greatest toaster. I guess I bought it. All I can distinctly recall is that it revolved around a toaster. You know something? I am a weird person.

Anyhow, I should really do some homework. I seem to have a substantial amount this weekend. Blah.

Friday, March 05, 2004
Snowed again here today. Goddamnit. I woke up to go to my chem lab this morning and about froze my ass off on the way to class. It was colder than I had expected and was damn windy. Stupid snow. It was perfect a few days ago, when it was about 45 and the snow had melted. But not now. Oh no.

So apparently, I won't being seeing anyone on spring break. So there went that hope. Oh well. Damn quarter system. At least my school is normal and runs on the semester system, unlike the screwed California school system (no offense to those who attend California schools, I just think it's retarded to register for classes 4 times a year). But maybe I will get to go to the beach. That would be great. Hell, I'd go there by myself if I had to.

Tomorrow (well, really today) may be a fateful day. I should get my philosophy paper back, as well as my take-home Cell Bio test. The Cell Bio test was just about the hardest test I have ever taken and I took it with this guy that is a genius in biology. I hope I did well on both of those since those are core classes for the pre-pharm program. Damn, I really need good grades on those things.

Quiz Results
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Bored to death?
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Well, following the advice of this quiz, I shall have some kiwi and go to bed. Sounds like a damn good plan to me.

Wednesday, March 03, 2004
My English class sucked ass today. We talked about annotated bibliographies. Ugh. I almost fell asleep. But as I was about to doze off, I thought of something, so I wrote it down.

Individuality vs. Conformity
Are we individuals? Do we each have our own style and our own life? It's true we try to dress differently, trying to convey the person that we are. We all have our individual differences and such. It's true no one is the same and no one wants to be just like someone else. And we should be thankful for these differences between people so that there is some diversity in this world. Hell, we even learn about different cultures in school (which is, by the way, something all children in America do). And speaking of the process of education, its ultimate goal is to prepare you for the workplace (especially college). Now, getting a good job is part of the American dream of a job, a house, a car, and most importantly, a family. This is a dream that most Americans share. So really, is it anyone's own dream of house ownership? Of a family? Or are they just following mainstream America, thus conforming? Going back to the first part about dressing differently, if everyone tries to dress differently, are they really that different? The answer is no. Nope. No. Everyone shares a common thought there, so they really aren't so different at all. So in reality, although everyone tries to seek individuality, we never achieve it because everyone else also seeks individuality. We are all just conformists right down to the bone, from the largest part of our personality to the most insignificant part. Sad, but true. Conformity pervades our society and we cannot be free from it. Oh well.

OK, I am pissed now. My truck got hit in the parking lot. It got clipped on the driver's rear corner, leaving me with scratches, a cracked brake light, and white paint. Goddamnit. And whoever hit me just left the scene. No name, no number. F*cking $hit. So tomorrow I'm going to check the parking lot for a white car with red paint on it. Going to find that bastard.

I had a weird morning. I went to bed with both windows open, one wide open and the other cracked. I woke up with them both shut tightly. And I never woke up during the whole night. Strange. Very strange.

I think I have three pinched nerves in total now. Goddamnit. I have two in my back, one under each shoulder blade. They're caused by repititive motion (gee, I wonder.....could it be golf?). And now I have one in my neck. They cause sharp, burning pain and weakness and are caused by a nerve being compressed (pinched) by muscles and whatnot. Once it occurs, it never truly can go away. It can always come right back. So right now, I am struggling to get my neck healed (or at least minimize the pain). I couldn't even look to my left on the weekend. I can now, but it still hurts like hell. Poor little Rico. And no, I don't want sympathy. Just something to write about.

I took this quiz that Katie and some of her friends took. I seriously think it always comes out as 16. I tried to get something else and I really had to force it to give me anything else.
My inner child is sixteen years old today

My inner child is sixteen years old!

Life's not fair! It's never been fair, but while
adults might just accept that, I know
something's gotta change. And it's gonna
change, just as soon as I become an adult and
get some power of my own.

How Old is Your Inner Child?
brought to you by Quizilla poor little truck isn't quite a racecar. Shucks. Oh well. Alex, can I have your car?
You should be driving a racecar. You are
quick, accurate, and sometimes too competitive.

What should you be driving?
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Well, at least I didn't turn out to be Woodstock (the bird) or Lucy (the crazy bitch).
You are Rerun!

Which Peanuts Character are You?
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Ugh, sorry for the crappy post. I really have nothing to blog about.


Tuesday, March 02, 2004
False advertising is wrong. Katie and I had lunch at Jimmy John's World Famous and World's Best Sandwiches. Well, it definitely wasn't the world's best. It was a little lower than average. I mean, how can you call yourself the World's Best if you can't beat out Subway (the World's Most Common)? Grrr...... Stuff like that pisses me off. Like In-N-Out Burger. World Famous Burgers.....that taste like crap. And the fries are green and undercooked. The meat is red. Ugh. Sorry to all those like In-N-Out, but I can honestly say I don't see the attraction to it. Now I'm not saying that all claims are wrong and should be taken away from the restaurants, but some are not deserved. There is a place called The Hat in Montclair. It has World Famous pastrami. And it is very very good. Yummy. I will allow them to call it World Famous. And the commericals where they say that everyone loves McDonalds.....not me. I get a headache just by walking in the door of a McCrappy's. And World Champions in basketball and baseball. Excuse me? What other countries did we play in order to become World Champions? Oh right. None. Oh why are they World Champions? They are merely National Champions (for one year at that). Come on people, it's just a sport (a game). It's a year long title. Whoop-de-doo. Enjoy it for what it is and quit acting like it's the best thing ever. You didn't achieve world peace or end world hunger. You didn't do anything other than get paid to play a sport. You would be World Champions if you went around to every country in the world and beat them. But you didn't, so therefore, you are not the World Champions. And speaking of getting paid, it's ridiculous that athletes get paid so much. Don't give me the bull$hit that they worked for it and now they're earning the benefits of their hard work. Yes, they did train for awhile. Yes, they did put in effort. But is it effort worth $6 million or so a year? No. Nope. Hell no. Plus, they're playing a game. A game they should love. So why should they even be paid at all? I realize they do need to earn a living, so that's what they should get. A living. Not a multimillion dollar luxurious contract. So anyways, I'm done ranting. This started out about restaurants and false advertising and ended up a rant on sports. Oh well.

Mmmmm.....salt and vinegar chips. Make your breath taste and smell like ass, but so worth it.

How many of you who read this knew that my front teeth are actually chipped? And that they actually have caps (composites) on them to make me not look like a hick? Well, here's news for you (if you said no). I chipped my top front teeth wrestling with another kid when I was little. Yes, I do have caps. And the one is wearing down. And it's starting to look weird. Weird, weird, weird. It's eroding away by the day. So there's a fun chore to do when I'm home on spring break. At least I won't look weird after I get it fixed. Yay for dentist trips. I guess I shouldn't complain either, since poor, poor Katie is getting her wisdom teeth pulled during that week. Thankfully I only had two of those bastards and they're long gone.

Cafeteria food sucks ass. I think we can all admit to getting tired of it. I mean, I will give my cafeteria its due. It was good tonight. But anyways, I guess I kind of came up with a couple ideas for food:

Spicy Easy Mac:
When you cook the easy mac, I throw some jalapenos in with it. Spices it up and gives it some awesome flavor. Lacking jalapenos, you could use pepper (a lot of it, and while it's cooking) to the same extent.

Fry Sauce:
Consists of ketchup, green Tabasco, and original Mrs. Dash. Good stuff.

Always steal fruit from your cafeteria if possible. Something good to munch on later.

Ranch Chips and Dip:
Take Ruffles Cheddar and Sour Cream Chips and dip them in Ranch Chip dip. Yummy.

Cookies and such:
Just like fruit, steal from the cafeteria if you think you'll want them. My advice is to have milk on hand though, because they can get a little gross and hard.

If you can, try to request soy milk boxes at your cafeteria and take it out with you. Voila! You have milk now. LOL.

I know a lot of this stuff involved being a clepto, but hey, it works out and your stomach will thank you. I know this has been a very strange post and I apologize. Anyways, I think I need sleep.

Monday, March 01, 2004
One of my teachers had an interesting theory today. It's about the sad state of affairs in American education. I found out that we are 6 years behind Western Europe when we graduate high school (meaning we have a 6th grade education in Europe). To finally become equal with them, we have to get a PhD (which does at least mean that our colleges are generally better than those of Europe). But our free public school system sucks ass. Anyways, back to the theory. Have you ever noticed that when you read, you grow sleepy? Even if it's interesting, it can still put you to sleep? Haha, thought so. Well, there's a proven fact that early childhood experiences shape adult life and habits. And if you were read bedtime stories by your parents (even if they were trying to make you smarter and help you learn to read), reading was used to put you to sleep. So reading has been ingrained as something which is accompanied by sleep. Haha. Interesting. Maybe true. So that's also now my theory about why reading makes you feel sleepy. Damn those parents and their attempts to make you a better reader. I mean, this may be half-baked and totally untrue, but if it's true, then it's quite amusing. All those nights of bedtime stories were counterproductive. Haha.

OK, enough rambling. I'm done.

She is my best friend. She is my love. She is my life. She is the love of my life. She's always there for me and I hope the same is true vice versa. We're almost the same person. She's funny, smart, nice, sweet, caring, playful, sensitive, a little quiet (but it's a good kind of quiet, not the totally silent type at all), a good listener, sarcastic (sound like anyone else you know?). She is what I want, what I need, what I love. I never thought it could happen to me, I never thought I would feel love. I never thought I would be loved. I never imagined this. I keep thinking I'm dreaming, I keep thinking this is some wonderful fancy of my imagination. But then she squeezes my hand. She lets me know she's not letting go and I do the same. She's the one I want forever. I can see it eventually. I can see everything right now. I can see her eyes (yes, the "confused" ones). But most importantly, I can see us. I see us happy, together, in love.
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