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Friday, July 30, 2004
YAY!  Woohoo!  Woot (courtesy of Alex)!  Yippee!  Yahoo!  Yea!  Wheeeee!    :D
*Does a cartwheel* 
*Claps hands spastically and looks like a retard*
*Smooths hair down and looks semi-normal*
*goes to pick Katie up from the airport*
Thursday, July 29, 2004
OK, I'm getting some feedback on the second story.  Please do not think I am a psycho or a psycho killer.  I am not. 

I had the idea to write a story from the antagonist's view, but I wasn't sure how to do it.  After reading up on serial killers on the Internet, I learned several things.  One of which is that many do it for sexual reasons and that murder replaces sex in a weird way.  Fucked up people.  And I also learned some of the psychological thought processes that occur after a murder by reading up on psychological profiles on killers.  So I did not come up with this stuff myself, I actually researched it and incorporated those ideas.

Also, the voodoo and the religion of Vodun is not my religion.  I am not religious.  I had to do research on it too to know anything about it all. 

So please do not think I am creepy now.  I just write creepy stories.  lol.  There's a difference there. 

Wednesday, July 28, 2004
Ok, I'm in a better mood now.
I finished my second short story.  This story is a little strange, I know.  Sorry if anyone gets mentally disturbed by reading it or thinks I am a psycho.  I can assure you that I'm not a psycho and that this was difficult for me to write in this way, but I did it.  And once again, I am open to any comments, suggestions, criticisms, whatever.  You can even just comment and say 'I read it.'  It would just help to know that someone is actually reading it. 

Enjoy this:
Do not, and I repeat, do not fuck with me today.  It has been a shitty day.  I am so pissed off at my mom I can't see straight.  I can't wait for tomorrow morning- I am going to beat the living shit out of those golf balls.
Monday, July 26, 2004
Ahem, ahem, mmmm, I seem to have something in my throat, (no one has read my story except Katie), ahem, cough, sputter.  OK, that feels better.

I played golf yesterday morning and now I probably have the West Nile virus.  Awesome.  I got 50+ mosquito bites.  And now my legs itch like crazy and have red splotches.  The right leg has a set of splotches that make up a crescent shape, very similar to a sharkbite.  LOL.  Goddamn, I hope I don't contract that shit.

Anyways, I've been tanning and during that, I've been reading.  Mainly Stephen King novels, but I fit in some other authors too.  I thought this next passage was rather amusing, so I copied in here for you.  It's from Bag of Bones, by Stephen King. 

"Durgin chuckled fatly.  Why not?  He was a fat guy.  Most fat people I like- they have expansive natures to go with their expansive waistlines.  But there is a subgroup which I think of as the Evil Little Fat Folks.  You don't want to fuck with the ELFFs if you can help it; they will burn your house and rape your dog if you give them half an excuse and a quarter of an opportunity.  Few of them stand over five-foot-two (Durgin's height, I estimated), and many are under five feet.  They smile a lot, but their eyes don't smile.  The Evil Little Fat Folks hate the whole world.  Mostly they hate folks who can look down the length of their bodies and still see their own feet.  This included me, although just barely."

Well, I don't have anything to post about.  Except perhaps a trip to Pharaoh's waterpark on Friday evening.  Whoever's interested can go. 


Saturday, July 24, 2004
In February, I said I was working on a short story.  Well, it turned out to be a little longer than I thought and it took quite a bit longer.  But I did finally finish.  I know it's kinda long, but that would be awesome if you would read it.  Now, I'm not saying you have to read it, but I would greatly appreciate it if you did.  And any honest, and I repeat honest, feedback would be greatly appreciated too.  Thank you.  And thank you Katie for helping me revise some of it and make it better.  Anyways, the link to it is below.  I hope you enjoy it.
PS- Yes, it is kind of set of Redlands.  I had Redlands in mind.  And no, it's not really about anyone.  If you are extremely sharp and know me very well, you can see parts of people in certain characters.  But I did not base it on anyone.  So don't read a hell of a lot into it, OK?
Well, overall, yesterday was pretty fun.  Despite getting up early and having a dismal day at the beach, it was fun.
We played golf at Encinitas Ranch, a fancier course.  I started off shitty, 2 over through 3 holes.  Ended up shooting 71, 1 under par.  Yay.  Nearly had a hole in one and hit the flagstick on a par four on my 2nd shot.  So that brightened my day up considerably.  But, of course you have to remember that I am a spazz, I hit one ball into a lateral hazard.  Thinking that I could play it, I went in and tried to get to it.  I stepped in some long grass.....which turned out to be about one foot of water.  I ended up with both feet in water that went to the middle of my shin.  So now my golf shoes smell like sewer water.  And that was the 2nd hole, so I had a nice day of gross-ass shoes.
The beach sucked.  There were 8134875612345 people and the parking lot at Moonlight Beach was full to the brim.  I have never seen that happen.  And there were no waves.  At all.  Nothing.  And the weather went shitty around 3 or 4 PM too.  Got cloudy and windy.  Yet people still insisted on hanging around, probably just so they could bug the shit out of me.  I love it when the little prick kids screw around throwing up sand and such right in front of my blanket, so that it hits me in the face.  I love having the little pricks walk on my blanket and scream in my ear. 
But, like I said, overall it was fun. 

6 days. 


Thursday, July 22, 2004
:D    :D    :D    :D    :D
I woke up in a really good mood today.  I guess it was probably because I didn't have to get up early to go push drugs around LLUMC.  That is usually enough to dampen anyone's morning, so not having to do it this morning cheered me up.  But.....there's always a but, a drawback, a catch, etc......I have to go in at 7 PM tonight and work, no- volunteer, until 11 PM.  Late for wittle Wico, as Alex so nicely summed it up.  And to throw salt into the open wound that already got an insult added to it, I have to get up at 5 AM manana.  Bah.  My dad and I are playing golf at Encinitas Ranch, a supposedly nice course in Encinitas.  We'll see if I can conquer it or if I end up being eviscerated (big word) by the course.  At least I do get to go to the beach afterwards. 
:(    :(    :(     :(    :(
8 days.  8 days.  8 days.  You think I might be looking forward to Katie coming down?  Nah.......what gave you that idea?
Tuesday, July 20, 2004
So I don't know if you noticed, but blogger now has color. OOOOOOOH!  Lordy, they're proud of their color.  Let's has always had color, other places have too.....hmmm.  I'm confused as to why blogger is so proud of color. 
Greg, Greg's dad, Alex, and I played golf yesterday.  Good times.  Well, at least I had fun.  I hope everyone else did too. 
I haven't been to the beach in a few weeks.  Kinda sad.  I miss it. 
10 days.  10 long damn days. 
I don't feel like typing anything today.  Sorry.
Friday, July 16, 2004
I hope that links shows up as a link.  If not, please just copy and paste it.  It's a website that has my cat on it.  I'm not allowed to have a real cat, so here's my online cat.  You can play with him- he chases your pointer.  If you put the pointer on his chest, he purrs.  His head near his ears- his ears twitch and he meows.  His paws- one reaches out, the other reaches up.  His tail- makes it twitch.  And his head follows you everywhere.  LOL. 
So anyways, I haven't blogged in forever.  Seems like summer is making everyone lazy about that and I'm no exception.  I went to UCLA last night with my uncle for the men's pro tennis tournament.  Got hear a ton of cussing and funny stories about his students in his 1st grade class in Rialto.  I ended up eating 5 meals yesterday, since the last one was free.  My cousin basically runs the tennis tournament at UCLA now, so she got us a ton of free crap.  We had awesome seats and got to see Andre Agassi play (for free, of course).  So it was really neat.  Traffic blew, as usual.  There were 4 wrecks on the way down there.
I swear I will never drive through Rialto/Muscoy at midnight ever again.  Oh God.  Scary shit.  I saw 9 cop cars and most of them were busting some guys.  There are some creepy people out and about at that time of night in Muscoy.  Whew.  And I am sure that a little white boy like myself would not stand a chance if my truck broke down. 
Anyways, I'm not doing anything but sitting on my ass today.  I am tired from yesterday and last night. 
Sunday, July 11, 2004
19 days and Asian Update

19 days until Katie comes down. Each day seems to take twice as long as the one before it. I don't want to wait anymore. Enough with waiting. Babe, you should just fly down here today. That would be nice.

My dad and I went to PGA today. We would wait for people to buy range balls and then have to go to the first tee to make their tee time, thus leaving about half their bucket. So we took care of that. Hit about 150 balls myself. Damn, it's sad to be able to tell that I'm out of shape....for golf. I remember going to golf lessons and htting balls all day. Seriously all day. Greg and Alex know what I'm talking about--> Susie Berning and her 5 hour lessons. But today, I am done for. But we checked on the putting green where the damn Asians screwed it up and found that the part we fixed looks normal and unharmed. The parts we couldn't fix look fucked. Dark green splotches and pock marks. Ugly and bumpy. Assholes. So the next time you see an Asian not fix a ballmark, go kick him in the nuts.

OK, I need to go rest now.

Saturday, July 10, 2004
9 months! 20 days!

Katie and I have been together for 9 months. Best 9 months ever for me. Thanks for the great times and I hope for many more!

20 days until she comes down to California, but who's counting? LOL. I know I am.
Friday, July 09, 2004
My mom always gets a ton of emails from her teacher friends, mostly being forwards. Well, sometimes they are actually pretty funny, even though they all deal with school and the joys/horrors of being a teacher. This is one of those:

This is the message the Pacific Palisades High School (California) voted unanimously to record on their school telephone answering machine: This came about because they implemented a policy requiring students and parents to be responsible for their children's absences and missing homework. The school and teachers are being sued by parents who want their children's failing grades changed to passing grades though those children were absent 15-30 times during the semester and did not complete enough school work to pass their classes.

This is the actual answering machine message for the school:

"Hello! You have reached the automatic answering service of your school. In order to assist you in connecting the right staff person, please listen to all your options before making a selection.

To lie about why your child is absent - Press 1

To make excuses for why your child did not do his/her work - Press 2

To complain about what we do - Press 3

To swear at staff members - Press 4

To ask why you didn't get information that was already enclosed in your newsletter and several flyers mailed to you - Press 5

If you want us to raise your child - Press 6

If you want to reach out and touch, slap, or hit someone - Press 7

To request another teacher for the third time this year - Press 8

To complain about bus transportation - Press 9

To complain about school lunches - Press 0

If you realize this is the real world and your child must be accountable and responsible for his/her own behavior, class work, homework, and that it's not the teacher's fault for your child's lack of effort, hang up and have a nice day!"
Thursday, July 08, 2004
Accomplished and Empty

Have you ever struggled to achieve something that you thought was worthwhile? Have you ever had to overcome a difficult obstacle to reach a pinnacle of perfection? When you do reach that peak of excellence and you finish your goal, you feel accomplished. Right? Well, of course you do. You finished what you set out to do, no matter how hard it was going to be. But then you have to wonder, what's left? What do I do now? I have finished all that I thought matters.....what goal do I have in mind now?

I am mentioning this because I beat a computer game. Very sad to relate this to Zuma, but hey, once I beat it, I was glad, but hollow and saddened that the challenge was gone.

I have other stories that relate to this though, and are less pathetic examples. The computer game just sparked my thoughts. Golf and shooting under par. I did that. I don't really have that goal anymore. I guess my goal is to have fun and maybe make a hole-in-one, but it sure was fun to shoot under par for the first time.

School and doing well. I think I do relatively well every semester. OK, been there, done that.

I can think of more, but I now don't feel like typing anymore, so to my captivated audience, I am sorry, but maybe by now, you don't feel like reading anymore. So I'll leave you with this:

21 days (not including today)!!!!!!!!
Wednesday, July 07, 2004
I'm a Slave to the Asian People

My dad and I went to PGA tonight to practice golf. Well after hitting some chips and a ton of balls on the range, we decided to go putt. There are 3 greens, one for lob shots and sand shots, one for normal chips and one for putting. Some Asian kid and his parents had been using the nice putting green to hit lob shots. And of course, in the typical Asian manner, then didn't fix any ball marks. Or spike marks. Or divots taken around the green. My dad and I guessetimated there were 300 ball marks, 12 streaks of spike marks, and 25 divots. After the Asians left, we fixed about 200 ball marks. We had to stop when our hands got sore and almost blistered. But we fixed the spike marks and the divots too. Damn lazy, inconsiderate, retarded Asians. Nothing against Asians in general, just the ones that golf and don't realize any of the common courtesies that exist. Like playing fast golf. Like fixing ball marks. Like raking traps. Like fixing divots. Like being able to tell which green is used for chipping and which is for putting. Bah. So now I feel like a little bitch boy to the Asians, but I just couldn't let the green stay as fucked up. I had to fix it.

Oh well. My toilet broke today. The little chain that controls the water flow snapped. Had to replace that. Luckily, we had one in the garage, so I didn't have to make my weekly trip to Home Deot for once. I hate manual labor. I think I mentioned that once or twice before.

I am considering today over with. So now there are just 22 days. 22 days until I can see Katie.

Sunday, July 04, 2004
Happy.....wait.....I forget what holiday it system day?

Yeah, so instead of being able to just sit around today, like I had planned on doing, my dad and I had to fix the sprinklers in the backyard. One of the pipes ruptured and flooded part of our backyard. OK, I have done enough manual labor this summer to make me realize that I can do it, but I really, really, really want a college education so I don't have to do it. I hate it. I mean, yes, there is a nice feeling of satisfaction after fixing something yourself or making something, but damn, I would rather not have to do manual labor for a living. I can do it occassionally, but to wake up to that every day.....Nope.

Beach Fun in the Lack of Sun
Oh well, at least yesterday was fun. I mean, the waves sucked and it was cold for the first couple hours, but hey, it warmed up around noon. It was fun to just hang out with Alex and Joe (who seems like a good guy to me). Plus, it's the beach. I can't get enough of the beach. I would live there in a box, if I could. Well.....I don't know. I guess I do like some of my creature comforts, but still.....that would be a sweet life.

On the way back from the beach, we pulled up next to a black guy in a red car with some awesome rims (enter sarcasm here). Spinners, dude. Man, dude, they was spinnin' and shinin', dude. Oh lordy. Anyways, I was going to take a video of it, since he also had rap going extremely loud. I did and the camera ran out of memory. A motorcycle pulled in between us and thought I was still filming. He gave me thumbs up and took off when the light turned green. He pulled one leg up over the bike and stood on the side of the bike as he drove down the street. And I was frantically trying to erase the dumb black guy with 'da spinnas' to film this guy doing tricks on his crotch-rocket. And of course, I was too late. I missed all this tricks, since he turned on a street and I never saw him again.

Bah. I have to get up at 4:30 AM tomorrow to play golf. Out.
Friday, July 02, 2004
28 DAYS!!!
Thursday, July 01, 2004
Volunteer Work, Car Crashes and Bingo
I went to LLUMC to volunteer again today. They were having an evaluation of practices and cleanliness and such at the pharmacy, so when I went into the IV Room, I had to wear a blue gown, a face mask, and gloves. Ugh. Damn, you'd think I was working in a germ-free environment or a surgery room or something.....WHAT? It's supposed to be clean? Oops. I think the pharmacy techs sure have blown it before, since they never wore it. Well, I didn't used to have to don a gown to go into the IV Room, but now I think I have to every time. Damn. I feel so queer with it on, and I'm sure I look worse. Oh well. At least I had something funny happen during my shift today. While I was volunteering, I was walking down a hallway and I passed this old guy. He let the biggest fart rip and he just kept walking as if nothing happened. LOL. The nurses around pretended not to hear it and no one else noticed it. I laughed my ass off when I got around the corner.

When I went to the DMV, the street was blocked off and the cops would not let me through. I had to renew my license at the DMV in Redlands on Lugonia Avenue and I had an appointment. So I needed to get through. Dumb bitch cop would not let me in. So I went around the DMV (circumnavigated, for those Scrabble players out there) and tried to go up Lugonia the other way. Shit. Nice plan, but it failed. Miserably. But this cop was sympathetic and he let me through. Anyways, when I finally got to the entrance of the DMV, there was a huge wreck. I could only see one of the 2 cars involved. It was a yellow Geo Storm, and the engine was totally gone, pushed into the front seat area. Wow. I have never seen a car hit that hard in the front. The car was about 6 feet long from front to back now, after the modifications that occurred on the engine today.

Well, I got through the yellow tape around the accident there to the DMV office and I thought it would be deserted due to the wreck. Guess again. Packed like sardines in there. Damnit. I had an appointment for 2:15 and I didn't get to renew my license until 2:45 (and I got there at 2:00). They have the new system of what I call "bingo." It's a number and a letter that they give you when you first check in and then you wait for them to call it out on the TV screen and you go to the corresponding booth. When F093 was called (my number), I stood up and said "Bingo" really loudly. I was slightly pissed that it could take so long after the hassle it took to even get into the parking lot at the damn DMV. Bah.

On the bright side, I finished varnishing my picnic table today. LOL. And I heard a funny song on the radio. It's been out for awhile, but hearing it reminded me of it and I decided that this blog wouldn't be complete without the song on it:

BIG & RICH - Save A Horse, Ride A Cowboy


Well, I walk into the room
Passing out hundred dollar bills
And it kills and it thrills like the horns on my Silverado grill
And I buy the bar a double round of crown
And everybody's getting down
An' this town ain't never gonna be the same.

Cause I saddle up my horse
and I ride into the city
I make a lot of noise
Cause the girls
They are so pretty
Riding up and down Broadway
on my old stud Leroy
And the girls say
Save a horse, ride a cowboy.
Everybody says
Save a horse, Ride a cowboy

Well I don't give a damn about nothing
I'm singing and Bling- Blanging
While the girls are drinking
Long necks down!
And I wouldn't trade ol' Leroy
or my Chevrolet for your Escalade
Or your freak parade
I'm the only John Wayne left in this town

And I saddle up my horse
and I ride into the city
I make a lot of noise
Cause the girls
They are so pretty
Riding up and down Broadway
on my old stud Leroy
And the girls say
Save a horse, ride a cowboy.
Everybody says
Save a horse, Ride a cowboy

I'm a thourough-bred
that's what she said
in the back of my truck bed
As I was gettin' buzzed on suds
Out on some back country road.
We where flying high
Fining, whine, having ourselves a big and rich time
And I was going, just about as far as she'd let me go.
But her evaluation
of my cowboy reputation
Had me begging for slavation
all night long
So I took her out gigging frogs
Introduced her to my old bird dog
And sang her every Wilie Nelson song I could think of

And we made love
And I saddled up my horse
and I ride into the city
I make a lot of noise
Cause the girls
They are so pretty
Riding up and down Broadway
on my old stud Leroy
And the girls say
Save a horse, ride a cowboy.
Everybody says
Save a horse, Ride a cowboy

What? What?
Save A Horse Ride A Cowboy
Everybody says
Save a Horse Ride a cowboy.
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