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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Wounds from Chloe Posted by Hello
Chloe was pretty feisty today. She got a little crazed and scratched the crap out of my hand. But a close and loud roll of thunder scared her to death, so she jumped and ran away.

Katie asked me what love felt like to me. I replied I didn't know. Well, here's the best explanation I can come up with:

"I’m no poet and I know it

I don’t use five dollar words
This might not sound like much compared
To all the pretty things you’ve heard
But here’s how I’d explain it
Since you brought it up
It won’t sound like anybody else’s version of love.

It’s like just before dark
Jump in the car
Buy an ice cream and see how far
we can drive before it melts kinda feelin’
That’s how your love makes me feel inside
There’s a cow in the road
and you swerve to the left
Fate skips a beat and it scares you to death
and you laugh until you cry
That’s how your love makes me feel inside

It might not be suitable
for greeting cards and such
it’s a true and honest feeling
and if you feel it half as much
We could go through life together
without a worry or a care
Knowing deep down in our hearts
that we’ve got something special here

It’s like just before dark
Jump in the car
Buy an ice cream and see how far
we can drive before it melts kinda feelin’
That’s how your love makes me feel inside
There’s a cow in the road
and you swerve to the left
Fate skips a beat and it scares you to death
and you laugh until you cry
That’s how your love makes me feel inside
That's how your love makes me feel

I have always heard that you can’t put love into words

It’s like just before dark
Jump in the car
Buy an ice cream and see how far
we can drive before it melts kinda feelin’
That’s how your love makes me feel inside
There’s a cow in the road
and you swerve to the left
Fate skips a beat and it scares you to death
and you laugh until you cry
That’s how your love makes me feel inside
That's how your love makes me feel inside
That's how your love makes me feel inside

That's how I feel

That's how your love makes me feel"
You might recognize the song. Decent explanation and as good as it can get.



Snow. It snowed. Damnit. It snowed. Bah. Screw the snow gods.  Posted by Hello
We went to the Haunted Mill last night, since Halloween was yesterday in Mormon Idaho. It was about an hour drive or so, but it was pretty fun. The Haunted Mill consists of a building and a mine. There were a bunch of points in the Mill and the Mine that made us jump, but I yelled when this hand came out of the water under a bridge and sprayed us with water. Haha. Felt stupid. Here's a link if you want to check it out for whatever reason (primarily boredom, I'm assuming):

Katie and I are babysitting Chloe again. We played with her for forever. Her claws and teeth are sharper and she's stronger. We have scratches to prove it. Anyways, now she's sound asleep.

Chloe Tired After A Hard Day's Play Posted by Hello

Chloe Says "Hi!" Posted by Hello
Saturday, October 30, 2004

Ouchie Posted by Hello
Friday, October 29, 2004

My Gross Finger Posted by Hello

You might be wondering what that picture is above. Well, open your ears children, and I will tell you the sad story of Rico. Yesterday, we got our asses thoroughly stomped at volleyball. But that didn’t mean I wanted to give up. Nope. I would try for any ball I could get. And in trying to get one of them, I rammed my ring finger into the shin of girl on my team and she kneed me in the head. That wasn’t all of my injuries though. I also floor-burned my knees and bruised the shit out of my left knee. I scraped my forehead when I ran into the wall trying to get a wild shank of a bump. Not a good day for me. But the jammed ring finger topped it off. I hope it’s only jammed and not broken anyways.

Rant time! It’s been too long without a good rant. I miss doing it, but I haven’t had anything that has made me mad lately. But guess what, I had two today.

1) Cities should not allow themselves to be overrun by religion, especially by parasitic worms like the Mormonism cult that has moved into Pocatello and reproduced like a metastatic cancerous tumor. There are so many of the blond haired, blue eyed carbon-copies here. They are everywhere. They run the school board, they run the school activities, they own the businesses in town. And apparently, they are in the government too. They must have the power to change dates. Am I confused or isn’t Halloween on October 31st? Well, according to the parasitic Mormons, it cannot be on Sunday because that’s a holy day. Excuse me? What? Since when was Halloween dictated by a religion? And a made-up one at that? One that believes in polygamy and screwing like rabbits to make more Mormons? Why do they dictate the life of Pocatello? Stores here close early on Sunday (if they’re even open at all). It’s ridiculous. We might as well live in fucking Provo or Salt Lake. Ugh. Can’t stand them fucking Mormons. I have never heard of a religion being able to change a holiday. But there’s always a first. Goddamn. So Happy Halloween to all Pocatellans tomorrow and Happy Halloween to everyone else in the world on the 31st!!!

2) I heard Christmas music today in Subway. What the hell? Since when do we start celebrating Christmas before Halloween? I mean, we just skip the best holiday (Thanksgiving) every year. I expect that. It’s caught between the candy-face-stuffing of Halloween and the stocking-stuffing of Christmas (or Hanukkah or that made-up shit Kwanzaa). No store ever stocks anything for it anymore. But why do we go straight from the end of summer to Christmas? Does anyone else think this is a tad extreme? I would like to enjoy each holiday, not be skipped ahead to another holiday two months away. Thanks. And by the way, screw you Hallmark for contributing to this.


PS- Enjoy the stuff below. I got the pictures from a friend, so don't think I take pictures of naked hairy guys.

Hallmark Cards They Should Sell Posted by Hello

Hairy Ass Posted by Hello
Thursday, October 28, 2004
It snowed here today. Didn't stick, but it still snowed. Rained too. Oh well.

We have two volleyball games tonight. I hope we can win at least one. Hopefully no one will be spastic tonight, especially me.

I have a question about TV. Where do they find the retards that they showcase? I mean, look at Room Raiders. The people are the rejects of society. The guy on this episode is searching the houses and he is dumb. He thinks that just because a girl has a paper with the word "farm" on it that she works on a farm. Dumbass. I can't stand many shows anymore simply because the people are fucking retarded. You've Got A Friend may possibly be the worst new show ever. I don't understand what would entice people to view it. There is no entertaining value in it and it's just mean and insensitive. Dumb, dumb show. But pretty much anything on MTV gets my vote for being retarded.

Time for din-din.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004
So Katie and I went around to the dorm next to us and got people to sign the petition. We have found that people fall into 3 categories:
The All-to-Eager: They hate Turner and want anything to eat besides it. As soon as we say Turner and petition, they grab the sheet and sign it.
The Reluctant: They kind of like the cafeteria, but do want some improvements. We have to coax a signature from them. Sometimes it's like being Mr. Burns and trying to take candy from Maggie Simpson.
The I-Like-Turner: These people must be delusional. They think we are weird for trying to improve the food. They like the grease, they like the shitty food, they must just like the quantity.

Anyways, a picture a ways down the page shows the 108 signatures we now have. That's quite a few. Hopefully, we can get three total pages.

PS- Enjoy the pics!

I need this pad of paper. Posted by Hello

I know which asshole called..... Posted by Hello

I need this stamp! Posted by Hello

Turner Is Goin' Down Posted by Hello
Tuesday, October 26, 2004
Chloe, the dorm cat, was playing around in my room tonight. She got a little crazy. Anyways, this is her hiding below my bed and above my dresser drawers.

Chloe Trying to Hide Posted by Hello
She ran and played on my keyboard too. Here's what she typed:

I know, it's deep. If you can find any meaning in it, I'd love to hear it.

We won at volleyball tonight. By forfeit. Woohoo!!!!! A win is a win, but I would have liked to have won for real. Anyways, we now have two wins to our record. And about 4 or more losses. Ugh.

Katie and I wrote a petition to try to improve the food at our dining hall. Here it is:

"Petition to Improve the Quality of Food at Turner Dining Commons

This is a petition written to attempt to rid Turner Dining Commons of unhealthy and/or bad foods, as well as bring about other changes as well. A good number of students at ISU are overweight or obese and Turner is only contributing to this problem.

Problems Seen at Turner:

1) Every meal at Turner Dining Commons consists of some fried dish. Fried foods are fine in moderation, but Turner and Chartwells believe that it is necessary to have primarily fried foods. A prime example of this is the fried chicken strips, the fried tater tots, the fried tuna melts, and the fried Southwestern quesadillas that were all served at one meal (Tuesday, October 26 for lunch). French fries were offered at the “fresh grille.” Also, in the evening of October 26, Southern fried chicken was offered. People cannot subsist on fried foods. It is extremely fattening and is very unhealthy. Turner and Chartwells are creating health problems for students later in their lives. This has to end; something needs to change. Perhaps the ovens could be utilized. Baking chicken or other foods can be an option as well.

2) Fried foods are not the only problem at Turner; fatty foods are too. Every time meat is served at Turner, it is not trimmed for fat. This is disgusting and no one really appreciates large quantities of fat. Also cheese is applied to nearly every dish, whether it’s vegetables or anything else. This is just adding fat to the dish, not flavor or anything else.

3) If a student does not choose to eat the main dish or dishes at a meal, there is only one alternative for them. There is only one vegetarian dish at any given meal. Price is not an issue; health is. “Super-Size Me” demonstrates that the healthy food of Natural Ovens in Wisconsin is not any more expensive than normal cafeteria food. And it is healthy. Please do not argue that the price is what dictates the quality of the food.
There are many choices for dessert. This is terrible. This encourages students to pick something sweet and fattening over something that is beneficial to their health. Maybe Turner needs to cut back on desserts and work on improving their main dishes. This would save money and allow the money to be used on the main dishes to make them more healthy and fresh.

4) The fruit provided by Chartwells is hardly ever fresh. The bananas are brown and soft to the touch; obviously, they are overripe. The apples are usually highly bruised. The oranges are yellow and do not even taste like oranges. This should not be considered fresh fruit by anyone’s standards. It is unbelievable that this is considered food. There was fresh kiwi for about a week. Why did this end?

5) The Chartwells staff tells students to fill out comment cards for any suggestions or criticisms of the food. Cards have been left advising the staff to minimize the amount of onions used and the amount of fried food in general, but these suggestions have gone unheeded. There is no sense in filling out the cards if nothing ever results from it. Students have no motivation to fill out the cards since nothing happens. Plus, there are no comment cards available right now, if someone really did want to fill one out.

6) Last year, meetings were held with Chef Mike. He said that things would change and he seemed to want to hear some ideas about improving the food. The suggestions brought up were less fried food, less onions, and more fresh fruit. None of that ever happened. In fact, near the end of school, more fried food was served and more onions were added to the food. The quality of the fruit went downhill as well.

7) If someone has to pay for their food without using a meal or munch money from a meal plan, it is outrageously expensive for the low quality of food served. $7.60 for dinner is ridiculous. One could go to a restaurant and purchase a decent meal for that price. Turner is not worth that much money.

8) The SUB and Turner are both catered by Chartwells. The SUB’s food is definitely much better and fresher than that of Turner. There is a large gap in quality between the two, yet it is the same catering service. How is this possible?

9) Turner also has problems keeping the food warm. Frequently, food that is served from the “hot line” is cold. Cold lasagna is rather unappetizing. This occurs much more often at breakfast. The eggs are inedible when they are cold. Food needs to be kept warm to keep it appetizing.

10) The Turner chefs have trouble cooking meat products. Quite often, the meat is either undercooked (pink chicken, pink sausage, dangling fatty bacon) or the meat is overcooked (to the point of being hard and dry). The undercooking of meat is dangerous since it can lead to bacterial infections and sickness. It is scary to think that meat is not being cooked enough and that Turner expects students to consume undercooked meat. The staff may state that the students can ask to have their food cooked longer, but not every student will want to bother the staff. In addition to that, the food should be cooked properly to start with. And going along with the cooking of meat, the sausage and bacon are usually saturated with grease. Before being placed in the serving area, the grease should be mopped off the bacon and sausage (making it more healthy).

11) If something at Turner is not cooked in grease, it is cooked in butter. The vegetables are a prime example. It is rare that one can find unbuttered vegetables at Turner. Putting butter on the vegetables completely defeats the purpose of trying to eat vegetables to be healthy. The vegetables are also soaked in butter when they are sitting in the tray waiting to be served. This is not healthy. Butter is a tasty condiment, but it should not be an integral part of the food. Please make butter an option for students, not mandatory.

12) Onions and green peppers may appeal to some people, but not everyone enjoys them. A lot of people dislike them and wish that they could be optional. The eggs at breakfast and any kind of lasagna or enchilada dish is usually larded with both green peppers and onions, which ruin any chance the dish may have had at being good tasting. Please make the green peppers and onions optional as well, or use smaller pieces more sparingly throughout the dish.

13) People that dine at Turner are, in the most part, unaware that healthier choices, such as soy milk and cranberry juice, are offered. Chef Mike has stated this option to only those he has met with or have personally complained; the general public that is eating at Turner has no idea of their options. The staff at Turner does not make it known that these products can be obtained. There has never been a request list or an inventory list, informing students of the items that they can have. People need to be informed of their choices.

14) The sizes of the portions is currently limited to very small or very large quantities. Some people do eat more than others. Why should these people have to return to the hot line 3 times to get enough food? Why can they not obtain the amount of the food they need in one trip? The student should have a larger say in the size of the portion that they receive, so that people that desire smaller portions can easily obtain it and those that want a large portion can receive it as well.

15) Premium night is a nice idea and the food usually is much better. However, the quantity of food that one person can receive is rather small. Why does Turner limit students on the amount of food they can eat when it actually tastes good? 6 shrimp is hardly a meal.

16) Since some meals are so unpalatable, students are forced to turn to unhealthy alternatives such as hamburgers or cereal in order to at least get some food in their stomachs. Students cannot live by cereal and hamburgers. This is simply appalling to consider. A solution to this is better food and more choices in the way of healthy foods.

17) The staff at Turner is inconsiderate and does not check the drink machines very often. On the morning of October 26, 2004, there were no fruit juices at all. The Minute Maid machine was empty (on both sides) and the fruit juice machine was empty as well (on both sides). The milk machine was empty for 50 minutes on the evening of October 25. This is unacceptable. Students are forced to settle for substitutes that they did not want.

18) For some reason, the food at the end of the semester is always terrible. It seems as if the staff quits trying and that they don’t care about the quality of the food. This lack of palatable food is detrimental to students, who depend on Chartwells to provide them with good food. Also, this is the time of finals and students need good nutrition to do well on their finals.

19) When guests go to Turner to eat, one must use their munch money to pay for the guest. One should be able to use meals from their meal plan to pay for a guest. It does not make any sense why the student should be forced to use their munch money.

20) According to rules made by Chartwells, students’ extra meals do not carry over from week to week. This results in the loss of many meals, and thus, wasted money. There should be a way to carry meals over and cash out leftover meals at the end of the semester. It is the students’ money. Why should they not receive what they did not spend? Why should they be cheated out of what they did not use?

21) Other colleges are able to provide acceptable food. Albertson College of Idaho, University of Idaho, Boise State University, and University of Redlands are all able to provide tasty and healthy food for their students (these are opinions of students that actually attended these schools). Why should ISU not be able to do the same?

22) The staff is negligent in managing their utensils. Many forks, knives, and spoons are bent or misshapen. These utensils are not usable. Many utensils still have food particles on them, which is just utterly disgusting. Also, the staff never checks the cups for cracks. Many cups are badly cracked, which causes the drink to leak all over the tray (making more work for the dishwashers).

23) At breakfast, some students would like a bowl of fruit. However, the basic choice is cantaloupe. If it not cantaloupe, it is fruit from a can that has a large amount of syrup on it and this is not considered fresh fruit. Grapes, kiwi, or anything else would be nice instead of being limited to cantaloupe. The yogurt at breakfast, on the other hand, is excellent. The variety is nice and it is kept cold. The same care taken in the yogurt should be applied to all foods.

24) The stir-fry from the cart in Turner is a good idea. However, sauces with MSG need to be excluded or labeled. The staff and students need to know which sauces contain MSG because some people have allergic reactions to MSG. If the sauces are labeled, then that will eliminate stomach problems caused by MSG.

25) The vegetables are typically not crisp in the slightest. They are boiled until they are soggy and limp and then sit in butter, waiting for the victim to order them. In the butter, they soak up fat and lose any structure and consistency they once had. Please don’t boil the vegetables into submission.

26) There is currently a one-item limit on the amount of carry-out food. If a student wanted to hurry to class but needed food, they should be able to grab something and head on out to class. There should not be a limit on what can be taken out of Turner. The students pay for the food, so they should be able to carry it out.

27) Fancy names are given to dishes served at Turner and it makes one wonder why. The dishes are nothing special and only serve to confuse the student. The dishes should just be named for what they are.

28) Perhaps fruit Popsicles could be added to the freezers. This is a healthier dessert than ice cream or anything else, and the students deserve a healthier alternative.

As you can see, Turner’s food has reached a low point. By viewing the attached pages, you will be able to see that many people share this sentiment. Please take this petition into consideration. Thank you for your time."

So that's our petition. I hope it does something. We are going to try to get some signatures in the coming days. I'll let you know how that goes.

Monday, October 25, 2004

An Honest Man Posted by Hello
I took the PCAT Saturday morning. That went OK. I did well on English, Reading Comprehension, Math, and OK on Biology. Chemistry put a size 15, wide-foot, steel-tipped boot in my ass. Ouch. It was pretty hard. :(

We went to the football game on Saturday. We won! Holy crap. That is a rarity anymore. ISU was good last year, but this year, they smell like cow dung. Feces. They play like it too. I took video of them playing and I recorded a fucked-up field goal and an interception. I only filmed about 10 plays total. LOL. Anyways, we did win though. You can see the score in the 2nd picture if you click on it.

Yesterday was blah day. Didn't do much, which was actually really nice and relaxing. It snowed a tiny bit yesterday morning. Didn't stick, but the snow gods were just letting us know that they were there.

Meh. I don't lead a very interesting life, especially when school is in. So, yeah.


ISU WINS (and even blind dogs find bones once in a lifetime) Posted by Hello

WOOO! GO ISU!!! Posted by Hello
Sunday, October 24, 2004

Here's Why You Should Avoid Large Quantities of Alcohol and Large People Posted by Hello
Friday, October 22, 2004
OK, here's the deal. I took 8 weird pictures. Some are negative art, some are sepia, etc. So try to see if you can guess what the pictures really are (put your answers for each picture into each comment section for each picture):

#1Posted by Hello

#2 Posted by Hello

#3 Posted by Hello

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