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Monday, January 31, 2005
I had a nosebleed this morning. I added it to the counter on the right, just below the weather dealie. Ugh.

Today was horribly long. I had class from 9-5, with one 1 hour break in there. The first class doesn't necessarily count, since it's billiards. Ha. It's kinda fun, and now we're learning more intersting things that just stuff about the table and the cue sticks.

My Econ class actually moved today, which was damn surprising. We spent 3 weeks on the first two chapters (which consist of "Hi, welcome to Econ. This is microecon, as opposed to macro" and "trade is good."). Holy crap. Anyhow, we covered the entire third chapter today, and for once in my life, I'm not complaining about going fast in a class. We're still 2 chapters and 1 week or so behind schedule. I am on chapter 6 myself though. Ha. Way to be an over-achiever, huh?

O-chem was O-chem....what else can I say about it? I stayed awake, which is an improvement over usual.

A&P was a bastard today, since the teacher kept us for 5 minutes extra and I had to go all the way across campus to my next class, O-chem lab.

After running down the big hill to lower campus, I endured a 2.5 hour O-chem lab. It was not so fun and definitely not interesting in the slightest. I just didn't have any interest in the UV light stuff at all, nor did I really care about the chromatography shit we were doing. Just one of those days when you don't give a shit. Eh.

So now I am typing a blog when I should be doing homework. :)

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Sunday, January 30, 2005
This is the only quiz that I will ever be able to get a 10/10 on. And surprise surprise, it‘s a math quiz. But you already knew that, didn‘t you? Oh well… should try it. Maybe you can challenge me to another quiz, since if you do anything pop culture or anything really besides math, I will get a 3/10 guaranteed.

Lit "The Last Time Again" from the Atomic album

"I don't wanna be an asshole anymore
Sick and tired of all the promises that I make to you
And I break to you
And I know you think you've heard it all before
Something tells me that you think I'm stupid when I say to you
That what I say is true
Too much lyin', too little tryin'

This time is gonna be the last time
The last time again
This time is gonna be the last time
The last time again

Well I don't wanna be redundant anymore
Skippin' like a broken record you can play again
But I'll do it all again
Put it behind me, then you rewind me

This time is gonna be the last time
The last time again
This time is gonna be the last time
The last time again

Once again
I must have been
Tryin' to wash away the sin
Cuz I wake up
Bathroom floor
I won't do this anymore
...starting tomorrow

This time is gonna be the last time
The last time again
This time is gonna be the last time
The last time again

This time is gonna be the last time
The last time again
This time is gonna be the last time
The last time again"

I do not want to go back to class tomorrow. I had a good weekend, between the rock climbing, the bowling, and everything else. But primarily it was the lack of class that made it good. And now that Monday is tomorrow, I will not have that lack of class. Ugh.

I took my camera to dinner tonight, since I thought I might get a good pic of the impending sunset. I thought it was going to be a good one, and it turned out to be something of a dud. But there is one good picture of it down lower. Click on it for the full effects.

Anyhow, at dinner, we messed around and took fun pics. After dinner, we played with the negative art on the camera. It sure shows textures and color differences well. So you can enjoy the weird pictures below. Some are of me and some are of Katie.

I really like the one of the side of my eye when you can see the blood vessels in the white of my eye. My teeth are gross too.

The last two pictures are just funny ones I found when I was surfing Enjoy.

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Katie and I went rock climbing (on the rock wall in the gym here at ISU). It was pretty fun. My back is kinda sore today and I think that it‘s from the climbing I did. By the way, you can see the rock wall with this link (the entire paragraph). It's a pretty good rush to get up to the top of the wall and then look down 35 feet below you.

Four of us went bowling last night. It was us admist 87578643578 high schoolers, which proves that there is nothing to do in Pocatello. They are so bored that they have to come leech on the SUB at ISU for fun on Saturday nights. Bastard high schoolers.

Anyhow, it was pretty fun and I ended up bowling one of my best games ever ( was a 137). I know that is pretty low, but I am not a bowler. I play golf, so that was good for me. Too bad Katie still beat me...... :(

Enjoy the pics below.

Katie bowling, en route to kicking our asses. She's good.

Negative art of cosmic bowling.

Rico being a homosexual Asian.

Alex bowling.

Bret bowling....the ball is a blur not far from his hand.

Bret bowling again....he's going to hit himself in the ass with the ball (at least that's what the picture looks like). :)

This was taken at the British Open (a major golf tournament) a few years ago. Those Brits are crazy SOB's.

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Saturday, January 29, 2005
I got a 9/10 on this quiz. This website has some insanely hard quizzes, but I think is definitely one of the easier ones, especially if you are into science shit. Let me know what you all get.

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Friday, January 28, 2005
Since no one reads this blog anymore (or if they do, they are too lazy to comment), I am going to post stupid, lame-ass surveys and quizzes. Enjoy.

Space Mountain
Space Mountain: A thrilling rocket ride through the
darkness of outer space! Futuristic and
forward thinking, you have just enough 2001-esk
elements without escaping Walt Disney's utopian
vision for a brighter tomorrow. You represent
speed, stealthness, and the promise of
technology, while your Dick Dale surf guitar
riff of a soundtrack makes you retro and
mysterious, without being corny. Keep the
lights low and avoid revealing too much, lest
you ruin the show, you're only going 28 mph!
Regardless of speed, you prove that in the
vacuum in space, you CAN hear people scream!

What Disneyland attraction are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Song That Makes You...

Created by procrastinata and taken 3849 times on bzoink!

Song that makes you happySugarcult "Hate Every Beautiful Day"
Song that makes you want to cryDiamond Rio "She's Gone" and "Taps"
Song that makes you feel dreamyGreenday "Boulevard of Broken Dreams"
Song that makes you sleepyAnything by Deathcab for Cutie
Song that makes you want to danceLit "My Own Worst Enemy"
Song that makes you want to close your earsSnoop Dogg and Pharrell "Drop It Like It's Hot"
Song that makes you think of that special someoneDiamond Rio "That's How Your Love Makes Me Feel"
Song that makes you feel relaxedAnything classical really
Song that makes you feel inspiredYellowcard "Believe"
Song that makes you want to sing along:Busted "What I Go To School For"

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[the alphabet survey]

Created by thetoasternetwork and taken 9577 times on bzoink!

Act your ageBlink 182
Born on what day of the weekNow how the hell would I know?
Chore you hateAny form of cleaning. I hate it and it's woman's work.
Dad's nameRicci
Essentail make-up itemWhat the hell? They spelled essential wrong and I don't wear make-up.
Favorite actors/actressesAdam Sandler. No female favorite.
Gold or sliverSilver, not sliver. Those are quite different things.
HometownRedlands, CA
Instruments you playMy CD player
Job titleStudent
Living arrangementsDorm for the second year.
Mom's nameCarol
Number of socks you ownHoly you actually expect me to count or just estimate? Estimating 30.
Overnight hospital staysQuite a few when I was only a few weeks old and had a double hernia operation.
PhobiaBeing hit on by a gay guy.
Quote you like" We are nothing but echoes. We have no thoughts of or own, no opinions of our own, we are but a compost heap made up of the decayed heredities, moral and physical." Twain
Religious affiliationOh yeah right!
Time you woke up today7:00 AM, 8:00 AM, 9:00 AM, thank you very much, you GODDAMN construction workers
Unusual habitsI like to sleep in a very cold room, with all the blankets heaped up on me and me all snuggled up like a 5 year old.
Vicious thing you've doneA lot of TP-ing and egging. Oh yes. But those were good times too....
Worst habitPicking at pimples and ingrown hairs and such. Katie has to watch me constantly or else my hands instantly go to my face.
X-rays you've hadCAT scan, chest X-rays up the wazoo, arm, coccyx, hand, ankle, knee, back, just about everything really.
Your favorite seasonSummer- for the beach and the babes ;)
Zodiac signVirgo

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I know that the above pictures are a bit strange. I admit that upfront, but it's for a good reason and to make a point. One of the pictures is acceptable and one is not. Can you guess which is which?

I just went to the bathroom after Katie went to bed and I found one urinal in pristine condition (the left one obviously). And then I looked at the other one and found full it of stinky, yellow piss (the right one....duh). That is gross. Why do people not flush their piss? It is not difficult. It probably takes more energy to shake out the last few drops or zip your fly than it does to depress the handle to flush your piss to the sewage farm. So.....why don't people do it? I have a couple theories.....let me know if you have any....

1. People are inherently lazy. 'Nuff said.
2. People forget that they took a that span of 2.45 seconds it takes to zip up.
3. They don't want to get germs on their hands from touching the handle....even though they are just as likely to get germs from touching themselves.
4. They think the color contributes a nice ambiance to the peach tile walls, green tile floor, and white porcelain pissers.
5. They just want to piss me off. I think this one may be the
6. They are having a contest to see if they can overflow the pisser.
7. People are inherently disgusting and lack any sort of social discipline and etiquette.
8. They expect other people to flush for them, which I do because I do not enjoy going into a piss-aroma-filled bathroom and seeing a pisser full to the brim. Ugh.

I can't think of any other reason to not flush your piss. Let me know if you come up with any more.

Seeing as how I am tired and it is bedtime, I think will call this post done and head to sleepy-town.

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(PS- including this sentence, "piss" was mentioned 12 times in at least some form of the word)
Thursday, January 27, 2005
Do you guys remember my folder in high school? How I would always have comics and such on it? Well, here is a continuation of it......LOL. I hope to post more soon, but Hello is being touchy, so I can't be sure of how many I will be able to post. You have to click on each one to be able to read it.

I went to the doctor's this morning. Found out nothing basically. My rash thing I am getting cream for it. It's kind of raised up, so I am getting a steroid cream for that. LOL. I guess that's about all they can do. I ended up not having my nose cauterized, even though it was in bad need of it. Shit. I have to stick Vaseline up my nose instead. That is a pretty lame treatment, considering I have had to do that many times before. The doctor gave me some thin Q-tips, and when I run out of those, he said for me to use my pinky finger. A doctor promoting

It's snowing right now, but it's a really warm snow and it feels neat to stand outside and let it hit you, since you can hardly feel each flake.

Back to homework now.

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I put a new kind of counter on the right side of my blog. It's a counter for my nosebleeds. Hopefully, if I get it cauterized today, I will never have to add any more to that particular counter. LOL. But I may not be able to have it cauterized, since I am going to the ISU Student Health Center and I don't know what all they can and can't do there.

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I am going to die at 79. When are you? Click here to find out!
I think I am being discriminated against here because I have "guy parts." Damnit. Oh did say that guys were more likely to get the random math question right than girls.....what else did you expect? Males are inherently better

Anyhow, Katie and I went to see Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind at the ISU theater. I have to say that it was a pretty damn good movie, even though it was exceedingly weird. So just to let you all know.....Jim Carrey can act in serious movies too. The Truman Show was a good movie (I thought so anyhow). Hell, it's actually what has spawned all this reality TV shit.

I have to go to the doctor's tomorrow. Remember when I posted a picture of my leg and it was hideously disgusting with "bug bites?" Well.....I don't think they are bug bites anymore. I think I have a bacterial infection running rampant in my body, since they are spreading elsewhere and I want them to go They itch so badly. Argh. Below is a current picture. Ewww.....

And at the same doctor's appointment, I hope to have my nose cauterized. That would be awesome. I have had four nosebleeds in three days. That is no way to live. Ugh. I had a particularly bad one the other day in the shower. I was shampooing my hair and had my eyes closed. When I opened them and looked down, my entire front side was covered in blood horror-movie-style. It was gross as hell and kinda disturbing. So hopefully, when I get it cauterized, I won't get them anymore.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2005
When this semester started, I knew my schedule would be a little different. I knew that my eating schedule would be different as well, meaning I would never eat breakfast anymore since I don't have an reason to get up (ie. no class). So I changed my meal plan to a plan with less meals, which means that I get a refund. Woohoo for money!

But the best part of all is that I have housing and food waived for good grades. Yes that's right. ISU made a book-keeping SNAFU and I got a $115 check because ISU screwed up. LOL. My meal plan was reduced and it should have been to the university's benefit (since I would not be costing them as much money), but instead, I reaped the benefits.....of $115. Ha. I just got paid $115 to go here. Yay!

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Tuesday, January 25, 2005
Well, Hello is being ghey and not letting me publish pictures anymore. Goddamnit. Oh well. I guess I only publish a real picture once in awhile, but still. Anyhow, I guess I won't be publishing anymore CD covers so you know what I am listening to. *sigh* Damn technology.

I took my first Physics test today. It wasn't bad at all (at least I hope it wasn't). I think I did well. One or two of the 11 questions were directly from the practice tests I had. Ha. That's always a good feeling, knowing the answer to the question before you finish reading the entire problem. LOL.

So now I have to study A&P. Ugh.

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I meant to post about this last night, but I kind of forgot until after I hit "publish." Anyhow, here are my thoughts on plastic surgery, just in case you cared.

I think that if you are so insecure about yourself that you think you need plastic surgery, then you actually need mental help. You need a shrink instead of a facelift, a pscyhiatrist instead of a boob job. Maybe a total fucking lobotomy instead of lipo.

Katie and I were watching a show about plastic surgery last night on TLC. One lady had undergone 49 procedures.....and she wanted more. She was probably 55 or so and ugly as hell. She was pretty in her youth and up until her first plastic surgery. Then she turned fake-looking and now she just looks like a damn pygmy goat with collagen lips. Ugly.

Another girl was getting lipo because "she didn't lose the weight exercising." Yeah right. You are fat because you sit around and eat Bon-Bons. You probably never exercsied more than 5 minutes in your life. If you did exercise, you would have had some muscle somewhere. But no, you are flabby everywhere. Lazy bitch.

The same girl said that she needed plastic surgery to try to get a job. Ummm.....instead of being pretty, why don't you become more qualified? Why don't you get a good education and better yourself with something that will last lifelong? God.

There was a guy getting his penis enlarged (you have to say the first half of the sentence slow and the second half fast.....that's how he said it). He said he would look around in locker rooms and be jealous and feel small. Or he'd be afraid to use a urinal because other guys could look over and see his tiny pecker. OK....listen here, you insecure SOB. If any guy checks your wiener out when you are pissing, do you really want his attention anyways? He'd probably be gay. And as for feeling small in the locker room....maybe you are average and the other 2 wieners you saw were big. How the fuck do you know whether you're small? Jesus. So anyhow, he had two surgeries to augment not only the length, but the girth as well. So now he is probably the size of a fire hydrant. Seriously.

Enough about guys getting plastic surgery.....onto the girls now. Why do girls want boob jobs? Why do you want to haul around more weight and give yourself back problems? Big ole sloppy breasts do not look good, believe me. It's disgusting. And when you age, they will just look even worse. Ugh. *shudder*

But don't get me wrong. I understand and applaud some plastic surgery. Like if someone is born with a hideous birthmark or gigantic ears, etc. Breast reduction is another one I understand. Surgeries like that, ones that actually serve a purpose, make sense and should be undergone. But ones to make your little homie into big homie or to make the twins into giants....just stupid and vain.

So my message to all those prone to plastic surgery, get a life and go to a shrink. You'll be happier and waste less money and suffering.

I awoke this morning to the sweetness of Katie....and by that, I mean that she came and laid down on top of me while I was sleeping. Haha. Oh well.....I suppose I would rather wake up to her laying on me than my alarm clock.

So I took a shower and such, which was uneventful. I don't know why I even bothered to mention it. LOL.

I am now sitting in the SUB, typing on a laptop. I came down here to study, but I quickly petered out on that and now I am messing around on the Internet.

I am off to take my Physics test now. Wish me luck.


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Third Eye Blind

"The chromosome divides, multiply and thrive
And the strong survive, and the strong survive
And the spaceman fucked an ape
Then cut out on the date
And now it's much too late
The space ship has escaped
Let it go
We're lacking something good
Something good, yeah
Is this all for nothing, oh
Good, something good, yeah
Boom-tick-tick and who skipped the long day
Chromosome divides, multiply and thrive
And the strong survive, yeah the strong survive
And the grandson of an alien wears his snakeskin boots
Shows his reptile roots
He shows his reptile roots
We're lacking something, something good
Something good, yeah
Is this all for nothing, yeah
Show me the goods, something good, yeah
Let the record blow up
Boom-boom, tick-tick and who skipped the long play
Who picked the record and who amped what you say
I wanna sing a song that's my own
I wanna be the DJ
We're lacking something
Let the record blow up
Something good
Something good, yeah
Is this all for nothing, yeah
Boom-boom, tick-tick
Show me the goods, something good, yeah
Chromosome divides, multiply and thrive
And the strong survive, yeah the strong survive
Chromosome divides, multiply and thrive
And the strong survive, and the strong survive
And it's all right, it's all right, yeah
It's a long night, it's a long night
A long night, it's long night
It's a long night, a long night, a long night
A long night, it's a long night
All right, all right, all right
When the plane takes off you'll know it
When the plane takes off you'll know it "

I don't know why I put that on there. I just felt like it.

Turner Troubles

Katie, Zach (one of my next door neighbors- his blog is now listed on the right), and I went to lunch one day and I watched a kid struggle with the mayonnaise squirt container. It was pretty sad. After 10 pumps or so, I usually give up hope on getting the condiment out by any normal means. So I would take the top off and use a knife. This child prodigy, bastard son of Einstein, genius kid decided to continue pumping the handle because I'm sure the more you pump it, the more likely it is to work. ;) I counted 64 pumps. And no mayonnaise. But the best part of all is that he never did figure out how to get mayonnaise, because he never lifted the top off. He worked at getting mayo for 10 minutes and never did. Haha.

I still do not understand loud, stupid people, but I have decided that loudness and intelligence are inversely related. The louder the people are at dinner/lunch/brunch/breakfast, the more likely they are to be stupid. Hmmm.....interesting.

So dinner at Turner tonight was supposed to have been roast beef, chicken strips, peas, mixed veggies, mashed potatoes and gravy, and then the normal salad/soup stuff. Well, as it turns out, right as Katie and got to the front of the line, they ran out of chicken strips.....the only edible thing there. I don't eat the mashed 'taters because I had my experience with potatoes last semester.....and they go straight for your gut, believe me. Ugh. Anyhow, the beef looked stringy and fat-injected. So I didn't get that. My dinner would have consisted of something that even vegetarians would scoff at. I would have been forced to have eaten peas and salad. Screw that. I am a growing boy....I need meat. So Katie and I left that craphole and went to Arby's....where I got two Bacon and Cheddar sandwches. *Puts thumb and middle finger together, kisses them.* So much better than shitty, shitty, Turner. We left comment cards saying they need to remember the petition and that they should not run out of food, especially something as generic as chicken.

I really hope Turner is better tomorrow. I really do. I am quite tired of eating crappy food and I am very tired of being forced to eat low-grade, fattening grease burgers instead of bland veggies and meat. Ugh.

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Monday, January 24, 2005

I am nerdier than 46% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

Personally, I think I am nerdier than the quiz says.....but since the quiz really only focuses on technology questions, I can see how it would come up with that answer. I don't know shit from apple butter when it comes to technology. I can type papers and use the Internet. Woohoo! Good enough for me. I don't need to know the inner workings of it. I can pay people to know that for me. LOL.

I have my first Physics test tomorrow morning. I wouldn't be too worried if it was real class, but I am taking it via correspondence, so this might be a tad hard. Oh well. *Throws hands up in desperation/frustration.*

Well, I suppose that is enough dancing around the issue. I told you all I would have an answer today about my life and I am not going to pull a Matt Leinart and wait another day to tell the world of my future....but I guess mine doesn't involve millions of dollars. *sigh.*

Here we go....

I have made my decision and I stand by it. I don't think I will look back and regret it. Even if this decision comes back to haunt me, I can always go back to school. School will always be there.

I considered a few points in the it wasn't just based on what you read below. There was more, but I didn't feel like typing it.

One was my happiness. I just don't see myself being happy at all in San Francisco, even though I would be chasing the dream of pharmacy. I don't think the big city life is for me. I like the small cities and the slower life of Idaho. I left California behind and there are very few parts that long for it. I mean, it's easy for me to sit in Idaho and say that I wouldn't be be happy in San Francisco, I realize that. But I have a gut feeling about that and my brain agrees. So I have to listen to the little pricks running around in my head. And they have come to the consensus to stay here.

Another one was my heart. It would have ripped me open to leave Katie. I can understand a break-up (God forbid it ever happen), but to leave simply for school seems unnecessary. And we had both agreed that me leaving for UCSF was the end. It would never have worked. It wouldn't have been like Alex and Jen, where they at least get to see one another at breaks. We would never see one another again. It would just be worse and more heart-wrenching that saying goodbye once-and-for-all. But I am not staying at ISU to avoid heartache, I am staying here because I have friends here too. I know people here. I know the city, I know the area, I know Pocatello. I have some ISU pride.

One final consideration is the fact that this is all pointless speculation on my part. Hell, if I make pharmacy here, then the entries of the last two days are null and void. They wouldn't matter a damn bit. I'd be going into pharmacy here and that's that. That would be my number one choice of school and life.

If I don't get in here at ISU and I don't get in at UCSF, then I have no choice but to stay another year here anyways. I wouldn't be doing anything different at UCSF, so I might as well stay another year, eh?

The problem that was fucking with my mind the last two days has been if I don't get accepted here at ISU but I do get in at UCSF. That is what I have resolved. I will stay here at ISU, no matter the result of the interview at UCSF. I will just think of that interview as practice for the one I get at ISU.

Say I don't get in here at ISU. What ever will I do? I mentioned before, teaching. I could go into teaching math or science and get a degree and teach for a few years. Then I could go back to school and get a pharmacy degree, since I am a helluva lot mroe likely to get into pharmacy school with a prior degree than without.

So there's the plan. I will be sticking to it. I know. No regrets, no pissing and moaning. My decision, my call, and I made it. I live by it.

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My A&P teacher posted review questions on the Internet for students to use to study for his exams. I went to the computer lab, since my printer was being a bitch. I copied and pasted the 3 questions into a Word Document and printed it out.

I went to the Front Desk to pick it up and I see some girl picking it up. What the hell......I silently think. So I go and ask her to see them and that she might have some of my papers. She responded by saying "It's mine. I printed it."

OK......I look at it and see that it was printed up in a Word Document (clue #1) and then I asked her if she printed it directly from WebCT and she said yes. This means that it should have the web address at the bottom of the page and have weird spacing (clue #2). Also, I printed it out awhile before I went to pick it up and the papers were at the bottom of a stack, which means they had been there for awhile (clue #3).

I was not in a mood to argue, so I just said "Fine." Then that was followed by a "bitch" under my breath. I went to try to print it out again, and then the printer died. Goddamnit!!! I wanted to kick that girl in the head so bad. What a total lying bitch.

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God, I hate Econ. I don't know how you can do it, Alex. Bah. Maybe it's just my teacher, since he rambles on about absolutely fucking nothing for a century and then expects us to be interested in it. Ugh.

I hope to have an answer for myself about what I am going to do with my life today sometime.

Class time.

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Katie and I snuck into the Holiday Inn last night to go swimming. God, it's so ridiculously easy to sneak in there. I mean, we wore heavy coats in and she even carried in a towel.....and no one even mentioned the fact that we weren't supposed to be in there. LOL. I can't believe how incredibly easy it is to do. But of course, like all experiences, there were a few drawbacks. There were a couple creepy guys that just stood around the fence around the pool, never talked to anyone, and just stared in at the swimmers. Creepy....the kind of creepy that is associated with child-abductors and molesters. Weirdos. I guess they were checking out the 12 year old (and under) girls.....damn sickos.

We went out for pie after that. I got French Chocolate Silk, which was pretty good. Katie had Caramel Apple, which was damn good. Yummy.....too bad we ate all the calories we just burned off swimming....

Today, I printed 52 pages of shit I should know for my UCSF interview for pharmacy school there. Ugh. I went through some of it today and I can't see why some people would want to go into the careers they do. I mean, there is even schooling for becoming a paper-shuffling pharmacist. WTF? Who wants to do that? Why would you want to sit at a desk all day and sign papers and push them around when you've got a license to practice pharmacy? Why would you want to be part of a bureaucracy? Ugh.....*shudder*.

But reading through the pharmacy stuff always puts me in a bad mood. If I go to UCSF (meaning I don't make it into ISU and I do at UCSF and I still want to do pharmacy), I would leave a life behind. A life of friends. A life with Katie in it. I am currently struggling with a horrible decision.....if I don't get into ISU and I do get in at UCSF.....will I go? Will I still want to go into pharmacy? Is it worth leaving a life behind? It is worth never seeing Katie and anyone else behind? Is it worth living in California? Should I start considering alternative careers? What would I be good at? What the hell is up with self-doubt right now? Is the extra money to be made in pharmacy worth the sacrifices I might have to make? Would I really be happy at UCSF and following my pharmacy plan? I don't are some thoughts and possible answers.....

I hate California.....except for the beaches and golf courses.
I don't really want to leave Idaho.....I love the seasons, I like Boise, I like the people, I like the clean air, I like the low crime rates, I like everything about it.
I don't know if going to UCSF is worth leaving Idaho.
I know I haven't seen my California friends much, but the contact is still there. I can still go home and see them. If I leave Idaho for school, most likely I will never return. I would never see any of my friends here again. I wouldn't have Katie in my life.
The only other career I can think of for me is teaching.....and become everything I swore I never would be. Ugh.
I don't know why the self-doubt is gathering steam right now....hope it goes away soon and I will be able to conduct myself with confidence in my interviews.
Money has never been THAT important to me....but then again, I want to be able to provide for a family (eventually....not for a long time though).
I think I would be very unhappy at UCSF, but then again, I would hopefully meet new people and make new friends.
Leaving Katie is a reason for the hesitance to go to UCSF, but as you can see, it's not the sole one. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me, but there are a variety of competing reasons for leaving/staying in Idaho. Argh....can't someone just plan my life for me?

So there are my thoughts for now. I am done letting my brain spill its meager and pathetic contents onto the floor, only for me to kick them around and try to organize them a little (except that my brain has spilled itself, so now I have no way to coordinate any movements to organize the contents....hmmmm).

I was searching for funny stuff tonight online and this came up. I think that it is pretty funny, but I love cats… I probably would like something like this. Click this paragraph.

And on the same page, this hippo video came up. It’s kinda dumb, but oh well. Click anywhere in this paragraph.

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Current Mood: Not happy with the pharmacy shit
Saturday, January 22, 2005

7 of us went sledding last night in the dark. It was foggy too, so that's why the picture above looks all blurry and sad. I tried to film some and I took more pictures, but this was the only one that came out. Oh well. Anyhow, it was icy and slick, so we hauled ass down the hill. There was one problem was icy and hard. My ass is so sore now that I have trouble sitting down. LOL. All 7 of us went down on a plastic sheet and wiped out when we hit a jump (on accident). Katie got the worst of it. And there were tire tracks at the base of the hill, so they acted as small jumps when we went over them. Ouchie. But it was fun anyways.....

I always try to find some new game online and now I think I have found one that is going to hold my attention for awhile......meaning I'm addicted. LOL. If you want to see what I mean, click anywhere in this paragraph. It takes you to a Yahoo! sign-in page, so go ahead and sign in and play Pyramids. If you beat 81,440 points, I will hunt you down. Ha.

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Friday, January 21, 2005
Three names you go by:
1. Rico.
2. Reek.
3. Smell-Face (no smart-ass comments).

Three screen names you have:
1. Plickplick22.
2. Nope.
3. I do not need an alias.
Three things you like about yourself :
1. My amazing, not to mention sarcastic, sense of humor.
2. My extremely high metabolism (or tapeworm- whatever allows me to eat so much).
3. My ability to learn things quickly.

Three things you hate/dislike about yourself:
1. My excellent ability to criticize quickly.
2. My perfectionist nature.
3. My stupid pigeon chest. Bah.

Three parts of your heritage:
1. Italian.
2. European Mutt- Scottish, British, Welsh, German, Irish, Belgian, etc.
3. 1/64 Cherokee Indian. Woo! Go you Indians!

Three things that scare you:
1. Gay guys hitting on me.
2. Failure.
3. Dark alleys at night anywhere in Southern California.

Three of your everyday essentials:
1. Contacts. I have to be able to see.
2. My pocket accessories- wallet, keys, contact lens case, Chapstick, cell phone, personal planner thingy. I have to have all that shit…..I know it seems like a lot, but it’s routine for me.
3. Music. I must listen to music every day or I will go insane. LOL. Katie can tell you about that.

Three things you are wearing right now:
1. Blue Sideout shirt…..remember when Sideout was really cool? What? It never was? Sad……
2. Blue jeans. Plain and simple, but I guess my butt looks good in them….and don’t say I don’t have a butt.
3. Houseshoes. No, they are not slippers. I do not slip them on; therefore, they are not slippers. They fall into the shoe category and they are to be worn in the house….therefore, they are houseshoes.

Three of your favorite bands/artists at the moment:
1. Everclear
2. Eve 6
3. Lit

Three of your favorite songs at present:
1. Eve 6- “Bring the Night On”
2. Everclear- “Learning How to Smile Again”
3. Greenday- “Boulevard of Broken Dreams”

Three new things you want to do in the next 12 months:
1. Get a job during summer.
2. Move into the apartments on campus.
3. Oh yeah, get accepted into pharmacy school…..almost forgot about that. Hopefully at ISU too.

Three things you want in a relationship:
1. Honesty
2. Humor, but serious when it needs to be
3. To be cared for....two-way relationship....etc.

Two truths and a lie (you figure out which is which and take a guess in the comments section):
1. I have been in a commercial that was actually played on TV for a few years.
2. I have made a hole-in-one in golf.
3. I have had three hernias, 7 teeth pulled, a broken arm, and stitches.

Three physical things about the opposite sex that appeal to you:
1. Cool eyes….Katie’s eyes are awesome because they change color from blue to green and vice versa.
2. Athletic body….can’t be muscular and buff, but just fit in some way, shape, or form.
3. Humor and smarts… parts of their personality.

Three things you just can't do:
1. Eat fish. Ewwwww……
2. Listen to rap and enjoy it.
3. Soldering or things that are very small like that… hands shake too bad from all the medicines I’ve used all my life.

Three of your favorite hobbies:
1. Reading.
2. “The Simpsons”
3. Listening to music.

Three things you want to do really badly right now:
1. Go sledding.
2. Go to the beach and bodyboard, bodysurf, and swim in the ocean.
3. Sleep….kind of contradictory with the first two.

Three careers you're considering:
1. Pharmacy
2. Teacher
3. Professional man whore.

Three places you want to go on vacation:
1. Hawaii
2. Caribbean
3. Italy- Rome

Three kids names:
1. Renata
2. I got nothing else.
3. Tiffany-Mo….kidding.

Three things you want to do before you die:
1. Maybe write a book…..sounds kind of fun.
2. Have a wife and kids.
3. Purchase a house……in full… cash.

Four--Five--people who have to take this quiz now or die painfully:
1. I don’t care if you do or not.
2. Really wouldn’t hurt my feelings if you didn’t.
3. Seriously.
4. I’m impressed you read this long.
5. Congrats.

Current music: it was AFI earlier, now "What Not to Wear" (Katie's watching it- lol)
Current mood: ready to go sledding at night
Thursday, January 20, 2005

This is my leg a couple days after the bugs attacked me in my bed. Posted by Hello

At dinner tonight, my next door neighbor pointed out that the dining hall had grapefruit juice in a can. Well, I already had a glass of raspberry lemonade (it actually had the syrup in the machine today, it usually doesn't) so I decided to go steal a couple cans for later this evening (because I am classy like that). Big mistake. That stuff was nasty. At first, the taste was OK. Not great by any standards, but OK. But as you swallowed it, and I'm sorry to say that I did swallow some, it turned terrible. You get a strong taste of chemicals, which my friends and I came up with some possible identities for. I said 409, some said Citrus Pledge, others just chemicals. It was probably one of the worst things I have ever consumed (liquid-wise) in my life. It's right up there with Los Jarritos (a Mexican soda- it's bad- described as cranberry-flavored dirt water) or what you can imagine the taste of turpentine to be (by the smell). So anyhow, to make sure you all avoid this stuff, I have posted a picture and I fixed the Nutrition Facts in the second pic.

So I have nothing else to write about. Maybe I could mention my 281457578648 bug bites on my body. There are 2 on my neck, 5 on my right leg, and the little fucker went all out on my left leg and gave me 10 there. Ugh. I was sitting in class today, with every one just throbbing and moaning, begging to be itched until they were red and bleeding. Of course, if I touch them, I would instantaneously swell up like a balloon and then I would be even more miserable than I was before I scratched them. But now, only the big ones are causing any issues.....and they are being stubborn. I keep telling them that they're not going to get scratched and they just keep begging for it.

Sex sells. The next time you are watching TV, look for a pretty girl or guy acting seductively to sell you something (sadly enough, I've seen a girl acting sexy to try to push a community college education on me). is the most obvious example of a TV commercial trying to be over-the-top, yet subtle in the use of sex to sell itself. When you listen to the radio, listen for songs that talk about sex or anything like that (hmmm....about 95% of the music out there deals with it). Even radio commercials deal with sex sometimes. When you read a magazine, look for how many articles have to do with sex and notice that the front cover highlights each one of them. Take careful notice of the pictures and notice that all the models are very attractive and in seductive poses or have seductive captions. Check the newspaper for sex crimes and sex pills....they fill it up. The Internet.....need I start there? Spam is largly pornographic and a ton of the pop-ups are as well, some deal with penis enlargement pills, some are for dating networks. Whatever the product/service is, everyone uses sex to sell it.....and I am tired of it.

Current music: The Offspring, “Conspiracy of One“
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Tuesday, January 18, 2005
I have been thinking about getting the Lasik surgery lately, since I am tired of contacts and glasses and not being able to see clearly without any aid. I hate having to squint to see things (like the clock 2 feet from my head at night or the TV when I lay on my bed 4 feet from it). I hate not being able to tell people apart when they walk down the hall and I don't have any kind of corrective lens on. Argh. I am tired of being blind and I really want to do that Lasik stuff.

I got 4 CD's from using my gift cards from Christmas. Here are my purchases and my ratings:
Sugarcult- Palm Trees and Power Lines- Good, but maybe not as good as their original CD.
Simple Plan- Still Not Getting Any- same as above.
Bowling for Soup- A Hangover You Don't Deserve- Awesome CD. Funny and good music.
Busted- Busted- Some dirty songs, but overall, a good CD.

I haven't done much lately actually, besides homework. I made a New Year's Resolution, and so far, I have kept it. I said I would study after class whatever I learned in class earlier that day. And also, I said I would study Anatomy and Physiology more so that I would do a little better in that class and actually have a little better grasp of the class. Added to that was my professor saying that if I was looking for the easy professor, it wasn't him. Shit. So now I study A&P a lot more than I did last semester.

I saw "Spanglish" the other day, and I have to say that besides it being weird and way out of the ordinary for Adam Sandler, it was good. I knew that it wasn't going to be a comedy, so I wasn't expecting it to be extremely funny. I knew it was supposed to more serious. Anyhow, I think Adam Sandler used some of his weird love scenes from "Punch Drunk Love" in "Spanglish" because there were some awkward or weird moments in the movie. There were some funny points though, like when he screams "SHIT" before getting in his car. Haha.

By the way, just wanted everyone to know that I really like Katie. I really do. Thought it was worth mentioning just because I am looking at her right now and feeling all sappy. LOL.

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Saturday, January 15, 2005
I watched Wicker Park last night. I have to say that it was OK, especially for a chick flick. It wasn't the best movie of all time, but then again, romances and movies like that aren't my favorite anyways. Hoping to go see Spanglish tonight.....since I love Adam Sandler.....and yes, I am a 13 year old boy at heart sometimes. I can't help it. LOL.

We went sledding today at the hill behind our dorm, and like always, someone got hurt. One time a guy nearly got a concussion from trying to 'snowboard' on a beat-up old sled and another time it was a guy who landed badly on his side in the parking lot and got scraped up. This time, it was almost another concussion.

We had been trying to go off a big jump in our saucers. Well, this guy named Bret went down the hill and hit the jump going sideways in the saucer. The saucer flew away and he went flying through the air on his side, landing ultra-hard and smacking the shit out of his head. He laid there for awhile.....Katie and I went down the hill to see if he was OK. When we got there, he was moaning all weird (scary) and he was trying to roll around. He was drooling and you could see the whites of his eyes. He wouldn't stay still. Finally, he came to a little and I and another guy helped haul him up the hill to the street where I was parked. We asked him the date, he got it wrong. He said his groin is what got hit. Hmmmm.....

Anyhow, later in the truck, he said he didn't remember saying it was his groin and that he didn't remember anything except sledding and having fun, then getting in the truck. Scary for him.....missing about 20 minutes of his life. Whew....guess he'a all right now.

Anyhow, I still have another topic to cover here. I cannot stand another musical category. Wait, no, it's not music. That screaming, metal shit. Eww..... I am burning CD's from a guy in my hall right now.....he has some good punk CD's and some rock that I like, but he has a very large collection of shit metal screaming shit. You know when you type in a band in and other bands come up as what other people buy when you buy that CD? He has every CD that corresponds to every CD that you type. Type in Korn and you get a list of CD's. He has everyone of those. God. I don't understand how it's even considered music, since they just bang on drums, beat guitars, and scream. I guess you have to respect the lung capacity and the vocal cords of the screamer/singer, but still. I mean, if you can't understand the words and it has no redeeming musical value, then how is it considered music?

Current music: VH1
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