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Thursday, February 24, 2005
My interview for pharmacy school here at ISU is today. Ugh.
Monday, February 21, 2005
Katie and I went to Boise this weekend. I stayed at her house for the three days. We went to "Lemony Snicket's," which is a strange, yet definitely decent movie. Not the best of all time, but Jim Carey does seem to save the movie and give it the life it so sorely needs. So it was worth seeing, but not worth paying the normal 7 bucks (we paid 2). Since it was made by Nicklodeon, there is a kiddy feel to the movie. And the movie is different than I imagined. Jeez.....sounds like I am kinda persuading you not to see it....even though I would say for you to see it. Hopefully, this didn't change your mind. LOL.

Below is a view of the city of Boise looking down Capitol Boulevard. I am stupid. I had to ask Katie what street it was....even though you can see the Capitol Building in the distance.....with the street leading right to it.

This was taken at the Boise train depot, during an afternoon full of photography. Katie had an assignment to go take pictures of certain elements for her photography class and I tagged along with my digital camera.

This is probably one of my favorite photographs (that I have taken). There was a little creek at the Boise train depot and I stood over it and lowered the camera down to just over the water level.

This is a little statue on the second floor of a building that holds several restaurants and "The Balcony," a gay bar.

This is just a weird picture of a light bulb....close up and on negative art. I like that you can actually see the filament, as well as the wattage and other writing on the outside of the bulb.

This is the Wells Fargo building in Boise. I tried to be all artsy-fartsy with the chair there.

To finish off Katie's roll of film, we went to the rose garden in Boise. I took the next few pictures there. This is the entrance to the rose garden on negative art with the wonderfully cloudy and dreary sky behind the sign.

Sepia of a cold, dead rose. Sad.

Black and white of another dead rose. Not quite spring here yet.

This is the cute little squirrel that came to me when I chittered at it. It would stand up on its hind legs when I talked to it. I guess it was standing up in order to be addressed......or maybe he thought I was going to give him food. Eh....either was still cute.

This is a picture of the walkway into the center of the rose garden, which contains the gazebo.

This is the disco ball hanging from Katie's rearview mirror on negative art (taken by Katie). I like metal objects (and faux metal) on negative lends it more colors and makes it more interesting.

This is the side view mirror on Katie's car (taken by Katie). It looks neat, since you can see two different versions of the sky in the same picture.

This is a black and white picture of the neat clouds we saw on the way back to Pocatello today (taken by Katie).

Same picture in color (taken by Katie). I like the light that comes streaming in at the top.

In Boise, at the mall there, I bought two pairs of pants and a shirt. I needed pants because my Dockers all have frayed ends (they look like cheerleader pom-poms) and several pairs have huge holes (like the ones I chased that damn rabbit in and I fell on my ass in). My jeans are getting ratty too. So I bought a pair of Dockers and a pair of jeans.....and then I saw the shirt below. I had to get it.....since, many times will I find something will my name on it? I don't have a normal, generic name that I can find anywhere. I have a weird name (coming from my weird parents- but at least they chose Rico and not Scooter or Lorenzo- those were the other two options). Anyhow, I bought it.

I hit myself in the nuts today. Katie tossed me a big Gatorade bottle....and me being the smooth operator that I am, I caught it and swung it into my right nut. The cap of the bottle pinned it against my leg and I instantly dropped to the floor. I only writhed in pain on the floor for a minute or two, but it nearly brought tears out.

I checked when I got back today. So here are a couple of the funnier pictures I saw. Enjoy.

"No thanks....looks like you have enough crabs."

"Maybe siblings to top it all off?"

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Friday, February 18, 2005

Ah, the excellent reporting skill of liberal media. Of course Bin Laden is dead or alive, you silly reporters.

Whoever made that sign was just retarded.

Today was good up until the last few hours. I had no class, which always makes for a great day. No lectures, no labs, no a-holes asking dumb questions. Ah, paradise is grand. Katie and I went to dinner at Butterburr's, which is a pretty good restaurant. I got some Italian sandwich. Between that sandwich, Starbursts, and Skittles, I felt pretty sick this evening. I ended up puking my guts up. Ugh. And once my guts were empty, my stomach attempted to exit my body through my mouth. Shit.

But before I puked my boots up, we went to the pet store in town and played with a couple kittens. They were so tiny that you could palm them. Ha. And the one loved to lick Katie. The other one just liked to perch on my shoulder and meow. Dumb cat.

If I am not sick, I will be going to Boise this weekend with Katie. So hopefully, I won't puke anymore.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2005
Well, I don't have any exciting news (like Alex's plasma TV) and I don't have anything new going on in my life. So I don't really know why I am updating, to be truly honest with you.

Today was my second unlonely Valentine's Day ever. Weird..... I always hated V-Day (I aligned it with D-Day, yes) when I was in high school, primarily because I was bitter, cynical, disappointed, and most importantly, lonely. Yes, that's right. I desired a girl, any girl that wanted to pay me attention and see more in me than the average girl saw. I am glad Katie decided to give me a chance so that my V-Day's are now Valentine's. I no longer dread them, they dont' have any negative stigmata surrounding them like some damn evil cloud of foreboding and impending loneliness.

I didn't do anything today besides class, really. Ugh. Damn chemistry lab was a pain in the buttocks. It took forever and was utterly fucking pointless. We always have to finish up the prior week's lab and then start a new one, leaving part of it for the next week. I hate that. I am not one of those kid of people that can work that way.....when I start something, I like to finish it. I hate having stuff hang over my head.

Speaking of stuff looming up int he near future, I have my ISU pharmacy interview on the 24th of February. It's an all-day ordeal of essay writing, interviewing, etc. Sounds like a nerve-wracking, shit-filled, miserable-ass long-ass day.

I found some funny pictures on the Internet. Well, actually, the first three are from my calendar on my desk. Enjoy. I have a couple favorites: the newspaper article and the one of the chihuahua under the fat lady.

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Sunday, February 13, 2005
I forgot to mention this earlier. I got my A&P test back on Friday. I studied my ass off for this test by doing a ton of homework (studying, reading, making notes) and I felt that I was really ready for this test. However, I got a rude awakening on the second half of the test. Whew. I didn't know anything on the second half. I think my brain got up and walked up after taking the first half of the test. Seriously.

Anyhow, as it turns out, I got an 82% on the test and my genius friend, Chris-Chris, got an 84%. The high score was 91%, yet my teacher refuses to curve the test. Jesus H. frigging Christ. The average was 61%.....ugh. The low was 19%. Ha! I can't understand how someone can get below 25%, since it was multiple-guess-and-stab.

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Saturday, February 12, 2005

We just went and watched a sneak peek of "Constantine." A very weird movie, yet definitely interesting and intriguing. I wish I knew more about religion....and Catholicism specifically. Now don't get scared.....I am not wanting to convert or even read the Bible. I just want to be able to understand more of the movie. Anyhow, I thought it was a pretty good movie (entertaining at the very least) and there are traces of "The Matrix" and "The Exorcist" in it. There is a dark air about the movie it's probably not the most uplifting movie you will see.

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Enjoy the pic.....I know I did.....and Alex Smith- you need to know that Jesus watches you....every time.

Due to scheduling stuff, we decided to do our Valentine's Day stuff early, meaning last night. So here's what happened last night.....

A couple friends and I cooked dinner (salad, marinated red cabbage, cheese/garlic bread, and lasagna) and the girls (the girlfriends of the three guys involved in cooking) made dessert. It was all pretty good food, especially considering I was involved in it. LOL. Anyhow, the dessert was good too. It was pretty fun.

After dinner, we played cards, killing time until "Hitch." I have to say that "Hitch" was one of the better romantic comedies I have seen and definitely one of the better movies I've seen lately. I like the white guy dance moves and the awkward moments that continually occur.

Katie and I exchanged gifts too (well, I gave hers to her a few days ago, but I'm a dork like that). I got her a little digital camera.

She got me the stuff below. Awww....... I like roses, what can I say? And I suppose the hat is making a statement about me....... :(

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Thursday, February 10, 2005

I just felt like putting some random cute picture up.

Yesterday, I had my A&P lab in the afternoon. Well, this was an interesting one to say the least. We are dealing with the heart and circulation right now.

We took a frog and chopped its head clean off. Ouchie. Once we had it back at our table, the little thing's legs were still twitching since the neurons were firing randomly. We had to cut it open with an "I" incision on its chest so that we could have access to its heart. Well, once we made the incision, we found out that it was a female frog. It had eggs. And millions of them. Sad.

We couldn't find the heart at first, but we finally saw it beating. Yes, that's right. Even if you decapitate a frog, its heart will still beat (actually, if it is kept moist, it will beat for two more years). Anyhow, we had to put a hook in it and string it up to this machine to measure the force of contraction. So we did that, and we poured stuff all over it (like epinephrine and acetylcholine).

To finish up the experiment, our instructor wanted us to disconnect the heart from the rest of the body. So we cut the blood vessels and connective tissue and pulled the heart out of the chest cavity. We flopped it onto the dissecting tray.....and it continued to beat. By itself. Weird. It was still going strong when we left class.

Anyhow, just thought that was something nice for you to think about today. Enjoy.

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