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Monday, March 28, 2005
The last few days have been great. Anyone want to take a guess why? It might just have to do with pharmacy school…..

I got accepted at ISU! Woohoo! I opened that letter on Saturday and we went out to eat to celebrate. So I will be one of ten out-of-state students next semester. YAYAYAY! I seriously cannot believe that I got in, since I am out of state and there is prejudice against the out-of-staters. My friend, the smartest guy alive in all science classes, also got in, but he was virtually assured because he is in state and a genius.

I opened a letter today from UCSF, and I got accepted there too. That’s kinda strange, considering that I didn’t exactly “wow” the interviewers and I don’t have a BS or a BA. I was the only one there that day that had no degree. But I got accepted….and I had to turn them down.

So yes, there’s my decision. Remember all my worrying and bitching and moaning? Remember me getting all concerned about whether I’d be in pharmacy or ending up going into teaching? Well, it was all for naught. I got accepted in both places and will be attending ISU still. YAYAYAY!

I am very happy now, since I have a plan for the next four years of my life. It’s such a relief to know that I don’t have to worry about applying anymore, or even trying to get A’s. I just have to keep a certain GPA and I’ll be fine.

So the weather here lately has been suffering from ADD. I swear, every time I come out of a building, there is something new in the sky. Today, I saw hail, rain, dark clouds, light clouds, even patches of blue sky, we had strong winds, and the day ended with an awesome sunset.

I have become a fatass. I love food way too much. It’s probably not healthy. Oh well. It’s so yummy…..

I took another Econ test this morning. It was ultra easy and I hope I am not assuming that I did too well. I hate when I think I tore a test a new one to find out I got a C. Ugh.

Current music: TV and earlier- Riddlin’ Kids: Hurry Up and Wait, Stop the World
Current mood: full of Jamba Juice

And now, I leave you with some random pictures. The one directly below is obviously that of the sunset this evening. The others are just funny/cute. Click on the bottom one and read closely for the full effect.


worried kitty

wet cat

iron my shirt
Thursday, March 24, 2005
It snowed here last night. WTF? I thought it was spring…. Anyhow, now it is cold today and there is 1/10 inch of snow on the ground.

Yesterday in A&P lab, I witnessed one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen. I can deal OK with the cadavers now, and I can deal with pig fetuses and such. But yesterday….well….we received a set of lungs, a heart, and a windpipe from a full grown pig….and the organs were all still connected and warm. Ewww…… Anyhow, we stuck a tube down the windpipe and inflated the lungs using a pump. It was neat to feel how hard the lungs were after being filled in comparison to the relative softness before (they almost feel fatty). We let the air out of the lungs. We cut into the windpipe right as it entered the lungs. Then we stuck the air tube up the windpipe and played with the vocal cords. The windpipe actually grunted like a pig. Oh, it was disgusting as hell to hear the inanimate windpipe create sound by simply tugging on the vocal folds.

My computer is having virus and spy ware problems again. I have removed about 4200 things of spyware in the last few days. Damnit.

I could not get out of bed this morning. It was too warm and cozy for me to leave it. I still want to go right back to it.

Current music: Hawk Nelson: "Letters to the President"
Current mood: wanting to go back to bed
Sunday, March 20, 2005
OK, so yesterday was a total fucking disaster.

On the way to the airport, my dad and stopped in at Golfsmith because we're dorks like that. We went to see what the wedge I won was worth and found out that it retailed for $100. So that's good. :)

We went to the airport and for some reason, the security at the airport had the cheap lot blocked off. They were trying to funnel us into the $15 a day lot, where you'd pay $15 even if you were there for 12 seconds. Ugh. So we made a lap around the airport and came back. My dad dropped me off at the curb and went on his merry way back home. I went into the airport.

Holy shit. I have never in my life seen Ontario airport that busy. The lines were almost out the door for each airline. I waited for an eternity or two in line to get my tickets. I only had an hour to get to my flight when we got to airport and now I had less.

So then I had to go check my luggage. I waited in a line that stretched from one end of the airport to the other. Seriously. I had to check a suitcase and a golf club carrier.

So after waiting in that line for another eternity, I had to wait in another line to check my personal items and myself. People arte fucking retarded, I think. They don't understand that when the signs say "take off your shoes and screen them" that it means you have to actually take off your shoes and screen the fuckers. Hello? You are not a special case. Screen your damn shoes, moron.

Anyhow, I finally got through there.....with about 10 minutes until my flight. I ran down the terminal and got to my gate just as they were closing it. Whew. I ended up in the very last seat on the plane in the very back. My window was obscured by the engine. Ugh.

So I made it to Salt Lake City OK. Once there, I have 40 minutes to get to my next flight.....which is on the opposite side of the airport from where the Ontario flight landed. I ran over to the next find it CANCELLED. WTF? I went and asked the lady what the hell the problem was. She said "There was scheduled maintenance on the aircraft." OK, WHAT THE FUCK? WHY DID SKY WEST SCEDHULE A FLIGHT THE SAME TIME AS THEY SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE? I was so pissed off by now, if you can't tell.

I very asked her what the fuck I was supposed to do. She said I could stand-by for the flight at 8:40 PM or I could stay the night. I asked how many stand-bys were already on the list and she said 25. FUCK. I'd never make it. So I said I'd stay the night......and thus began the long ordeal of hassles.

I had to go to another ticket counter and they printed me out a plane ticket for Sunday, a hotel voucher for $40, and food vouchers. I then had to go to baggage to pick up my luggage. It never came, it never came, it never came. Jesus Christ. I went to Baggage Services and asked what was up. Apparently, they were going to special deliver my luggage. Well, as it turns out, they fucked up and lost track of my suitcase, but were able to give me my golf clubs. I was seeing red by now. I seriously wanted to kill some of these Delta/ SkyWest motherfuckers.

The guy working at the baggage claim must have noticed I was a tad angry, so he looked something up for me. He told me there was a shuttle leaving in 1 hour to Pocatello. It cost $40 if I wanted to do it. Hell yes, I said. He made the reservation for me and then I informed him I wasn't paying. He seemed shocked.

"Now honestly, tell me. What is the difference if SkyWest pays $40 for me to stay the night in a Holiday Inn here in Salt Lake City or if SkyWest pays $40 for me to get where I am supposed to be tonight? SkyWest is out $40 either way." I asked him.

"Oh, uh.....ummm......ok....." the guy didn't expect that, I guess. So long story short, SkyWEst paid for me to get to Pocatello. I had to ride in a van with 5 little kids screaming and whining the entire time. Ugh. I had the worst headache in the world when I finally got to my truck at the Pocatello airport, but at least I made it there. What a shit-filled day.

So now I am in Pocatello, a day earlier than all the other people that were on my flight. But I don't have my suitcase, so the airport is supposed to be calling me soon.

Anyhow, that's my tell of woe and misery. The lesson? Tell the airlines that you are dissatisfied with their second-rate service and that they are treating their customers poorly. Tell them that you expect better and will look into other companies. It's surprising what that can get you.

Current mood: fine and dandy, like sour candy
Current music: humming of the 9 computers in the computer lab
Friday, March 18, 2005
My dad and I played golf yesterday at Tijeras Creek in Orange County. It was a pretty fancy course, the usual green fee is $85 or so. We paid $55 each and played in a tournament dealie. Well, as luck would have it, they had a closest to the pin thing and a long drive competition. I come to the long drive hole and promptly fuck that teeshot up, but then the drive on the next hole goes 315 yards. Bah, that would have won. But....I did manage to stick it to 10 feet on the par 3, winning the closest to the pin contest. So I got a new Callaway wedge, which you can see by following the link below:
I've decided that I am going to sell the wedge, since no one in my family (including myself) can use it. It's kind of a shame, since it's such a nice club. But hey, I'd like to make some money. So....eBay, here comes a sandwedge....
We got caught in some crappy traffic on the way home, so it took forever to come home. Ugh. I hate Orange County traffic. I think that should be a new episode of the OC, one where they deal with the real OC, one that deals with the poor side of town and traffic. That would make me feel better.....not that I'd watch of course........
We played golf again today, this time at Eagle Crest in Escondido. I started out on fire, birdieing two of the first three holes. But then, in classic Rico fashion, I bogeyed a craphole of holes on the backside and ended up shooting 35-40= 75. Bah. Oh well. At least I did play well for 12 holes or so.
So supposedly I fly out of Ontario tomorrow at 1:35 PM. I fly into Salt Lake and then get into Pocatello at night sometime. I'll probably get stuck in Salt Lake for 12 hours or something awesome like that. Sigh......
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Wednesday, March 16, 2005
Well, this has been a great day so far. Seriously.

I got a haircut and I think it looks fine. But the best part is not how it looks, but the fact that my head doesn't sweat from simply going up a flight of stairs now. Wow.... But no, in case you're wondering, it's not my summer buzz cut. I do still have hair.

Also, I got to tan today. I laid in the sun for a couple hours, so hopefully white little Rico won't be so white. Maybe....but then again, I'm go golfing twice before I leave for Idaho, so that will probably be negated by the golf tan. Argh.

I am going to go hit golf balls later and find out how much I suck at golf. LOL. Since I haven't played the entirety of winter (cept for a few times at Christmas), I'm sure I will suck royal ass. Oh well.

I talked to Katie today on the phone.....that always brightens my day. Yay! :)

And the thing that made my day the greatest of all? Well, well, well. I don't mean to boast, but I have to say that REV used to have a good golf team. We went to Southern Section CIF twice when I was there, which is farther than any other sports team at REV went. But our coach, who shall remain nameless (*cough-Umeck-*cough), never really realized what he had. I truly hope he knows how fucked he is now. REV shot 253 (we rarely shot above 200 as a team) the other day against Redlands (and the low was a 48 for REV), losing to Redlands for the first time ever. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! FUCK YOU COACH! You never knew how good we were and never even really cared. You just wanted to make the country clubbers happy. But now, you can't win shit (1-7 record) and you suck. Have a nice day, asshole.

So, yes, I am happy that REV sucks now that I am gone. Now that Marty, Alex, Edward, and I are gone. Those were the days of are the days of losing. Haha. Can you tell I dislike REV?

Current music: Fleetwood Mac- Greatest Hits
Current mood: good- eating Panda Bowl- beef broccoli- yummy
Tuesday, March 15, 2005 is a difficult game. I can't get damn Daffy Duck to land on the target more than 4/10 times. Argh.

Anyhow, I know I haven't updated in awhile, but I have been sick and haven't had anything to update about. The suggestion came in that I update about me being a "crap-butt," but I don't know if this is referring to my poor hygiene habits or if this is merely a statement of this person's opinion of me. Either way, I'm updating to inform you all that I am a "crap-butt."

Ah yes, it's nice to be back in Redlands, back on Merced Street, so that my windows can rattle from shit rock once again! The crappy band across the street from me is destroying their instruments again, I think. At least that's how they sound. They are probably playing them, but destroying sounds more accurate.

So all I have been doing so far on spring break is homework. I took a day off from homework today to mess around. I ended up doing some chores and not a helluva lot else. Fun.....I mean....boring day.

I joined the facebook thing. I know you don't care since you already know why did I bother typing it to you here? I don't know either...

Anyhow, you're bored now.

Current music: it seems the shit rock died for a matchbox twenty: yourself or someone like you
Current mood: coughing my head off from my damn cold
Wednesday, March 09, 2005
Well, it's been forever and a fricking day since I updated this bad boy. I am sorry for the lack of updates, but homework has basically been consuming my life and time. So I suppose it's at least been productive time. It's not like I was wasted off my ass or stoned beyond any imagination.

Anyhow, I guess I will give some closure on some things, give my plans for spring break, and a short rant.

I went to pharmacy interview for ISU and I think it actually went really well. Especially the faculty part. And I would imagine that the faculty part was the primary decision-making interview. So yay for that! I think I did a mediocre job on the student part and the writing part, but I do know that my essay was at least coherent, especially in comparison to some other people's. There was a total shithead in my discussion group, but he got shut up quick when he fucked up in the case study discussion. We had to talk about what we would do if we were a pharmacist in a small town and noticed that a long-time elderly male patient was coming in with bruises and injured limbs. Well.....dumbfuck suggested we should ask if he was being abused by a family member (ask around town, that is). Haha....before I could jump on that, a older guy (who I think is a pretty good guy) said that the method suggested not only violates confidentiality, but it wrong to assume abuse as a first diagnosis anyways. HAHAHA. That prick shut up for the rest of the session.

I was sick on Friday. I woke up and immediately had to release the contents of my butt. Ugh. Just once of that nastiness.....then I puked........7 damn times. 7. Holy shit. I have not puked that much since Taco Bell almost killed me in high school. That was when I looked like Skeletor or an emaciated war orphan from Afghanistan and I had lost 15 pounds. Anyhow, I just laid around all that day and didn't do much. I watched Team America: World Police that night. If you like South Park and liked South Park the Movie, then you might like that one. It's pretty wrong, not to mention vulgar and utterly disgusting......but that's the charm of those not-so-subtle creators of South Park.

I also watched Phantom of the Opera. I thought it was pretty good, but Katie probably thinks I am just saying that and that I was bored during it. But it's the truth. If you're looking for a musical, it's a goodie.

I have updated the nosebleed counter to the right. Whew. Been busy staunching the blood flow lately. Going to have to have this thing cauterized during spring break.

And speaking of spring break, I am looking forward to that....even though no one from California schools will be around and I will be all by my lonesome in Redlands. So my plans for spring break are sleep, physics, sleep, golf, sleep, beach, and sleep. Maybe some more sleep too. And maybe taking some pictures, but I have pretty much exhausted everything in SoCal. Sigh.

Short rant before bed:

I WANT NORMAL ORANGE JUICE! Have you gone to your local, wonderful Wal-Mart lately? Have you noticed the 8273489275784 different kinds of orange juice? There is country style, pulp free, medium pulp, heavy pulp, calcium enriched, calcium and vitamin D enriched, grapefruit and orange juice.....and every combination of the above. Jesus fricking Christ......I just want the label to say orange juice. I drink orange juice.....and I hate having to read the labels of 55 different cartons to find one that I want. When did we have to go and fuck up perfectly good OJ by making it fancy? By giving it different names so that your typical Wal-Mart shopper (being me) can't figure it out? Anyhow, I hope to see a carton with "NORMAL ORANGE JUICE" on it next time I go to Wal-Mart.

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Saturday, March 05, 2005
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