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Friday, June 24, 2005
So nothing is ever new in my life anymore and I feel that if I update this blog, then I am boring you beyond belief with crap that you neither want to read about or hear about, but anyways......I digress.

A couple weeks ago at some press conference in Europe, delegates from Russia, France, and a few other European countries were complaining to the US delegate about having to use English as the international language of politics. They naturally wanted their own language to be the one they conversed in and it makes sense, but the US delegate brought up a good point.....without the US, they'd all be speaking German instead of English. Haha...I thought that was mildly amusing anways.

Been playing some golf recently, not well though. I played in Palm Springs today with my dad and a couple co-workers. I got a good score of 75 today, but I might have hit a grand fucking total of 3 good shots. It was miserable. Ugh. So goddamn frustrating to play an entire day and not have many good shots.

I don't know where the time goes during my days. I get up and eat breakfast and do phone books and then do menial chores and go swimming. Somehow, I end up laying in bed with a longer list of fucking chores left than what I started with. I don't get it. I don't understand where my life goes during these days. It's weird.

Ah well, I guess I should wrap this bitch up since I am currently using Felix's computer to type it.

Current mood: tired from shitty golf
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Thursday, June 16, 2005
I am taking a break from doing phone books for Alex's folks, taking a break from turning my hands black and my brain to absolute worthless mush, to write an overdue entry. Not that my brain ever really wasn't mush anyways, but it's more so after about 4 or 5 hours of that stuff. Easy work, but I just wish I had a helper monkey (like Mojo in the Simpsons) to do it for me.

Well, I have realized that nearly a month of freedom has elapsed. That's kind of sad in a way. The way being that school starts again in two months and that I only get to see friends for about a period of 2 months because of Idaho's early scheduling. But I suppose you can look at it from another angle- the angle that the closer to the end of summer, the closer I get to the beach vacation and seeing Katie. I miss her a ton (more on that later).

I am utterly exhausted to the bone right now. It was pointed out to me that I go to bed early during the summer. Well, my folks go to bed at like 9:00 PM, so I suppose their sleeping habits influence mine to some degree. They get up early and I wake up since my mom decides to bang fucking pots and pans at 5:00 AM. I have always had a problem of falling back asleep when I wake up early. Yet if I sleep in, I can always go right back to sleep. It's weird as hell. So I end up being awake at like 5:30 AM every morning (and I've tried to shut my door, but I can still hear them). And if they don't wake me up, my cat decides my head is a launch ramp to get to my window. Damn cat. LOL. And another reason I go to bed early is that I either play golf, do manual labor, or work at the pharmacy and end up running about 6 miles.

So these earthquakes are weird. I was in Palm Springs for the one on Sunday. It was a 5 pint something centered out there somewhere. I was playing golf and my uncle had teed a ball up, only to have the earthquake knock it off the tee. Funny stuff. And then the one today was bigger (I thought so anyhow), and it was centered in Yucaipa. I have always heard that animals feel earthquakes first, and now, after witnessing dumbass Charlene, I believe it. A few minutes before the one today, she and I were playing in the backyard. I was pulling a string for her. Anyhow, she stopped playing and got all weird. Then she pounced onto my legs, bit my ankles hard, drawing blood, and then jumped up my back. I was thoroughly fucking weirded out by my cat. I was a tad bit scared too, since I had never seen her act like this. Then she calmed down and played normal. So then I heard the earthquake coming, like a low rumbling sound, maybe like a far-off freight train. I knew what it was....only one thing makes that sound. The ground started moving slowly at first.....then it got violent for a few seconds. Well, let's just say that Charlene was not happy with the circumstances. She blew a fuse. She bolted for the house, ripping her leash and harness off, her tail blown up like a baseball bat. I chased after her, to try to pet her and calm her down. She was hiding under my bed and just hissed and spat at me. It was freaky. LOL. She finally calmed down and came downstairs to see me.

So now, here I sit, typing to you all. Boring entry, I know. But you see, my life is boring too.

I told you I'd get to this and I didn't lie. I do miss Katie. I've been looking through pictures lately, CD's upon CD's of pictures. I was trying to find some to send her so she could change her facebook thing and let's just say that each picture made me miss her more and more. Each sweet smile upon her cute face, each funny picture that made my heart smile, each picture that told a story. I miss her so much, each and every day. I love you, babe. Please let this last month and half before I see you go fast. I want to enjoy my time off, but I want to see you more.

Current mood: yearning
Current music: Unwritten Law- "Elva" (4/5 stars from me- but who the hell am I?)
Wednesday, June 08, 2005
I am applying for a pharmacy intern license in California and in Idaho. So by the end of summer, I will actually be able and be allowed to fill prescriptions for you. Ha! Scary, no?

Speaking of pharmacy stuff, I was volunteering in the LLUMC Hospital pharmacy yesterday when one of the saddest things I have ever seen happened. I was working on the fifth floor for the first time. The fifth floor is the pediatric and newborn floor. This is where all the kids with cancer and all the drug babies (and normal ones too) are. But the kids with cancer aren't what made me depressed yesterday. I was constantly having to deliver medicine to one unit, one patient on the fifth floor. For confidentiality reasons, we'll call the patient simply "Baby Boy." Anyhow, I had to make many trips for this same reason. I don't mind making the trips- it's my job. In reality, you're supposed to only look at the room number (and unit number), but you always end up seeing the medication and the patient's name too.

Well, I must have delivered about 10-15 things for "Baby Boy." Then things seemed to calm down. Now, as a pharmacy courier, it's also my job to pick up orders (prescriptions) for my medicine from the units and transport them back to the pharmacy for filling. Also, I have to pick up unused medications and rejects. Now, nurses usually reject medications because they are too old (and mark the medicines as expired or exp'd) or because the patient is moved to another unit (mv'd) or because the patient goes home (discharged) or because the doctor discontinued it (disc.). I picked up some "return to pharmacy" medications in the unit of "Baby Boy" and the label read DC'D.

If you say each letter, one at time, you can get it. D-C-eD. Deceased. Sad. "Baby Boy" couldn't make it, even at the hands of the staff at one of the best hospitals in the world. :'(

So my day yesterday was left with this ugly cloud of death hanging over it. I was kind of depressed all day, just kept thinking about that poor little baby. The mother probably was a druggie, never gave the kid a chance at life. "Baby Boy" was probably born premature too.

And so this brings me to this point. I can see the collapse of human civilization. Seriously. To reassure yourself that I am not psychotic, drive through San Bernardino. Drive through Rialto. Drive in heavy traffic. Watch people. It's not just mere road rage, it's become a way of life. No one waits for you, no one cares about anyone anymore. I swear, people have become so self-absorbed and so hateful to everyone else that I can seriously see mankind collapsing. I don't understand how it's gotten this bad, but it has. I have seen so many cops lately that I drive slowly everywhere now. Mind you, this is actually a good thing. The police are needed to keep the violence, the thievery, and the other crimes down. But I can also take this as another sign of society's downfall. That we need so many cops is sad and disturbing at the same time.

*Note- I wrote this yesterday after volunteering, just changed the words slightly today to make it sound like I wrote it today. My computer would not let me publish yesterday for some reason. So don't take too much too seriously, except for the "Baby Boy" parts. As far as the parts about society's downfall go, don't read too much into it. I was really affected by "Baby Boy" (even though I didn't ever even see the kid) and I was just still depressed from that when I wrote all this.*

Current mood: (from yesterday) disappointed in humanity
Current music: Staind- 14 Shades of Grey
Sunday, June 05, 2005
Well, my uncle Kenny is calling it quits this year. He has 17 more days of students and then he is officially retired. He had a surprise party planned for him at a restaurant in San Bernardino today. It was hilarious to see him come in and be totally in shock and fear of the large crowd of people gathered there for his surprise party. Anyhow, he's worked at an elementary school in San Bernardino for 35 years. He told a bunch of funny stories and other people got up and told stories. It was fun for awhile, then it started to get a little tedious near the end. Dragging, if you will. Anyhow, one fo the funnier stories (that I can remember) is Kenny telling one about his dad (who was a milkman- but also ran a bookie business under the table) and his mom. They went to the racetrack the day before he was born. Ha. And he was named after a racehorse they saw that day. HAHAHA! I never knew that. Another good one was when my mom asked who a certain lady there was. She asked if the lady worked in LH, LS, LA, ESL (these are all teacher acronyms- don't ask what they mean- I have not the slightest clue). My uncle responded by saying the lady was DDS- doesn't do shit.

I played golf yesterday with Billy Harps. Err.....Will, I mean. I always just knew him as's funny to see people now that you knew way back when. It was fun and I actually played decently, so I wasn't upset about my game anyways.

I got Charlene some more toys, so I think I am going to go play with her. Maybe at least try to keep her awake so that she doesn't pounce on my head at 3:00 AM. LOL.

Current mood: hot- not hot/sexy, but hot/sweaty
Current music: Acceptance: "Phantoms" (I heard a song by them on the radio and decided to get their CD- it's pretty good)
Wednesday, June 01, 2005
You know how people say your life flashes before your eyes before you die? I don't know if that's true or not. At least it wasn't for me. Keep reading.....

I had to take Charlene to the vet's today for a little check-up on our cute, furry little friend. She really hates the cage now and she was crying the whole time she was in it. Katie can attest to that. She heard the cat over the phone. LOL. Anyhow, I get to the vet and they are in a panic there. The place is deserted, but I can hear shouting and such in back. A nurse comes out and asks if it's an emergency. I say no, so then she says "we can't take her in now, we're in surgery and short one vet." Damn. So I decided to leave poor Charlene there for them to get to her when they had a chance. They said they'd call me when she'd been examined. I left her there, the poor cat. I felt bad, since she'd been caged for so long in her life already and I didn't want her to be caged anymore, but I didn't want to drive home only to bring her back in a few hours.

I drove to the bank.....only to find out that I had forgotten the money orders I needed to cash at home. SHIT! I just went to the post office (where I waited half a fucking hour) and cut my errands short to swing by home to pick up the money orders and to pick up some lunch.

Then I went back to the bank and cashed my money orders, but that was an ordeal as well. Apparently, one of the money orders was not a normal one, so they had to call the money order agency and to make a long story short, I was there forever and a fucking day for a grand total of $40.82. Sheezus.

I hadn't gotten a call about my kitty yet, so I decided to go get fingerprinted at the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Office in San Bernardino. Well, being the clever mo-fo I am, I decided to hop on the freeway for a few miles to get off at Waterman Avenue. I never made it there.

As I was driving along about a mile short of the Waterman Avenue exit, I swear time slowed down. I saw a big Buick car start to move from the middle lane into the right lane. But there was a problem: A GMC Jimmy SUV was already there. The Buick kissed the driver side of the Jimmy and the Jimmy overreacted, swerving to the right, away from the Buic k. Now, mind you, this is in heavy lunch traffic, but we are still going 65 mph. No room for error, you know?

The Jimmy went into the shoulder and the Buick went back into the middle lane. Cars around it started swerving and manuervering around the Buick. Chaos happened right there, on the I-10 West under an overpassing street. The Jimmy hit the guardrail and jumped it, rolling once up the embankment to the overpassing street, then careened down the embankment back to the freeway. Dirt was flying, sparks were showering the car, you could hear metal grinding on the concrete. Somehow, the driver managed to stop the car.....balanced on top of the guardrail.

OH SHIT! I have never seen anything like this in my life. I've seen accidents, but nothing like this. I thought for sure the people in the Jimmy were dead. Surely they had to be, rolling at 65 mph and up a concrete embankment.

I managed to avoid all the other diving and swerving cars and pulled to the side of the freeway, threw on my emergency lights, and ran to the rolled Jimmy. I got there, the car was smoking, the windows on the driver's side were totally busted out, a kid was screaming bloody murder, the front windshield was spider-webbed everywhere, the entire car was dented (basically totalled), you could see the support beams in the doors (hey, at least those DO work), the car was fucking obliterated from the accident. I was afraid to look in, but as I got closer, I could see three people in it.

Two women (a mother and her daughter) and a 2 year old boy (son of the daughter) were in the car. The boy was screaming, the daughter was crying and the mother was relatively calm. I asked them if they were OK, if they needed paramedics. They said they were fine, just scared and shaked up (literally- I added the "literally" part). Another guy called for an ambulance just in case there was anybody that might go into shock or anything weird. By the way, other people had gotten out of their cars and were helping by now. The doors were wedged shut from one could wrench them open. The people were stuck.

The people all were miraculously unharmed after rolling at 65 mph. It was amazing. They were all coherent as well. The firetruck came and the firemen cut the doors off the Jimmy, freeing the people inside. I had to stay and give a witness's report to the CHP. They just wanted as much infomation as possible (what I saw, what speed I was going, what cars were where). I guess the old lady (oh yeah, found out that the Buick was driven by an old lady) didn't see her and wanted to get off at the next exit, so she just tried to merge into the right lane.....and by doing so, she forced the Jimmy off the road. She nearly caused a major pile-up, chain-reaction accident/clusterfuck on the I-10.

Once I was done talking to the police, I still needed to go get fingerprinted. Ha. Seems trivial compared to what had just happened, but it was part of my day nonetheless. So I went and did that.....I had to wait 2 fucking hours to get fingerprinted, which is a process that takes 5 minutes. Jesus Christ.

But now, I replay the scene of right as the Jimmy crashed and my actions. I acted instinctly and swerved around several cars, braking and cranking the wheel as I needed to manuever my truck to safety. I was a fucking awesome driver for that brief second. I think I pretty narrowly escaped crashing myself. And to conclude the opening statement- my life did not flash before my eyes. My death did. I saw my truck nailing the back of the car in front of me and me getting crushed against my steering wheel. *Shudder*

And I also had to go to LLUMC for my TB annual shot. That was fun. Not. The lady left the needle in arm was throbbing from the damn needle by the time she reomved it. And then I went and picked Charlene up, who was damn glad to see me again. Yay!

Current mood: fine after a long day, I suppose
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