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Friday, July 29, 2005
I watched 12 hours of tennis live, in person yesterday at UCLA. I had free tickets from my cousin, who helps run the tournament. Anyhow, I watched about 7-8 matches. Whew. My ass is still sore from those aluminum benches they have for you to sit on. I swear, by the end of the morning session of matches, those benches had grown shark teeth and were munching on my ass. And by the end of the night, my ass was just begging for mercy. LOL. My ass actually is still somewhat tender today too. Jeez.....

Anyhow, I am getting ready to go pick Katie up at the airport. I probably won't blog now for at least a week, since I am going to be camping at the beach for this coming week. Anyhow, try to make it through this tough week without my cynicism, sarcasm, and pessimism and such.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2005
666 and Alex's Winkie

Greg and I went to Alex's place last night to play Super Monkey Ball Beluxe Golf. Haha. God, it's great to play games made for 6 year olds. And we still sucked at it. It's sad when you can play real golf and get better scores than you can on a video game. Ah well.

Admist all the fun and cussing of Monkey Ball Golf, I tried to pull Alex's shorts down (thus pantsing him- sp?). Well, I got a little bit on one side. So he tried ot return the favor, but my shorts were held on by a tight belt. Jen then snuck up behind him and ripped his shorts and boxers to the floor. Alex was standing there naked from the waist down, with just a wife-beater on, which he used to cover Mr. One Eyed Peter. Thank God he did that, or else I would have to have seen his winkie for more than a split second. *Shudders*

I was listening to the radio yesterday sometime during my travels and I heard a disturbing promotion for a party in Temecula. It was a radio station hosted party at a dance club, and there were two main events. One was a bikini contest for $500, but the other was a drawing for women only. The winner got a boob job. WTF?! Who gives that kind of thing away as a prize? I have never heard of such an outlandish and retarded prize.

Katie will be here in less than 72 hours! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!

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Sunday, July 24, 2005

I am so tired right now. I went to Moonlight Beach yesterday. It was windy and hot for most of the day. The wind so intense enough to create choppy, sideways waves, but every once in awhile, there was a nice 3 or 4 footer that rolled in straight and had nice form. And of course, as I left the beach, there were 10 nice big green waves that rolled in perfectly.

I got home at 8:20 PM or so and then went to bed at about 9:20. I slept, without moving a muscle, until 7:30 this morning. After stumbling into the bathroom, I realized that my body had sleep lines everywhere. Stripes up and down my torso, weird lines on my cheek, my hair matted badly, one line down my right leg. Whew. I was out cold last night. But then this morning, my uncle, my dad, and I went to PGA to hit golf balls. So now I am uber tired. I wish I was able to wake up from naps well. Every time I take a nap and I really conk out, I wake up more tired than when I feel asleep.

Alex and I tried to take pictures using his Casio Exilim digital camera and underwater housing, but we didn't really even bother to check them out yesterday. It was pretty difficult (damn near impossible) to tell what was in the picture and was utterly impossible to get much in some pics because of the waves. The person taking the picture just got creamed repeatedly while the other person got to ride the wave like normal. LOL.

So yeah. I am going to be hanging around here today until Alex calls to go hit golf balls at Highland to try out my clubs.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2005
Post 664

I pissed in a cup today. And I barely could muster up the minimum. I was sweating my ass off trying to find the place I was supposed to be tested at, so I guess I had nothing left to piss out (since I sweat everything out). It was hard to get up to that line. And if you're wondering, this was my drug test for Long's. You might be reading the blog of a proud Long's intern.

Nothing really new occurs in my life ever anymore, so here's some random shit for you to read:

I was listening to the radio today (KCAL 96.7) and I heard a kind of funny thing. One of the DJ's was saying he has the cure for anyone who suffers from low self esteem. You simply go to Wal-Mart on about the 16th of the month (after the welfare checks are mailed) and make fun of the ghetto folks in there. And then you don't feel so bad about yourself.

My mom has shingles....for the second time. I didn't know that was possible, since it's the same virus that gives you chicken pox. Once you have chicken pox, you are a carrier of the virus forever and it can erupt at a time of severe stress as an infection of the nerves in your body. And supposedly, this can only happen once, just like chicken pox. Anyhow, she has it down the entire right side of her body, following the nerves down to her feet. And now she has it in her eye. And today, to top all of this magnificent medical condition she's in, she got two possible skin cancers biospied. Jesus. I feel bad for her.

So I am damn sick and tired of the news channels now. They all come on every day anymore, talking about the suffocating heat and they have some guy standing beside a thermometer somewhere for their "SPECIAL BREAKING NEWS" report. OK, let me point a few things out. Summer comes once a year, folks. We KNOW it's hot. We have thermometers.....we have a sense of temperature. Yes, thank you, we know it's hot. Then they give us tips on how to survive the heat (drink water, stay inside). WELL NO SHIT. Thank you, Captain Mother-Fucking-Obvious. I think even my little pea-brain might have figured that one out. My favorite, though, is the interviews with people on the street. They all say, "Yes, it's hot. Too hot." Then the go to the next victim. Well, no shit yet again. But what else would they say? It's not like they can explain the heat from a meterological point of view or a physical point of view (physical relating to physics) and it's like they can provide any other information other than "It's hot." Yet the reporters feel compelled to poll the pandering plethora of perplexing, pathetic people peddling around in the street every day (whew- that's a lot of "p's").

Another reason I cannot stand the news anymore- they are making a huge deal out of Bush choosing a conservative for the Supreme Court. I know, I know. It is a big deal when a new justice is appointed, since it is something of a rare circumstance. And yes, I know the retiring judge was a moderate woman. But hello? The point of being president is to leave a legacy on the country and the main way to do that is through the Supreme Court. NEARLY EVERY president who has had a chance to appoint a new justice has choosen someone from their own party. It's how things work. If the president had been a Democrat, you can bet the judge would have been liberal. So no worries, you flaming liberals. This is just how it happens. Nearly every time.

I got the Warped Tour 2005 Compilation CD's and I must say, I am sad I missed out on the Socal chance at seeing it, but DAMN, there seem to be a ton of screamy bands. I don't mind the screaming during certain points of the tracks (at the peaks of emotion or whatever), but damn, when the entire song consists of the "singer" holding the mic up to his mouth and basically creating static for 3 straight minutes with his shredded vocal cords (which of course, is accompanied by some banging on the drums and some intense guitar thrashing), it kind of loses it. Like I said, I don't mind some screaming. I like bands like The Used, Hawthorne Heights, and Matchbook Romance, and these all incorporate some mild screaming, but they base the songs on normal vocals. But when it gets to be stuff like AFI and Atreyu where the entire song is screaming, mmm....nope, not for me.

So I'm thinking that the BBQ/pool party will be July 29th, starting at 3:30 or so (for the pool part anyways). If you are reading this, you are invited. Feel free to come. No alcohol for this. Alcohol + pool = not good.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2005
I had the very strong urge to write in my journal, yet I don't know what I was going to write, or what spurred me to log into Blogger and click the "Create a New Post link." Hmmm....

Ah well, fuck it.

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I quit volunteering today. I drove out of there in a golf cart with the boss in a headlock, playing his bald head like a bongo. Oh wait, I've confused reality with "The Simpsons" again. But I did quit. I finished my final four hours in the pharmacy today and then went to the volunteer office. I asked to see "Rebecca," since she handles scheduling and such. She was not in, I was informed. What did I need? I needed to announce a joyous fucking occassion, that's what I needed. So anyhow, they took my badge and took me off the schedule.....permanently. *Wipes away a tear (a mock tear, that is). Then does cartwheels out the door.*

The main part of this joyous occassion is that it marks the end of my volunteering and the beginning of paid work. I am done volunteering.......for life. Yes, that's right. Even when I am old, cranky, and retired, I will refuse to volunteer. Someone said my uncle Kenny, who just retired from teaching for 35 years or so, should volunteer. "Yeah, fucking right," he said, "I just quit work. Why the hell would I want to start again, and this time, not even get paid?" So that's my philosophy too. But now, I may be working as an intern on and off at Long 's Drug Store in Redlands. I have an interview tomorrow, but I think it may be more of an "interview" (wink, wink).

So who wants a cat? My aunt and uncle have 10 cats that they adore and can't bear to part with, but a kitten turned up near-dead in their gutter a week ago or so. They took it in, revived it, and now it's all healthy and playful. So if you want to see a picture, leave a comment along with your email address and I can send you some pics my uncle took of the little furball. It's 5 or 6 weeks old, supposedly. Looks pretty charming too. Awwww.....

Well, not much else to tell, I suppose. The BBQ doesn't seem to be a big draw, but it's still going to happen. It will be on July 29th, in the afternoon, at my house. You should all come. Besides seeing my ugly mug again, you could get to see Katie's pretty face. LOL.

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Friday, July 15, 2005
I am back from Monterey and Pacific Grove, California, now. It was a fun trip.

Monday: We drove 6.5 hours to Pacific Grove and got ready to play golf almost immediately upon arrival. We played Pacific Grove Municipal (nicknamed "Poor Man's Pebble Beach" because of the last nine holes that go out to the ocean- very pretty and much harder than the inland nine). I shot 71 (+1), played damn well. We ate some really good Chinese food- I had curry chicken. Yummy. Then we were (we being my mom, my dad, my uncle Kenny, and I) too tired to do anything but sleep. So we all showered and laid down. Unfortunately, I had to share a bedroom with Kenny. He snores like a Boeing 747. Good lord, I swear that the window panes were shaking. It was terrible. I tried the pillow over the head trick, but to no avail. I could still hear him. So I seriously did not sleep a wink that night. Seriously. Not a minute of sleep.

Tuesday: I said fuck it at 6:00 AM and went outside for a walk. It was clear that I wouldn't be sleeping that night. I walked around the block and watched the end of the sunrise through the thick fog that surrounds the area at that time of the day. Anyhow, we ate breakfast and then went on 17 Mile Drive. It's a scenic area up there, the coastal views are amazing, the homes on the road are astounding and are worth 15+ million, and you can see seals, otters, sea lions, etc. Really a neat drive. And if you are a fan of golf, you can can see Pebble Beach, the United States mecca of golf. After that, we ate lunch and went to our next golf course. We played a Fort Ord Military Base course (this one was called Black Horse- the other one there is called Bayonet). These courses are hard mothers, they are used for US Open qualifying. I shot 79 that day, which was a damn good round there, I thought. We ate at a Mexican place and Kenny was not able to finish his plate of food (a first for him). Went back to the motel and conked out, this time I had earplugs and I couldn't hear my uncle snoring at all. Paradise.

Wednesday: We got up early and eat breakfast, then drove south to Carmel. This is a pretty area south of Monterey that has white sand beaches (like blindingly white sand) and crystal clear water. So we walked on the beach there, then drove to Point Lobos. We hiked some trails at the state park there, looking at the scenic overlooks and watching seals and sea lions. Kinds neat, I suppose. We ate lunch and then went to play Bayonet. Let me tell you, this course is a pain in the ass. Probably the 2nd or 3rd hardest course I have ever played. Ugh. But it was pretty fun, since I did manage to play well and I shot an 81. And yes, an 81 is good there. My dad shot 96 there, whereas he had 89 the day before. My uncle shot 113 at Bayonet and 109 at Black Horse. *Shakes head.* We ate dinner at a BBQ place- I got a pulled pork sandwich. Yummy.

Thursday: We drove around downtown Monterey, walked Fisherman's Wharf and Cannery Row, and then headed out of town. We made it to Lost Hills, the city at the intersection of the I-5 and the 46. Well, we went into some slopbucket to eat and my dad left the headlights on. In 20 minutesm the battery went dead and we had to have AAA come and jump it. It was a sonuvabitch waiting for the tow truck to come, since it was about 115 degrees outside. Ugh. I got cooked and sweated about 12 pounds off. You might ask why we didn't wait in the slopbucket? Well, the tow truck guy said he couldn't see us by the car the first time he drove by (he never had driven by, he was just saying that). So we had to wait outside to flag him down. Anyhow, made it home and unpacked everything.

Friday: I have run so many errands today that it is ridiculous. I am tired now from doing this, that, those, them, etc. Bah. Time to go watch some TV, I think.

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Sunday, July 10, 2005
I am going out of town until Thursday evening. Going to Monterey and Pacific Grove (just south of San Francisco). Play 3 rounds of golf and then come home. If you need me, call my cell. And if you matter, then you have my number. LOL.

I am planning a pool party and BBQ at the end of July. It would be the 29th or the 30th. Leave me a note if you're interested in coming and which day you would prefer. Thanks.

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Friday, July 08, 2005
Well, another day, another golf outing done. And I thought I played pretty well today, except for the top 3-wood, the hook 6 iron into the water, and pull-hook driver into the OB line. Jeez....saying all those makes it sound like I shot 99, but I actually managed a 76. meh. What does the scorecard know anyways?

I am going to be leaving early Monday morning to go to Monterey/ Pacific Grove to play golf. Surprise surprise, the purpose of the trip is to play golf. And my uncle Kenny is going this time, so I am sure to see a few 110's shot on those courses (which are hard sonuvabitches). Monterey is where the famous course, Pebble Beach, is located. But since I have already played that pain in the ass (and it was expensive- it was my graduation present), we are going to skip it and play 3 more moderately priced courses.

I saw something funny today when I went to Wal-Mart. Oh of course, when you go to a classy establishment like that, you are guaranteed to view some classy folk of the same caliber. Anywho, I was walking down the aisle of cars towards the store when a beat-up, old Cadillac with no taillights or paint rolled by, bumping the loud vibrations of rap....and then I could see through the back window and saw that they had a DVD player and an LCD screen in it. WTF? You poor bastards can't even afford paint for your car, but you can afford a DVD player and LCD screen, as well as a loud-ass sound system? Jesus.....maybe invest some money into your ar and fix that muffler that just fell off as you entered the parking lot instead of "pimpin' it out." And oh yeah, there were 4 black guys in it.

Michelle Wie did not make the cut in her first professional male golf tournament. And I saw "HALL-FUCKING-LEJAH!!!!!" Why? Well, let's see. If I tried to play on the women's tour, they would protest. Why? Because I have a penis and they do not, so I can't play on the I-don't-have-a-penis tour, yet a female can play on the has-a-penis tour? I don't think so. And I realize that Michelle Wie is good, but she's not that good. She's really not. She has not won any women's tour events.....what makes her think she would win a men's tournament? God. And the publicity she received was nothing sort of ridiculous. The announcers had her winning the tournament on Thursday.....if I were a betting man, I would have wagered everything I own to bet that she would fail to make the cut. And she did. The best women's golfer in the world, Annika Sorenstam, tried to make the cut at a harder course and did not make it, so why did Wie even try? And she tried to take advantage of a shorter, easier course too. Why did she do it? Greg said it.....publicity. I think it was just a publicity stunt for her, for her home country, for girls, and for the LPGA. And everyone here knows how much I hate publicity stunts. Bah. Stick to your I-lack-a-penis-and-I'm-jealous-of-your-toy tour and maybe prove yourself there before trying that publicity crap again, Ms. Wie.

Am I bitter about her crossing over to play the men's tour? Yes. And let me explain. I would play junior tourneys, shoot a good score of 75, come in 10th. WTF? I had to shoot 68 to win. Yet if I had a skirt and no wang, I would have won by 12 shots. Yeah, nice. I want to play on the women's tour.

So anyhow, I am off to eat dinner and such. I am tired......going to try to sleep in tomorrow.

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Wednesday, July 06, 2005
Well, some shit has happened since I posted last. I guess the biggest news for the Class of 2003 is the death of Katy Jovin. Jesus....Alex and I were talking and we figured out that there have been at least 6 of us that have died. And that's only counting the people we actually know. I am sure some gangbangers have died too, but since they were low lifes in high school, we didn't really know them. These have all been people we have known.

Sad to think that drugs and/or alcohol probably played a part in it. I just don't understand it. Sad to think that her life was snuffed out because of that kind of stuff. That's all I can say right now.

I know this good news is damped by the passing of Katy, but I still have to share it. I am now officialy a licensed pharmacy intern/extern in Idaho and California. This was the thing that I had to get fingerprinted for and basically give up my entire life's possession of personal numbers. Anyhow, I finally got my certificates that I have to proudly display wherever I choose to intern at. I would like to do it at LLUMC, but if they don't allow it (they have enough interns as is), then maybe I will work retail. Wouldn't that be a joy? Then you all could come visit me at Long's or whatever. I'm sure I'd be happy to point out that you have to apply your genital herpes cream 3 times a day for noticeable results and that your massive diarrhea should subside with this AD drug I'd be giving you. LOL.

Well, my retarded cat, Charlene, pulled a good one the other night. She licked my head again for about ten minutes. I think I actually fell asleep with my kitty grooming me. And then I woke up and half my head combed forwards and the other half was totally messed up, like normal pillow hair. Haha. Dumb cat missed that side.

My uncle, Roy, wants help on how to sell on eBay. Haha.....asking me for help on that kind of thing is like asking a blind man to tell you the difference between a early Picasso work and a late one- he wouldn't have a damn clue. Maybe I should just refer him to Alex......since that's where I got all my help anyways. LOL.

I have to get up early tomorrow to volunteer (hopefully for the last time as a volunteer, maybe next time I will be an intern) at LLUMC.

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Current music: Motion City Soundtrack- Commit This To Memory (Oh shit.....the song that just came on kinda creeped me out- it's called "LG FUAD"- "Let's Get Fucked Up And Die")
Sunday, July 03, 2005
I was listening to my CD's today and I heard a song that katie might smack me for listening to, but it did hit home. I found the lyrics online and posted them here (well, I posted what really rang true). This is "Here By Me" by 3 Doors Down off of their latest album, Seventeen Days.

"And everything I had in this world
And all that I’ll ever be
It could all fall down around me.
Just as long as I have you,
Right here by me.
I can’t take another day without you
‘Cause baby, I could never make it on my own
I’ve been waiting so long, just to hold you
And be back in your arms where I belong
Sorry I can’t always find the words to say
But everything I’ve ever know gets swept away
Inside of your love…
And everything I had in this world
And all that I’ll ever be
It could all fall down around me.
Just as long as I have you,
Right here by me.
As the days grow long I see
That time is standing still for me
When you’re not here
Sorry I can’t always find the words to say
Everything I’ve ever known gets swept away
Inside of your love
And everything I had in this world
And all that I’ll ever be
It could all fall down around me.
Just as long as I have you,
Right here by me."

Current music: Staind- Break the Cycle and the fireworks set off by the retards across the street from me
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Saturday, July 02, 2005
27 days, 27 days, 27 days. I wish it were 27 minutes until I got to see Katie, as I told her earlier today.

My uncle, my dad, and I played golf today at Tahquitz Creek in Palm Springs. A week ago, my dad asked where I wanted to play this weekend and I said anywhere but that crappy Tahquitz Creek, so where do we go? That shithole I didn't want to play. Bah. So anyways, we had a tee time of 6:05 AM, meaning I had to get up at 3:45 AM. We drove out there and arrived at 5:35, meaning we had 30 minutes to chip, putt, hit range balls, and pay. We go to the golf shop to try to pay and it's not open. WTF?!? Who doesn't open their golf shop until 6:00, 5 minutes before the first tee time of the day? So we putt and chip, we couldn't hit range balls because the golf shop wasn't open. And they finally open the doors to the 6:05 AM. They were late. Goddamnit.

So then we go inside the shop and find out that we are 10th in line. WTF?!?! We see another door they opened first, allowing all these other people to jump in front of us. They open up the other register and the guy calls us over to it. We think "sweet motherfucking deal." Not quite. the guy then proceeded to walk to the back room, grab a few bags of coins and fill the cash register with coins. Hey, dipshit, I am paying with a credit card? Can I just pay? I don't need coins.

So we finally pay, and by this time, it's 6:15, ten minutes past our tee time. We go to grab a cart and our threesome takes two carts in a row. I get the second one and I get yelled at by the cart guy, saying I messed his lines up by not taking the two side-by-side. DOES IT REALLY FUCKING MATTER, YOU ANAL RETARD? SOMEONE ELSE CAN TAKE IT JUST AS EASILY. He was serious too, in case you think he was kidding. I said something to the extent of "Oh oops, sorry." Then he got all pissy and muttered "damnit, everytime....(blah blah)."

We finally get on the first tee and then they stick some stiff with us. That is so annoying. We were about to play a 3 hour or less round of 18 with a 3 some of ourselves, but no. Nope. So we played with this guy we didn't know. And then we get to the first green and the greens are punched and sanded. In case you don't know what that means, they take a tractor and punch holes in the green to aerate it, then fill the holes in with sand. It makes them shitty and impossible to putt on. Of course, they never mentioned that when we made the tee time and when we paid. Fuckers. They should have....most decent courses would.

So anyhow, it was a shitty day and I will never return there. Tahquitz Creek lost my business forever.

My uncle said that he got a phone call yesterday fro a guy looking for "John." Kenny said, "No John has ever lived here. Sorry, you got a wrong number." The guy then said, "Well, what's your name sir?" Kenny replied, "Harry K" in his deadpan voice.

The guy then rambled on about a survey that my uncle could take, but my uncle interrupted him and said, "What do I get for taking the survey?"

"Well, sir, you get two DVD's of Girls Gone Wild: College Edition!" The guy got real excited. "Aw fuck, you keep 'em and play with yourself," Kenny told him and hung up.

I was watching TV today and I saw something that made me so mad at all those Hollywood celebrities that I had to turn the TV off. The news was covering the Africa Aid concert. I think it has a noble purpose and such, but the singers attending it are the biggest fucking hypocrites in the world. They said that Bush doesn't send enough aid to Africa (we don't send much because the corrupt leaders there use it to build a bigger mansion for themselves and don't give it to the people). But then they go on to say that the even the concert isn't raising enough money. Well, they are getting a $12,000 gift from the people running the concert to appear. Hmmm.....seems to me that if each singer and member of their band donated that $12,000, Africa would be better off. Are they going to do that? No, because they are hypocrites.

So now here I sit. Exhausted, sunburnt, in pain. Fuck this. I am going to sleep.

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Friday, July 01, 2005
So as I said before, nothing happens in my life.

I've played so much golf recently that I really haven't had a chance to do much else. I had a grand plan of tanning, working out, doing phone books, practicing some golf, and sleeping lots. Well, I pretty much have only golfed lately. Granted the last two rounds I have played have been pretty good rounds, but still. Damn. I don't even have time for a good jerk, as Alex would say.

I have to get up at 3:45 AM tomorrow. Ugh. I am going to be so exhausted tomorrow afternoon/ evening. And guess what the occassion is that is getting me out of bed so early? Could it be a vacation? Could it be a comet? Could it be a planned earthquake or something impossible like that? Nope, it's fucking golf. LOL.

I was listening to a local alternative rock station, x 103.9, and I hear some funny commercials on there. One was for the station itself: "Hey you! You on the cellphone! Do you mind wrapping that up? You're interfering with our reception. Stupid weak independent radio signals. X 103.9" Another one was: "Hey, sorry about the Spanish station that cuts in sometimes. That's what the midget budget we have does. Oh well. X 103.9!"

Another commercial I have heard on there was for Goodwill and went like "Are you fat? Do you wear tight clothes that reveal your blubbery rolls of fat? Do you disgust people? Donate your excessively tight clothes to us and go buy a mumu." Another one for Goodwill was "Do you dress like it's the '80's? It's not! Wake up and see that your fashion sense sucks! Donate yours clothes to us."

I woke up this morning at 3:00 AM and Charlene, my darling little kitty, came in and sat on my pillow, wrapping her body around my head. Then she proceeded to lick my hair for 10 minutes, making sure I was nice and clean before she got up and left. It was weird. I could feel the sandpaper kitty tongue. It would catch my hair now and then. But it was oddly neat feeling too. I don't know about my cat's sanity though......she's kinda dumb and definitely psycho.

27 days (as of tomorrow) until I see Katie. I am really looking forward to that. A LOT. I wish these next four weeks would just fly by and then that week with her would go nice and slow.

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