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Monday, August 29, 2005
I am in Biochem and bored. I would normally sleep, but I am wired from the 3 cups of coffee I have had.

Current mood: wired beyond belief
Current music: a foreigner lecturing about amino acids and pH
Wednesday, August 24, 2005
So I have an hour to kill between classes today that I did not expect to have off. YAY!

I ran last night with Katie and another Katie, Chris's girlfriend (my roommate is Chris, he's in pharmacy too). I was fine for awhile, but I got damn tired near the end. And I slept like a, to make things short, I am out of shape.

So I think I have a modified plan of schooling now. Maybe. If I spend one extra year in school (5 more years instead of just 4), I can get an MBA as well as a Pharm D. degree. So that would make me not only a pharmacist, but like a management type person as well. And a larger paycheck too. So we'll see. I am going to go talk to the advisor for the joint Pharm D/ MBA program sometime soon and just see how promising it sounds. Maybe I'll just take the easy way out and bail from school ASAP. I don't know.

My Human Physiology class sounds like it is going to be a fucking royal pain in the everloving arse. The teacher is notorious for being a hard-ass and giving multiple, multiple choice tests (I, II, III, IV, V, VI, then A. I and II, B. I, II, III, C. IV, V, etc.).

I have to go find a pharmacy job or volunteer position today. Damn. I don't want to work/volunteer while in school. I'm too lazy to do that.

Anyhow, I am bored with the Internet now. Bye.

Current mood: relieved from taking a big pee
Current noise: pharmacy dorks chattering away about agonists and antagonists
Sunday, August 21, 2005
Well, well, well. It has been quite some time. Sorry about the interlude between posts, but I was rather preoccupied with some shit around here.

I drove up with my folks to Pocatello and stayed the night here. After that, we drove to Boise to play golf, have the parents meet Katie's mom and relatives, and such. It was all pretty fun. I got to float the Boise River in an inner tube, which was very fun in the rapids and quite relaxing in the slower parts.

We all came back to Pocatello and I unpacked shit for a couple days. I am totally moved in now. My roommate, Chris, and I went shopping and bought about 170 items of food, housewares, and cookware. The receipt for all the stuff is about 2 feet long.

Then Chris and I had to endure two days of pharmacy BS. We had to listen to speakers up the ass, learn CPR and such, listen to some more presentations, and get presented with our white lab coat and name tag.

I am really dreading class tomorrow. Yes, that's right. I HAVE FUCKING CLASS TOMORROW. Ugh.

Anyhow, I am done here for now. Since it was so long since I posted, this one sucked (I could only cover everything in very vague and general terms).

Current mood: bah! piss on class
Current music: type, type, type, backspace, type, cuss, type, type
Friday, August 12, 2005
Hot Shit

Alex and I went to the driving range last night to practice up our respective golf games. After hitting a bucket, we went inside to eat. I had my second dinner, per usual. At the end of the meal, I asked Alex how much he would give me to drink the hot sauce from the bowl. He said $10. Shit, I might have done it for free. So I took a baby sip to test it out, then gulped it all down. Everything went fine until the last swallow, which lended a strong burning sensation all the way down to my stomach. And the rules were that I couldn't have any water. I actually was fine about 5 minutes later, but I paid for it this morning, if you get my drift. Ouchies. Humans are not made to eat that much hot stuff all at once. I think, in total, we used like 4 cups of that hot sauce.

I heard something depressing on the news last night. The news was saying that pear-shaped people have a lower rate of heart disease than apple-shaped people. They were saying that people with a fat ass die from heart problems less than people with fat asses and fat midsections. about normal people? Green bean people, banana people, stick people, whatever gay name you want to apply. I bet if you looked at their statistics, they die 481756528 times less from heart problems than the fat fuckers do. But oh wait, I forgot. America is so goddamned fat that there aren't enough thin people to even worry about statistically. The news report never once mentioned normal people in the survey, as if it's acceptable to be a blimp.

My truck is completely packed full right now. It's sagging in the rear, kind of like some fat people. Poor truck has to make that trip so many more times.

I am leaving at 5:30 AM tomorrow. My mom and I are going to meet my dad in Las Vegas, where else? And from there, we are all going to trade on and off driving the two cars we're taking. So I will probably end up driving only about 8 hours myself, but the drive still blows.

Don't expect a blog for awhile. I would say that you should check back in a week for more sarcasm and such.

Current mood: sad to go back to school, happy to go back to school (doesn't make sense to me either)
Current music: Silverstein- "When Broken Is Easily Fixed"
Thursday, August 11, 2005
I am now packing up all my stuff and getting ready to head up north. I leave on Saturday morning at 5:30 AM. Ugh. I am not looking forward to that drive. I just want to be teleported there instantly or something. Or maybe move ISU down here and get rid of all the traffic here or something. I don't know. It feels like summer went pretty quickly, like I should still have a month or so before having to go back to school.

Anyhow, I am just taking a brief break from packing up all my shit. Back to it now.

Current mood: hot and sweaty
Current music: The F-Ups (self-titled CD)
Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I had to take my truck to Wal-Mart today to have the tires rotated. I know Wal-Mart seems like a peculiar choice for automotive care, but that is where we bought the tires for the truck. So they rotate them for free for as long as I own the tires. So that's where I went. I got there at 7:45 AM, checked the truck in, and was told to expect a 1.5 hour wait. OK, I can browse Wal-Mart, I figure.

I shopped from clothes, looking for a yellow collared shirt to replace a nice Nike one I spilled HCl on at ISU. I finally found one for $8, so I snagged that puppy up. I also grabbed a green shirt and some boxers and such. I looked through the CD's, the electronics, the housewares, showercurtains, and kitty toys too. All of that only took 1 hour. So I mosey back to the Automotive Center to see if there has been any progress on my truck. I get there and the girl looks at me and then frantically seacrhes for paperwork.

"How's the '89 Toyota pickup coming?" I asked, knowing I was going to be fucked around with.

"Umm, well, we haven't started." she muttered.

Well, no shit. I can see my truck parked where I left it. It turns out that the girl running the paperwork the first time forgot to hit "enter" to send the paperwork to the mechanics. So, to make a long, boring, gay story short, a stupid, incompetent, teenie-bopper girl with no mechanical nor customer relations experience fucked up and wasted an hour of my life. Not that I would have done anything valuable with that hour, but it was just annoying.

So I had to wait another hour or so in the grandeur of Wal-Mart. Ugh. I went bakc after about 20 minutes and waited in the chair at the Auto Center. They finally told me that the truck was ready. I signed some shit and tore out of that parking lot. Bah. Bastards. But at least I got my yellow shirt.

Current mood: kinda pissy at Wal-Mart Automotive, but fine otherwise
Current music: Coheed and Cambria- "The Second Stage Turbine Blade" (this is a weird band, but I like 'em)
Sunday, August 07, 2005
Jellyfish, Restaurants, Boise, And Padlocks- What do all these have in common? They're all mentioned below- that's what.

Well, I am back home from a week at the beach with family and Katie. And I am typing this post between eBay work and unpacking.

The first day with Katie was great. I remembered why I cared about her so much and I remembered what we had and updated "had" to "have." So anyways, yeah, it was good to see her again after not seeing her for a couple months. I was kind of nervous about all the old feelings coming back, but they did right away and just grew stronger over the week. She's back home in Boise now, but I will see her again in less than a week. And then again a few days after that. LOL.

The waves at South Carlsbad State Beach were OK for the first half of the week, but started dwindling near the middle. And by the end of the week, the waves were nearly nonexistent and what was there had no form whatsoever. The weather was alright, alternating between cloudy and cool to hot and sunny. There never was a day with bad wind though, which is good. The wind chops up the waves and knocks umbrellas over and just makes it miserable- kind of like when Jen, Alex, Steve, and I went (it mellowed out around noon- but the first few hours were bad).

But the two things that made the end of the week suck were the jellyfish and the red tide, which flourished near the end of the week. I guess the red tide and current temperature situation of the ocean in Southern California encouraged a bloom in the jellyfish population, which caused some of them to wash ashore (either when they died or just got too close to shore). So despite there being no waves at all and having a cold current come in, there were jellyfish. Some people got stung, but I am glad I didn't. And the red tide was just gross to swim kind of smelled, you couldn't see your feet, and it looked like sewer water. When the waves crashed far out, you could see the water wasn't white in the slightest. Ugh.

The red tide did do something cool at night though, which almost made up for the disgusting appearance during the day. When the waves would break, the dinoflagellates that make up the red tide would get agitated and emit an eerie light (bio-luminescence). So you could see a blue-green wave rolling in. It was damn neat to watch them come in up and down the length of the coast (we were up on a cliff, looking down on the ocean).

We ate at a bunch of different restaurants, most of them were pretty good (mainly the Chinese places and Mexican places- oh wait, that's pretty much all we had...). I do have to say that I got tired of eating out 2 meals a day though.

I vacuumed 3 cars last night, washed two this morning, and waxed my truck this morning. By the end of the waxing, I was dripping sweat everywhere and it was getting mixed into the wax and all over the buffer. I don't think that is too good. But at least my truck is red and shiny now, not dull, dirty, and pink like it has been for awhile. All those brief rainstorms we have had lately did nothing good for my truck, that's for damn sure.

Well, I am totally unpacked from the beach, but starting to begin sort of, kind of round stuff up for Idaho. I leave on the 13th for Pocatello and Boise. We are going to stay the night in Pocatello, then drive to Boise and play golf, then meet with up Katie and her mom, and spend the next day hitting the town of Boise. I guess after that we are going to go back to Pocatello and get me checked in and moved into my apartment.

I heard something funny on the radio yesterday as I was driving back from the Post Office. It was on KCAL and the DJ was laughing the entire time he read it. Some guy on the East Coast took drunken shaming to a new level. We've all seen people pass out at parties and get shamed with a Magic Marker, Sharpie, tape, or whatever is handy. Well, 39 year old Matt of the East Coast passed out and his buddy thought it would be hilarious to padlock his testicles. Now, you see, you can get a padlock around the scrotum near the superior (top) end, but you can't fit the testicles back through it. So your nuts are padlocked and you are carrying around a lock, resting on your nuts and stretching out the scrotum. Anyhow, Matt came to the next morning with a lock on his balls. He found his buddy and demanded the key, thinking the prank was kind of funny, definitely original, and about to end. Oh no. The key broke off in the lock. So Matt, being the hungover mastermind he was, tried to hacksaw the lock. HAHAHAHA. He didn't cut himself, luckily. But he also failed to get the lock off. A week later (yes, that's right, he waited a week to do something about it), he went to the ER and they called a locksmith, who came and popped the lock open in a few minutes. Matt was discharged with nothing injurerd but his pride. HAHAHAHAHA!

Current music: A bunch of different CD's, since I did not have time to write this post at one sitting. Here's a random one from the wide assortment I did listen to though: Gin Blossoms- "Congratulations, I'm Sorry"
Current mood: cooled off from a nice swim
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