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Thursday, September 29, 2005
Oxygen-sucking biped- a new term I just learned in my P-1 Seminar. My teacher was talking about the Coeur D'Alene fmaily murder this summer and called the murderer an oxygen-sucking biped because he just can't call him a human. LOL. I thought it was a funny term.

Anyhow, I got a mid B on my Physiology test. The average was a 62% before the curve and a 73% afterwards. Argh. What a pain in the ass test that was.

So, like the last 2 years, I don't sleep much anymore. I got about 4 hours last night after studying until 2 AM. Ugh. And on average, I get about 5 a night. I know that's not healthy, but without studying and such, my grades won't be very healthy.

I have another test tomorrow that I need to study for. I made about 300 notecards, so that should be a fun night. :(

Current mood: sleepy
Current music: in lecture, earlier was "Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV, Volume One: From Fear Through The Eyes of Madness" by Coheed & Cambria
Monday, September 26, 2005
Well, I found out that I may have actually gotten a 70 on my Biochemistry test, which is an A-. The teacher fouled up grading, so she marked two of mine wrong when I had actually got them correct. So that was a nice surprise this morning. However, at 11:00 AM, I was raped.

It was the multiple multiple choice test from my Physiology test. He gives choices 1-6 and then A-E with possible combinations of the numbers. Ugh. So difficult to eliminate answers to even give yourself a respectable chance at stabbing blindly at the right answer. God. So I think I got a 50% at best. Seriously. Of course, that will be curved to a C or maybe even a B. Why does the teacher feel the need to make the tests utterly impossible and then just curve the class to "fix" the grades from being excessively low? I mean, I do learn a lot in this class, but I feel that I would learn just as much if the teacher made the tests just a little bit easier and curved it less.

Ah well, now I am sitting in my Introduction to Pharmacy Literature and Practice Class, bored out of my mind. Mainly because my mind is far away, in another world. That test blew my brain out for the day.

Katie and I are having our "2 year being-together-day" on October 10th. I don't have any plans, but it should be a joyous time and such. :)

Current music: Foo Fighters- (self-titled CD)
Current mood: kinda down from my shitty test
Saturday, September 24, 2005
I miss my kitty. I wish she was here in Pocatello with me, but she's not. And apparently, she is loving my dad. I called home today and she was on his lap, happy pawing him and purring and being a sweet lovable ball of fur and sweetness. Bah. Dumb cat.....makes me wish she was here to sit on my lap and make me pet her.

I got a 64 on my Biochem test which was curved to a mid B. Suck. My friend got a solid A, of course, because he's a freaking genius. But anyhow, I have multiple multiple choice test on Monday in Physiology from El Diablo. Seriously. This guy is utterly insane. He gives notes at light speed, covers a ton of material, and expects us to have an utter mastery of the subject by the time of the test. Ah well. And oh yeah, a 50% is usually curved up to a B in there.

I hate drama, I hate drama-queens and attention whores. I hate people that cannot resolve conflicts and I hate paranoid people. There I said it. I'm done with caring. I was open to resolve any conflicts, but nope. Not now. You lost it. I just don't give a shit. Expect to get the finger, maybe "doubles?"

Current music: (earlier) Trapt- "Someone In Control"
Current mood: worried about my test
Tuesday, September 20, 2005
This is kinda gay, but here we go....

1) Reply with your name and I'll respond with something random about you.
2) I'll tell you what song/movie reminds me of you.
3) I'll pick a flavor/color of jello to wrestle with you in.4
) I'll say something that only makes sense to you and me.
5) I'll tell you my first memory of you.
6) I'll tell you what animal you remind me of.
7) I'll ask you something that I've always wondered about you.
8) If I do this for you, you must post this on your journal.

Current music: Food Network (but Hidden In Plain View- Life In Dreaming in my head)
Current mood: fine
Sunday, September 18, 2005
I'm a Fucking Spazz-tard and "Crash"

Yesterday, I swear I did everything wrong. I spilled eggs everywhere....prior to scrambling them. It was an absolute mess to wiping up a puddle of yellow snot that was smeared all over the side of the oven, the countertop and the floor. Bah. I did other stupid stuff too, but you'd get tired of reading how pathetically uncoordinated I am lately.

Katie and I watched "Crash" and "Maria Full Of Grace." "Crash" was really good, taking a group of racially hostile people in LA and showing how their lives interwine for a period of 36 hours. Very interesting and provoking. Some parts make you mad....and other parts leave you greatly relieved, meaning that the movie affects you more than a movie like "Shitty Sahara." "Crash" gets 4.5 stars from me.

"Maria Full Of Grace" is disturbing in that people are called mules and basically treated worse than mules (it's about the Colombian drug transportation inside people- by swallowing latex encaspulated bags of cocaine and then shitting them out later). But it's worth a rent if you are in the mood for that kind of movie (3.5 stars).

Anyhow, today I am studying Biochemistry since I have a test tomorrow. I hear these tests are fairly rough and the teacher doesn't speak English too well, so I am sure that there will be wording issues on the test. She uses weird phrasing when she speaks, so I expect the test will be more of the same. :(

My parents are now thinking of moving to Idaho once I am done with schooling. Thankfully I was able to convince them not to live in Utah. Whew. They want to live in Emmett, Idaho, which is not too far outside Boise. It's basically farmland, but that's kind of what they want. Lots of open land, no people, no traffic, no violence, no smog, nice people when they go town, golf fairly close, etc. They're flying up in mid-October to look at a large hunk of land out there.

Current music: Motion City Soundtrack- Commit This To Memory
Current mood: bored with biochemistry
Currently wearing: grey shirt, pajama pants, black and white patterned boxers, white socks, houseshoes, glasses
Currently on TV: San Diego Chargers vs. Denver Broncos
Currently yearning for: peanut butter and chocolate dessert Katie made last night
Currently eating now: (see above)
Friday, September 16, 2005
I HATE C's!!!

I received two more grades on tests/quizzes this week besides the wonderful C on the Biological Basis of Drug Action test. Another C.....on a lab quiz in Physiology. Goddamnit. Had I known that the lab tech was going to make the lab quizzes based on lecture, I would have studied more and studied lecture primarily. But no, I thought it would be a typical lab quiz, one based on the previous lab's results and very simple. It wasn't. It was basically a lecture quiz, which is something the teacher in lecture feels unnecessary and not capable to do in a period. So he has the lab tech do it. Damnit. But I did get a 97.7% on a a joke class. Introduction to Pharmacy Practice and Literature. The teacher gave us a review sheet for the test, telling us everything that would be on the test, basically word for word. There was only one shitty section on the test, covering material that the teacher told us would not be on the test and that we didn't need to know.

I've watched a lot of movies lately and here's a quick round-up of them:

The Ring 2- It was OK. You need to be a big fan of the 1st to enjoy this one. A tad predictable, but still enjoyable. (3 stars)

Sin City- Very weird movie, yet interesting. Fairly gory and such, and a little disturbing with the ease that the violence is used, but still a good movie (3 stars)

Sahara- If you have read the book by Clive Cussler, do not see the movie. The book is much better and the movie does not do it justice. So I would advise reading the better than average novel than watching the mediocre/crappy movie. (2 stars)

Saved- Ha. Very funny movie. Has some good sarcastic wit and some digs at religion. I like it. (4 stars)

Rolling Kansas- A movie about stoners. Funny, even though it's shown a lot on Comedy Central (generally those movies suck). I would advise catching this one if you can. (3.5 stars)

We're going to watch Crash and Maria Full Of Grace tonight, so I'll have to let you know how they are.

Current mood: sore throat-y
Current music: football game
Saturday, September 10, 2005
I'm Average?

So I got a 76% on my first test in Pharmacy School. A fucking C. I'm serious. And I studied quite a bit, and I thought I did pretty well too. But no. Nope. I had high hopes as I looked for my grade among the list of grades. And I got my hopes up too, since the person above me got like a 91%. And then I saw my grade. My hopes got danced on by the evil side of my retarded teacher's personality. So that was not a good day for me. Now I am going to study 982348957283475 hours for each test and become everything I've ever hated.

Katie and I went to the Eastern Idaho Fair today. We rode some rides, ate some food, and left. But oh my, it's been awhile since I have seen so many white-trash folks in place. The fairs here are different than the ones in Southern California. The ones here have white people and no violence. The Orange Show Fair is scummy and has people get shot in the parking lot every year. Hmmm.....I pick Idaho, thanks.

Somebody tossed their cookies last night outside my apartment on the stairs up to my place. Goddamnit. If you are going to be stupid and get drunk enough to puke, please, please, please puke somewhere like the grass. Don't puke on carpeted floor....on the stairs where everyone has to walk. And if you do puke in a public place, please clean it up. Why force everyone else to walk through the contents of your stomach? God. So gross.

Current mood: hungry
Current music: BSU vs. OSU game on TV, earlier was July For Kings- "Swim"
Currently wearing: blue/white striped collared shirt and blue cargo shorts, white socks, maroon boxers
Currently wanting to eat: any food
Current object of study for the day: Biochemistry
Wednesday, September 07, 2005
One P.O.S. Done, 39274589273587 To Go

I took my first pharmacy school test today. I know it's only the 3rd week of school, but one of my teachers decided to have a test already. And of course, the teacher is one of my worst. She teaches a fairly simple subject (Biological Basis of Drug Action- the drug binds to a receptor, causes an action, what is the drug mechanism? etc.), but she just had to write an impossible test. I probably got a B on it, but I did study. Quite a bit too, since I was wary of the first test, not knowing exactly what to expect out of a new teacher (new to me). But no matter how I had studied, I would have answered all the questions that same (I think). I mean, the questions were worded poorly and some were worded as to just be tricky. Sucked. So I just shrugged my shoulders, gave the paper the "what-the-fuck" gesture with my hand, and moved on.

So anyhow, then I had my first lab quiz today. And I pulled a slick one. It was an osmosis calculation problem and I knew how to do it, but in my clever fashion, I fucked it up from the get-go. When an ionic compound goes into solution, it separates into the ions and each ion is counted as a separate particle for osmosis (thus the concentration doubles or triples or whatever). Well, I forgot that the compound ionized and I did the problem once (in pen, no doubt) before I realized that I had messed up the beginning part of the problem. Gah.

Anyhow, I should really go take a shower and go to bed. I have class in 8 hours.

Current music: Northstar- "Is This Thing Loaded?"
Current mood: tired
Current clothing: blue cargo shorts, grey and black boxers, short white socks, grey shirt, black Quiksilver hat
Currently eating: quesadilla
Currently drinking: water
Tuesday, September 06, 2005
Shut Yo Blinds, Mothafucka

So it's been awhile and I apologize for not posting.

I have been doing a ton of school work, since the pharmacy program is pretty demanding. Besides having many classes to study for, I've been busy with eBay, shopping, apartment stuff, and my truck. The piece of shit decided to have some problems with the power steering lately, so I had to take it in this morning. Personally, I don't care to drive a non-power steering truck....especially once winter rolls around. So I am waiting on a call from Toyota now.

Anyhow, the other night, Katie, a couple friends and I were playing cards in my super sweet apartment (more on that later) when I had to go to my bedroom. It was dark outside and I had my curtains drawn open and the lights on inside. My window was open too, and while I was in the room, some guy in his car outside on the street shouted "Shut yo blinds, mothafucka" through a megaphone. I thought it was pretty funny....and I wanted to shout back "I don't have blinds....they're curtains.....mothafucka!!!"

So my apartment is pretty sweet. It has two bedrooms, a longish hallway, a decently-sized kitchen, and a nice living room. The bathroom is smallish, but it gets the job done. I have room to SSS (as Felix the cat says), so it's all good. I will try to post some pictures later of my room. I have a ton of space in my room.....just no TV or Internet (I use the ones in the living room). My roommate, Chris, has both in his smaller room. I just put my TV in the front room and we hooked the XBOX and N64 up to it. Yay for Mario Kart and such! LOL. So it's working out pretty well. And it's in close proximity to the Pharmacy Building, so we can just get up about 15 minutes before class, grab a Tastee Tart (dollar store Pop-Tarts) and head out the door. Pretty slick.

I have a test tomorrow in Biological Basis Of Drug Actions. Ugh. I hate that class.....not the material.....I actually think it's pretty interesting. I like learning about how the drugs interact with the body and what the body does to the drugs, whether that is the desired effect or simply a metabolic process. But the teacher is terrible. She has no idea how to lecture so that we can take notes. I write down like 4 words in class, then go home and read a book that is about 12 grade levels over my head, meaning that it takes me 4 hours to read 10 pages. No joke. But I learn more. So anyhow, that test should be fun tomorrow. This may be foreshadowing to a rant.

I have an insane teacher for Human Physiology. I can now type faster than I can write! I know that's a shock, but I worked on it this summer. So I take my laptop to class and type at least 1.5 pages (10 font, single spaced, Times New Roman, extra wide margins) in notes in 50 minutes of lecture. This guy is utterly insane. He knows his shit so well that it's amazing. I am finding that I like class more and more now that I am doing stuff that applies towards my real goal. So it's not like I dread Physiology, it's just that it's almost exhausting trying to keep up with this guy in class.

Well, I need to go study and grab some food. Bye.

Current music: Jack Johnson- "In Between Dreams"
Current mood: wired from caffeine, waiting for my crash
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