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Wednesday, March 22, 2006
Did That Pass Your Little Mind's Cross-Check?

When I was home, I went to Mervyns to buy some nicer dress clothes. I went to one Mervyns (in Redlands) and all I could find there was a package of black socks that totaled a grand whopping $6. The cashier asked the question: "Would you like to save 10% by applying for th Mervyn's credit card? it only takes about 10 minutes."

OK....first of all, did you think about that before you said it? Let's calculate that out. 10% of $6 is 60 cents. 60 goddamn measly cents. And 10 minutes of my time is worth more than 60 cents. I know the worker was supposed to ask that, but seriously, in my case, he probably could have skipped that. I mean, if I had said yes, he probably would have realized what a stupid choice that was and how much more work it meant for him.

But what the kicker is that when I went to the Mervyn's in Highland to find more dress stuff (like a shirt, tie, and pants), I bought about $85 worth of merchandise. Now, that would have been a savings of $8.50 if I filled out the application for the credit card there, but the cashier there failed to ask me if I wanted to fill it out. So the time when I could have used it more, they didn't even bother to ask.

You Fuckin' Leprechaun

The way my classes work, we have teachers kind of rotate in and teach their subject then rotate out. We have this new guy teaching us now and he is covering math and pharmacy math. Anyhow, when he came in for the first day, he called roll. That is the first time I have been in a class where the teacher called roll since.....well....since high school.

The teacher's voice sounds like a damn leprechaun. And he can't pronounce 'r's, 'v's, and 'w's. At all. He has absolutely no clue on how to say them. And when he called roll, he had the gall to pick on people for their names.

"Gibbons, Peter" (say it in a leprechaun voice). The kid said "here" and the teacher muttered "primate" (referring to the gibbons monkey). That was just one example.

The teacher had a great line today. He was having trouble with a cough and had to keep taking drinks from a soda. At one point, he said "I have to take another drink before I go on here." (remember the semi-creepy leprechaun voice). "That's what I tell my girlfriend anyways."

I thought I was going to shit a brick when he said that in class. Good Lord. That came out of right field.

But one thing about this little green man pissed me off. On Wednesday, he was passing out papers to the class and he passed my desk. He tossed them directly at my Capri Sun (open) and nailed it, knocking it directly to the floor and spilling some of the contents on my backpack. And all this was to my classmate's enjoyment. Not mine. Bastard.

If it had spilled on my computer, I swear I would snapped. Seriously. I would have placed my foot up that leprechaun's ass so far that he would never have found another pot of gold again and would have been slurping his Lucky Charms through a straw. He had to have seen my Capri Sun there and he had to know that throwing a stack of papers at it would knock it over.

It's About Damn Time

I have been submitting pictures to for a long time and I finally got one on there. Finally. Those sonsabitches. Anyhow, here is a picture of my uncle's cat Ziggy. He's not the prettiest kitty and he had a fat lip at the time. Now, came up with a ghey caption for my picture. Follow this link and see their stupid caption. Mine was "Do you mind asshole? I'd like to lick my nuts in peace."

Katie, Chris, and I tried to go play pool today at our SUB, which is part of a state school. Therefore it is part of the state and the state government. And today, the LDS church overran the SUB game area. In fact, they reserved it. That's pure fucking, grade A, 100% bullshit. I don't see how a religion can reserve a state facility. The workers there asked if we were part of the LDSSA (student union for the crazy Mormons) and we said no. So they told us we couldn't play pool or anything. OK. Sweet. Way to discriminate. I thought religious people were supposed to be all open-minded, all-caring, considerate, welcoming, accepting, and such. But you know what? The more hardcore a person in is religion, the more close-minded they become. They become less accepting, less caring, and yet they think they are getting closer to God. They think their way is the only right way and refuse to listen to anyone else. Mormons even try to push their beliefs on everyone else, whether they want to hear it or not. What a dichotomy.

Funny Search

Search for "what not to wear" on Google's image search and make sure the safe search is not on. I would definitely say that first picture is something women shouldn't least on a day-to-day basis.

Current noise: "What Not To Underwear"

Friday, March 10, 2006
Woohoo!!! It's officially here. I cannot believe it.

I flew out this morning at 9:40 AM MST and I got into to Ontario tomorrow at 12:23 PM PST. I have to fly Delta, since they are the only airline that flies in and out of Pocatello International Airport (International is kind of a joke, since Canada is the only other country that Pocatello can fly to, and Canada is just America Jr.).

I was pretty excited to see my kitty and my family. I missed petting my sweet orange fluff-face. Ha. We went out to eat for my mom's birthday and my return (to the Mug, where else?).

Although I am not going to have class over spring break, I still will have a crapload of homework. I have to write a meta-analysis paper (a paper that looks at a topic and compiles the results of all the studies surrounding that topic and makes a definitive conclusion about the topic. Ugh. But, on the bright side, if I do a good enough job, I could get it published, which would be excellent to put on a resume for a pharmacy job. I would be a published author and not just a blogger.

I have taken two tests recently that were pretty difficult and required a ton of studying. One was physiology, which I previously posted that picture for. It was tough....I got a 67% without the curve. And I thought I did well. Jesus. With the curve, I didn't have a D anymore. I got a pretty high B. Why do teachers feel the need to make the tests that hard? I mean, the average was like a 55%. I understand the need to make a 400 level class challenging, but the majority of the class gets a failing grade on the tests (before the curve).

I took another test on Thursday, the end of it basically signalled the beginning of my break. It was another impossible test, and the sad thing is that it was easier than the first test we took in that class this semester

Hey, Monks Can Get Cavities Too
When I was tinkling in the bathroom in Salt Lake City today, I noticed a man wearing a tunic. He was brushing his teeth at the sink and looking pretty damn haggard. He was a damn Buddhist monk. That was weird. I guess I just don't associate millenia-old Buddhism and modern air travel with one another.

I started taking the Prilosec OTC a few days back and since then, I have not had any heartburn at all. It's amazing. I mean, obviously the drug works or else it wouldn't have been approved by the FDA. But it's one thing to read that it works in an article and another thing to experience it firsthand.

Note: if you experience heartburn once a month or once in a lifetime, this is not the medicine for you. Get Pepcid AC. The Prilosec OTC is for chronic, severe heartburn. So don't rush out and buy it if you only have heartburn once upon a blue moon.

Katie Is Not An Orphan
I swear, I have had so many people ask me where Katie is during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and now spring break, it's ridiculous. On the way down here, I was on the plane with a fellow pharmacy dork. She asked where my girlfriend was, like Katie should be by my side at all times. Well.....she has a family too. She's not an orphan, you know? And my family (not my parents, they have more sense than that) always asks where she is. home? Duh.

And during Thanksgiving and Christmas break, I can't count how many people ask 'where is she?' and 'why didn't she come down with you?' Well, let's see. During the holidays, you are supposed to spend quality time with your family. My family is not the same as her family (thankfully, or we'd be having an incestuous relationship). And some off-time does our relationship good too, since it makes it seem more fresh when we get back together after break.

I weigh 160 lbs. It is true. I am not kidding. I was 161 lbs. at the doctor's in Pocatello and I weighed myself here at home as 160 lbs. So I have finally hit the 160 lbs. mark. I seriously jumped from 154 to 160. That's a big leap. And I really don't think it is fat that I put on either. Woohoo!

Current mood: ready for bed after a long day of travel
Current music: Hawthorne Height's new album- "If Only You Were Lonely" (much better than their first- less screaming, more singing and that's always good).

Wednesday, March 01, 2006
Welcome to Hell

My week is going to be really shitty, so don't expect much in the way of posts (and probably not until spring break- mine starts March 10th). Sorry, loyal readers....

Current mood: tired
Current noise: Dr. Lai
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