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Wednesday, May 31, 2006
The Job
My intern thing at Long's is going fine. I think I am doing well, for as little practical experience I have in pharmacies. I mean, I worked (well, volunteered) in two pharmacies before, but now I actually have responsibilities (cash register, filling scripts, stocking, whatever). And oh yeah, a wage. That's the best part. No more free work for me....ever!!! I always have hated volunteering and now I shouldn't ever have to do it again. Volunteering sucked because the supervisors give you a ton of work and you don't get shit for it. Believe me, I wasn't getting personal satisfaction from helping people. I just don't care that much. Sorry. I just did it for the service hours to look good on applications. If it weren't for those applications, I would never have volunteered. Sorry LLUMC and Redlands Community, I hated volunteering for both of you. Had you paid me, it would have been sufferable. But you didn't so it wasn't.

Congrats to Alex
Nice work, Felix. I would say that you are the first one from the crew to start your career. I know some of us have jobs, but I don't consider them to be on the path of a career. I sure hope they have Del Crapos in Scottsdale/Phoenix, otherwise you might starve.

The XBOX 360
Yes, I did try to win an XBOX 360 on eBay. And I did. For cheap too. Here's the link to the auction I won. But there is a problem. Notice the guy's feedback. Yeah, that didn't happen until after I had won the auction and paid for the XBOX. Sweet..... So I filed a claim with Paypal and hopefully I will get my $$$ back in a few more days. I do want to get one, since my DVD player decided it would stop working.....5 days after I got home. That was a nice little surprise for me. Suppose I had wanted to watch a movie of a particular genre that features adult themes....I would have been SOL.

Funny Picture Time
I have nothing original to say here, so I am going to post a few funny pictures.

Addicting Game For You

Coke Blak-listed
I have been seeing Coke Blak in the Long's section for alcohol now since I have been working there, but I haven't heard much about it at all. I just figured that Coca-Cola was venturing into the alcohol market. But I finally read something about it: it's just Coke and coffee. Well, I like Coke and I like coffee. So I decided to give it a try. I grabbed a 4-pack and noticed that they had a rebate label. I ended up grabbing two 4 packs, since they each gave you a full refund. Well, there might be a reason that this shit ends up being free. It's Coke with coffee. I wish there was more to it. Like maybe a frappuccino taste or something, but there's not. It's fairly flat, takes like Coke at first, then has a bitter coffee aftertaste. That's the part I don't enjoy about coffee. The aftertaste is normally not very good, unless you had a mint Starbucks Frappuccino. Mmmm.... Anyhow, I am getting sidetracked. Coke Blak might be another failure for Coca-Cola. We'll see, but I doubt it catches on. I mean, usually drinks only catch on if they taste good and/or bring something new and fresh to the table. This brings stale Coke and cheap coffee in a small, expensive, glass bottle. Needless to say, after I finish these 8 bottles, get my rebate and my recycling money, I won't be dealing with any Coke Blak anymore.

MySpace Is Spreading Like Cholera In A Poorly Irrigated Backwater Shithole Town In Nevada
I swear I cannot go anywhere anymore without hearing the word myspace. You watch the news, they talk about child molesters on there. You hang out with friends, they talk about people they got into touch with via the site. You go to work, they ask if you have a myspace. You play golf, they tell you they have a golfing myspace. You subscribe to a favorite band's email, you get a form email telling you that they switched over to myspace. You listen to the radio, they tell you to check out their page for contests. You go, they list funny pictures from friend requests.....from myspace!!! Shit, I cannot believe how that site has caught on. And to think, it was only made to promote indie rock labels and bands. What about me, you might ask? Well, I might get one some day. I know I have the skeleton of one. But shit, it's been forever since I looked at it. I have like 2 friends, maybe. I just don't have the urge to do it. Eh...

Shaving SNAFU
I was getting ready for work the other day, going about my normal bathroom business (SSS, as Felix calls it), when disaster struck. I got my face wet to put shaving cream on. I picked up my Edge bottle and pressed the button. Nothing. I shook it and pressed again. It sputtered and struggled to get one tiny drop of gel out. Sweet. So I chucked the can and went to my other shaving cream. I bought it (Barbasol) because my dermatologist recommended it for sensitive skin. Anyhow, I press the button there and get nothing but good smelling air. WTF?!? How can two cans run out at the exact same motherfucking time? It was uncanny. So I shaved with my dad's shaving cream, but I was still ticked that I ran out of my shaving both the same exact time.....

The Truck That Wasn't Truckin'
My truck went into the shop today for some major work. I had to have the AC fixed (some line for the AC was severed/bent, so I lost all the fluid, thus I lost the AC), the door (something went loose, vibrated, and then the window wouldn't roll down, making it an unbearably hot red coffin), the brakes might need changing (got a shitload of miles on them), and the automatic transmission fluid/system needs flushing (supposed to be done every 30,000 miles and mine has never been done). So yeah, that will blow my first paycheck. :(

Gotta Spend Money To Make Money
I always thought that was kind of a stupid saying, but you know, it's been coming true lately for me. For my job at Long's, I've had to buy nice clothes. Work clothes. Ties, shirts, pants. I own 4 dress shirts. Well, that sucks because there are 5 days in a work week. LOL. I have 6 ties, so I am OK there, although I know I've mistakenly worn the same tie twice a week. So I have to go buy some more dress clothes at Mervyn's today. I need to get some more shirts for sure, maybe a pair of pants, and maybe a tie or two. But the shirt department is in sore need of up-sizing.

Oil Spill
I guess there was a major fuck-up on the freeways a couple days ago. An oil tanker tipped and spilled its guts all over the 60/215 interchange. My mom said it took her about 2 hours to get home from Rialto, since the spillover traffic from the 60 and 215 went onto the 10 with her. Here's a link to that story.,1,2058357.story?coll=la-headlines-pe-california

I have to go to the gym today to start a summer membership and I have to go to the post office, per usual. Also on the list is Mervyn's. I should get to those.

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Monday, May 29, 2006
The County Am Wrap-Up
Well, let's just say that I haven't played a lot of golf recently and it shows. I had no short game, but I did manage to bomb quite a few 300+ yard drives. I mean, it didn't help me much, since my irons were inconsistent as hell, but still. I could outdrive everyone in all my groups.

The courses were set up to be hard. And they were. The put pins about 3 feet from the edges of greens, on the sides of slopes and behind ridges. It was a fucking joke on some of them.

I played best on Sunday and worst on Monday. I listed my cards from Saturday to Sunday to Monday. The top score is my score on each hole. The 2nd row is my number of putts on each green. The third row is the length of the putt (in feet) that went in the hole. And the fourth row....well, it speaks for itself. I highly recommend reading at least the one on the bottom. Click on that bad boy for some hilarity.

Yucaipa's Greens Ate My Balls For Lunch
So yeah, I have never putted well at Yucaipa. And Saturday was no different. Look at all them three putts. 6 of the bastards. I just don't understand those greens. I mean, I think I read the putt right, but I never play the right amount of break. Also, since the greens are the size of football fields, it's very easy to end up with a 120 foot putt. Anyhow, I hit the ball OK this day, but putted like a stiff. So I shot 80.

El Rancho Shitto Can Suck It
The pace of play was a little quicker on Sunday, so I had less time to write stuff down. I putted a hell of a lot better, as you can see by both rows of putting stats. I tore the back nine up.

My Nemesis Kicked My Ass
I hate Waterman in tournaments. I really do. I never play well there. In practice rounds, I shoot even. In tourneys, I shoot 83. Fuck. Enjoy that card.

So yeah. Today's round made me feel like quitting. I have never been that depressed after a round of golf. I'm still pretty pissed off. And oh yeah, I played with a guy today who smoked 5 cigars and insisted on blowing that shit in my face. Thanks, I have asthma. And that doesn't help.

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Saturday, May 20, 2006
Guess who got a bath?
Work, Work, Work
Well, my first week of work has come and gone. Let's just say that there have been some ups and downs, good moments and bad. The bad ones....well, there are just some stupid people out there in the world. Which leads me into my next section...

Stupid eBayers
I have collected all of the dumb/funny things people have emailed me through eBay. Here ya go...

Q: On an auction for Ok Go's album "Oh No," I had this question:
"Hi I´m form Spain, so I would like to ask you if I must pay some kind of Sales tax (As in your item description says: Seller charges sales tax for items shipped to: ID ( 5.000%). T ax applies to subtotal + S&H for these states only) And I´m not sure if Spain is one of this. Many Thanks
Best from here

A: "Well, Rodrigo, the last time I checked, the United States was not part of Spain. Idaho is not part of Spain. So that would be a dumb question. No, you see, you are not part of the United States. Therefore you pay the international price for shipping and a fee for wasting my time. Thanks."

Q: This was actually a question I sent a seller. His response is what was stupid.
"I noticed that you offer discounted combined shipping for multiple items. How much do you charge per each extra item shipped at the same time?"

A: "You pay $3.50 shipping for one CD, $7.00 for 2, $10.50 for 3, and $14.00 for 3. Thanks!" Hey, thanks, asshole. That's not a discount. That's just adding up the total for me. Shit, I can do that.

Q: This was on a CD by Garbage.
"Hello there. I'm from the UK but am staying in the USA for a few weeks. I'm thinking of buying this cd as a surprise for my granddaughter back home, but a friend tells me you have a different playing system to us and that it might not play in the UK. Do you know if this is true? Thank you
Simon :o)"

A: "You know, I swear a CD is a CD. I have had this question a few times recently and I cannot believe that people ask this. Seriously, has anyone out there heard about this? I have bought CDs from everywhere and they all play for me. Or do I just attract the fucking retards as buyers?"

Q: This was on my auction for Fear by Toad the Wet Sprocket.
"is there anyway u could send me a list of the songs with the artists that sing them? let me know THANK U SO MUCH!!"

A: "Have you tried reading the item description? I am prety sure they're right there, underneath the 'track listing' section. And as for the artists performing the songs, well the title of the auction kinda tells you that. Dumbshit."

Q: This was a random question from some guy who didn't understand eBay.
"Hi, I am interested in many of your CDs. I don't want to have to pay shipping for each, so can I get them all at once?"

A: "Well, I don't even know where to start. If you are interested in my CDs, please bid on them and win them. I offer combined shipping and you have to pay it, whether you want to or not. It's non-negotiable. Also, the CDs are already listed in single auction format and most have bids, so I cannot change them. You are looking for what is called a 'lot,' but I think you just need 'a lot of mental help.'"

Q: I bought a DVD player from a guy and this was the (illiterate) email he sent me afterwards.
"Dear Rico
Thank's for your purchase and fast payment. I HAVE A BIG PROBLEM: I was testing now again the device before sending, but my 2 years old granddaughter pulled the power cordless and knocked down the device, breaking the front panel. They had been only 10 seconds of incautiousness. Unhappyly I go to receive new units only in 15 or 20 days. I don't have other today. I go to return your money and left positive feedback. I'm Sorry..... I wait that you understands.
Let me Know

A: "What? What that English? I want to say yes, but still. Whew. I think Osmar said something my DVD player breaking and him refunding my money."

Q: I had a question on some feedback left for me by a regular customer of mine. Does he not know my name by now? Here's his feedback:
"Wish every seller was this awesome! Thanks, Ken!"

A: "Hi. I'm Rico."

Q: A guy sent me this email out of the blue, after bidding on a CD I listed (he ended up losing).
"you can get it cheaper on Amazon, thats why I didn't bid higher"

A: "Sweet. I don't care, loser."

Q: I sold a bunch of the special edition Disturbed albums because you can buy them cheap in the right places and sell them for over $20 on eBay. Here's what a guy in Germany said after paying with Paypal.



A: "Paypal is convenient. Thanks."

Q: I sold a CD to some semi-tard in Canada and here's what she wrote me (about 2 days after I had mailed it).
"Is my CD still coming, I've noticed that you are no longer an ebay user"

A: I have never been kicked off eBay for anything. I have always been on there. And as for your CD, I mailed it two days ago (right after you paid). You are in Canada. Chill out....oh wait, you're already cold up there. Well, sit tight, bitch."

I am entered into the San Bernardino County Am...yet again. It goes down next weekend. I am sure I will suck it up, just like I do every year. Maybe I'll get paired with that asshole from last year. Maybe this time I will shove my 3 iron up his ass....on second thought, maybe I'll shove his 3 iron up his ass.

Utah is Weird
As I was driving home, I kept seeing these signs that were weird. They asked "What wastes millions of gallons of water a year?" or "What can kill a horse?"

They were actually putting up signs against weeds. Seriously. I could not believe that. It was promoting you picking weeds. Jesus Christ.

If you want to learn more about this pointless campaign, please click below:

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Saturday, May 13, 2006
Too Much Has Happened Since The Last Post...

A ton of crap has gone on since the last time I posted on here, so yeah.....this might be long.....I urge you to struggle through it.


Katie and I went to a couple concerts recently. The first was Better Than Ezra (opened by RyanHood- a couple of funny guys). That was a good show, although it was weird having a rock concert in our fancy performing arts center...

We also went to a Switchfoot concert, opened by a no-name band (Lovedrug). I mean, I have their CD, but most people don't have a clue who they are. I gotta say that I was pretty impressed with Switchfoot, especially their singer. He sounds the same in person as he does on the CD (and thus the radio). I know a lot of artists touch up their voices for their CDs and such, but I think that would be difficult to manage live. Now don't worry. Just because we went to a Christian rock concert, it doesn't mean that I am turning religious. Nope. I'm still going to Hell. No worries there.


Katie and I went to a Comedy Central event called "The Medium Man on Campus" tour. The spotlight comic was Mike Birbiglia. He was frickin's hi-larious. Besides bagging on Mormons, his other jokes were great too. It's just that there is a huge Mormon population in Pocatello and his joke may have pissed a few of them off....

He was doing his routine when he stopped at the cry of a baby.

"Don't be alarmed, folks, but there is a baby at the show. There is a baby enjoying the comedy show. All babies love comedy. This is a first for me though. I have never had a baby at one of my shows."

He paced for a few seconds, deciding if he wanted to do this or not, then he went for it:

"Ma'am, I want to ask you a question."

The lady with the baby (who was right behind us) said "Well, what is it?"

"You wouldn't by any chance be a Mormon, would you?"

"Yeah..." she trailed off.

"OK, that makes sense. I know those Mormons, they love having kids. I mean, that little crying one of yours is probably one of like 15, right? Those Mormons have so many kids...they are a lot like cockroaches, you know? They just pump out kids unil they are crawling everywhere."

He also explains that black people cannot say the word "cracker," but they can say "crackah." Funny stuff.

Here's a couple links for you to check out and you can listen to some samples:

In All Seriousness...

I finished out my 3rd year of college, 1st of pharmacy school. And let's just say that I am glad that it's over. It was rough, stressful, and intense. God. And what is kinda sad is that the hardest, yet best taught class I had was Physiology, which is not actually taught by a professor in the college of pharmacy. It's taught by this little guy that must know every single thing about physiology. Every single thing. The guy's lectures were probably some of the most useful class time we had all year. He covered soooo much shit. After the end of the year, I had at least 150 pages of single spaced typed notes, in addition to 50 pages of drawings, an incalculable amount of diagrams referenced and about 30 chapters in text (that I never read...).

It looks like I did a little better grade-wise this semester, pulling out at least all B's. I did get an A in Intro to Pharm Prac, but I could sit in there with my hand down my shorts and get a B, so that's not saying much.

In the fall, I start modules. We take a body system and all the drugs that affect it...and cover it in a short period of time. I hear it's more intense, more in-depth, and harder than the first year of pharmacy school. Great....

The Trek Home

This was not a fun trip home. The night before I drove home, I packed up all of my stuff (except for my blankets, pillow, and sheets). Then I ate a CPK freezer pizza. That was a mistake. I woke up at 1:00 AM (after being asleep for....oh I don't know....20 fucking minutes) and promptly ran into the bathroom to puke my guts up. I barely made it, had to hold my mouth shut until I got there, and then spewed like a champ. I repeated this process 7 more times. Seriously, who knew how much my little stomach could hold? Apparently a ton of nasty, acidic vomit. Ugh. So I slept maybe a grant total of 2 hours the night before I drove home. I was dehydrated, weak, hungry but not hungry, and tired. Oh, and my guy checking me out of the apartment was late. Bastard.

I didn't have A/C the entire trip home. Something wrong with my truck's A/ someone clipped the fucking tube containing the yeah. I was dehydrated, weak, hungry but not hungry, and tired...and sweating my balls off. I had to switch to Mexican A/C, but when I had to slow down for the 2 wrecks in Vegas or the construction that was going on everywhere, it was downright miserable. I nearly passed out at one point, then slammed a bottle of water to at least keep myself hydrated. I made it home at 8:00 PM and got out of my truck, only to find I had no legs. No fucking legs! I seriously went down in a heap in my driveway and laid there until I got some strength up.

The wind from the Mexican A/C was wreaking havoc on my asthma, so my chest was really tight by the time I made it home. I was dehydrated, weak, hungry but not hungry, tired, sweating my balls off, and having asthma problems.

I said fuck unpacking and went to bed. Ha.


Sometime before I came home, I sold a few items on eBay for a friend. In return, he gave me a Pioneer CD player for my truck. So I had it installed and now my radio doesn't cut out and I can play CDs in my truck!!! Woohoo. That's a big step forwards for me. I put in a picture of it below....not the best quality of pic, I know. But hey, if it's any consolation, I was driving while I took it.

Poor Granny

My granny, my last living grandparent, is not doing so hot. I guess she hurt her back real bad and got weak and collapsed a few weeks back. My mom had to call 911 and get her hauled away. Now she lives in an old folks home. Those places make me sad. They are like hospitals, but they just have a sugar coating. They try not to make them seem like hospitals, but you know they are. They are where old people go and never come out. I was relaly hoping my granny would not ever have to go into one of those because she is such a meticulous and proud woman, not to mention strong-willed. I was really hoping that she would go in her sleep in her home, but that won't happen now. Not that I wanted her to pass away, but that would have been for the best. And I know she hates the convalescence place as much as I do. What old person wants to go into a home where they know people die daily? *Sigh*

All Work And No Play Makes Rico A Rich Boy

So thanks to Alan Chin, Joe Chin's daddy, I have a job this summer. Nowhere else wanted to employ this Caucasian male. Sorry I am white and male. Jesus Christ, fuck me for being the color and sex I am. Sorry for speaking the language this country was founded on. And Heaven forbid that I would be competent. Goddamn.

But anyhow, thanks to Alan Chin, I have a job as a part-time intern (part-time, but some weeks it looks like I will get full-time hours). I don't know the pay yet, but I'm hoping a lot. Haha.

Roomie Swtich

Chris is going to live with his girlfriend this coming year and summer. So that means I had to find another roomie for the fall. I managed to do so and, not surprisingly, he's a another pharmacy dork. Those are the only people I see all day (we basically have all the same classes). Hopefully, he doesn't get as whipped as Chris did. Chris and his girlfriend are pretty much whipped to one another, in my opinion.

Pharmacy Dicks

I played golf with some guys from my pharmacy class on one weekend during this last semester. It was pretty fun and I played decently once I was warmed up. They asked if I wanted to play again on the next Friday and I said sure. They said they'd call with the tee time and that it would be in the afternoon. As far as I knew, we were still on for the golf as of Thursday afternoon. Well, Friday morning rolls around and they aren't in class. Those bastards ditched me. I was pissed. I was pissed that they didn't call to let me know that there was no golf set for that afternoon, I was pissed that they went without me after planning to go with me, and I was pissed that they didn't tell me about any of it. Bastards.

Random Photos

Katie and I went around Pocatello and took some random photos. Here are some of them:

Well, that's enough for now.

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Friday, May 12, 2006

I'm home. I will write more in the next few days. Sorry for the lame ass update, but I will write more this weekend. Wow....I am procrastinating about this thing.

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