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Friday, June 30, 2006
The long-awaited update might come tomorrow..........
Sunday, June 11, 2006
Hit or Miss
I played golf on last Friday in the desert with my dad, my uncle, and a couple of my dad's work friends. We played Mesquite in Palm Springs...the course with 6 par 5's, 6 par 3's, and 6 par 4's. So I thought I would rip up the par 5's, since I have played them like -8 over the last month. Oh no....nope. I sucked it up all around the course...though I did manage one birdie on a par five. I ended up with 82 that day.

Today, we went back to Shandin Hills to play for money with the men's club there. I start out by 4 putting our first hole (#15). Nice.....but I got it back to even par real quick with birdies on 18 and 1. I played really well the rest of the day and shot 72 (even par). That should be good for some money, but I won't find out until next week. I did collect my $69 for last week's 67 today. Now if I could play well every round, I might be able to make some money this summer in these men's clubs things....although I doubt they will keep giving me strokes (they are giving me 4 right now....haha).

More Golf
Next weekend is the US Open at Winged Foot. Who is everyone's pick? I'll take Retief Goosen, though I think Phil Mickelson might pull it out in the end.

And Alex, we gotta get a round in sometime....doesn't matter where. Crafton maybe? Haha...

A Boatload of Hurt
When I golf (the theme of this post, in case you hadn't noticed), I always get sunburnt in the same places: my cheeks, the area right under my eyes, the back of my neck, and the V of my shirt. I usually put sunblock on before I start, but you're supposed to re-apply that stuff every hour or so. And I hate touching it because it gets my hands greasy, which I in turn rub on the grips themselves. So then the grips are permanently slick. And that's not good.

My solution was to buy the sunblock that you spray on. And it works great....I don't get that shit on my hands, I don't get sunburnt (as badly anyways). It's easy to apply and dries fast. And that's the problem. The sunblock contains a ton of alcohol in it. And I wear contacts. It doesn't matter how tightly I close my eyes, that shit stings beyond belief when I spray it anywhere near my face. The fumes get in my eyes and make me cry for about 5 minutes afterwards. It's bad. So now I don't know if I should keep using the stuff that gets my hands all greasy or if I should suffer through stinging eyes.......

People Are Dumb
This link says it all: people on eBay will buy anything.

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Sunday, June 04, 2006
Where The Hell Was This Round A Week Ago?

So yeah. I played today in the weekly men's club tourney. It was at Shandin Hills in San Bernardino and I started on hole 16 (thus the circle around the hole number). I started off by hitting a ball into the rough along the right tree line. That was very reminiscent of the entire County Am. I thought oh great, here we go. Another fucking 40-40=80. But I got it out the rough and on the edge of the green, then chipped to inches and made the putt. So I parred there, and went on to par the next two holes as well.

Then we went to the front nine. I ripped a drive, then stuck a 5 iron to 6 feet on the par five. I made the putt for eagle. So I was instantly 2 under. Woo! For the next 7 holes, I had birdie putts of 5 feet or less (on every one). You can see the holes I actually did birdie. So I ended up shooting 30 on the front. Jesus Christ....6 under on one side!!!!!

We went back to the back nine to finish the last 6 holes. I parred 10, but then struggled on the par 3 (blasted it over the green, made a bogey). I blame the adrenaline pumping for the long teeshot. But I managed to par the rest of the holes and squeak out a 67 (-5). That beats my previous record for 18 holes, which was 71 (-1). Whew. What a fun day.

Seriously, I didn't hardly hit one bad shot today at all. The shot that went over the green on 11 was solid and on line with the flag, but I just blasted the shit out of it. So I wouldn't even call that a bad shot.

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Saturday, June 03, 2006
Wasp Hunting
Since we have a pool and nearly everyone else around us does too, we get a ton of wasp nests on our house. The little fuckers once made a nest the size of a football. So today, I knocked down all the wasp nests on our house- about 15 nests and just as many wasps in total. I absolutely hate wasps. They make it difficult to enjoy the pool sometimes, since they are always buzzing around. And my kitty doesn't like all buzzing things ever since she stepped on a bee and had her paw swell up.

Work-Out Stats
I did get my gym membership at the 24 Hour Fitness near Albertsons and Rite Aid in Redlands. I have gone the last two days. Yesterday, I did pretty much all arm and chest stuff and then I biked 4 miles and ran 1. Today, I worked abs and did 30 minutes on the elliptical. Whew. I am whooped. I don't know why, but those damn ellipticals kick my ass. You would think that since it lessens the impact on your knees that it would make it less tiring, but crap, I feel just as tired after 1 mile on the elliptical as I do when I run on a track. I'm weird like that though.

Nearing 1,000
Well, I think I am nearing 1,000 CDs. I don't really know how many I have because I have lost count and I don't really have the urge to start at 1. But in the picture to the left, I am showing the spindles of CDs I have that don't even have a home yet. I don't have cases for them. Ha. I have been collecting them too fast to keep up with my organizing and such. I am lucky to even keep up with the burning/coloring. Hell, Katie has probably colored half my CDs for me. And you would think I would run out of CDs to buy, but I'm not. It's weird. The closer I think I am to being done, the more I find to buy. I still have a ten page typed list of artists to look for. I'm sure the list for the actual CDs is about twice as long. *Sigh* And I am sure the post office loves me to death. I know I make the employees work (like the last time I went in, I had 25 packages to send- half international= more paperwork), but as far as their revenue goes, I know eBay/internet businesses are helping a ton.

Giving Golf Another Shot

I haven't touched my clubs since the embarrassment at the County Am. So tomorrow morning, I am going to play in a men's club tourney for $$$ at Shandin Hills. I bet I suck and lose all the money I put into it. Bah.

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