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Friday, November 24, 2006
Just To Get Things Off On The Right Note...

It's been a long time and I don't want to hear it. Haha. I will try to update once a month from here on out. We'll see.

Video Time
So I have filmed some random things lately. Here are the links...

School Stuff
So we come to main reason why I haven't posted lately. School is ripping me a new one.

I have class anywhere from 3 hours to 7 hours a day. And the rest, well, I should be studying.

I pulled a B out of my ass in the first module, which dealt with the lungs and kidneys. Now we are on the heart, which we have for two modules. I am struggling in this shit....barely getting a C....and that's no joke. I've decided that I hate the heart. Well, the organ itself is fine. Just the drugs/procedures that are used to treat diseases which affect the heart are so needlessly complicated.

For the last test, I re-wrote my notes into a legible and study-able form. I knew that shit. I had it down. I was so prepared for that test that if I had another week to prepare it, I wouldn't have done any better. And I got a 70%. WTF!?!?!?!?!

But then on my most recent test in my Dosage Form and Design class, I pulled out the high score of like 97%.


Unexcusable Stupidness
"Vandals cause $250,000 damage to O.C. golf course; 16 teens held
By Mai Tran, Times Staff Writer
November 24, 2006
Sixteen teenagers were arrested early Thursday, accused of burglarizing golf carts and vandalizing a Yorba Linda golf course, police said. Five of them, ages 18 and 19, were being held at the Orange County Jail in lieu of $20,000 bail each. Eleven boys and girls, ranging from 12 to 17 years old, were taken to Juvenile Hall. The teens, most from La Mirada, tripped an alarm at the Black Gold Golf Club in the 17600 block of Lakeview Avenue about 3:20 a.m., said Sgt. Darrin Devereux, of the Brea Police Department, which patrols Yorba Linda. By the time police arrived, the teens had cut off a lock to the entrance gate and used a car to ram into a roll-up garage door that housed golf carts, police said. They took 30 golf carts and drove around the course, damaging the greens, spray-painting the property and overturning the carts, Devereux said. One cart was submerged in a lake. Damage was estimated at $250,000. All of the teens were charged with burglary and vandalism. An investigation is continuing to determine whether the teens are linked to similar incidents at golf courses in Huntington Beach and Fullerton this month, authorities said."
-courtesy the Los Angeles Times

I've had some bad golf days and I've felt like lighting the course on fire and burning it to the ground, but feeling like and doing it are two very different things. I mean, I hate the Redlands Country Club and used to think about driving my truck on it at night, but I never did. And I never would. But these kids thought they were bad-ass or something. I read elsewhere that they call themselves the CCA- Country Club Assassins. Morons. What are they rebelling against? Nice grass?

Golf Summary
I played 3 times while I was home. Once at Soboba Springs (76), once at Trilogy in Glen Ivy (83), and once at Escena in Palm Springs (81). Not great, but not terrible for playing one round of golf since August. I couldn't putt or chip to save my skinny white ass, but I was nailing the driver about 280 yards.

End of the Year
The end of the year is coming and I have been thinking about the fad post that I have made tradition now. I haven't been thinking hard about it, but it is a definite possibility for December's or January's post (look at that! Already making use of the once a month post idea!).

Pocatello Bound
I have to get up at 5:30 AM tomorrow. I leave California tomorrow at 7:59 AM from Ontario. I should get into Pocatello about 12:30 PM Pocatello time. It looks like the weather will be good, but the weather changes as often as FOX airs and cancels a new show.

X-mas Gifts
If you don't have any ideas on what to get me for Christmas, here is a small list of little things that would brighten up the holiday season for me:
1. Toyota Tacoma TRD Xtra Cab- light blue, V6, Rhino-liner, automatic, non-leather seats
2. Nissan 350Z- red, automatic, hard-top, non-leather seats
3. A new laptop- anything but a Dell or a Mac
4. PDA- I'll need one for my rotations in my P-4 year, so it would be good to get one now and get all the pharmacy programs for it.
5. A new digital camera- one with a good microphone, more megapixels than the one I have, and an underwater case for it (like Alex has...)

I know they're not much, but hey... ;)

Let's All Go to the Movies
I've been watching some scary movies lately and here's my yea or nay on them:

SAW III- I like all of the Saw movies. They're evil, gory, and gross....but so perfectly evil. The plots are nearly flawless and they're fun to try to figure out. Yea.

DARKNESS FALLS- An interesting idea for a movie- the tooth fairy is evil? It was a good idea, but maybe not very well exceuted. Half yea.

THE AMITYVILLE HORROR- Creepy. Very creepy movie. I'm surprised Van Wilder (well, Ryan Reynolds) can act seriously. Yea!!

THE CAVE- Lame. Predictable and not scary. Nay.

SILENT HILL- Let's just say that video games should not be turned into movies. Hmmm? Nay.

THE HILLS HAVE EYES- In one word, disturbing. A good story, but disturbing. Yea if you can take it.

Weird Dreams
I have been having some of the weirdest dreams ever lately (and I am pretty sure they aren't due to the movies...they're not scary at all). They involve people that I know that have never met, but at different stages of their life. I wonder if all the stress is making my brain go into overdrive at night.

Once Again, a Rant on Atkins
Atkins is, of course, the most popular diet out there right now. And it does make you lose weight quickly. But have you ever thought that eating fat and protein only may be unhealthy? Well, during our lab on diets, we learned that it will make you lose weight, but really any diet will do that. If you really feel that you need to lose weight, try the Portfolio diet.


We had Thanksgiving at my house yesterday. I made the green bean casserole (with water chestnuts and bacon), the mashed potatoes (with garlic, oregano, thyme, parseley), two salsas, dulce de leche trifle and a cheesecake. I swear I weigh more now. *Sigh* Back to the gym when I get into Pocatello.

"Awkward...This is Awkward....Awkwardness Abounding"
When I flew out of Pocatello, I was on a plane with a Mormon girl in my class and one of her fellow brainwashed LDS-ers. Her final stop was Salt Lake, but it wasn't the final stop for me or the fellow LDS-er. And I had a 45 minute layover. He had a 2 hour layover. The guy insisted on sitting by me the entire time I waited for my next flight. I didn't have a clue who he was and I didn't really have a huge urge to talk to him. I tried to make small talk with him, but goddamn, it was just awkward. Just go away, buddy! God. I don't want to talk to you. I even tried to hint for him to leave by saying like "Where's your gate?" or "Hopefully the airlines haven't changed your gate." He just couldn't take the hint to leave me be.

No, there hasn't been enough snow to go sledding yet. But once there is, expect some pictures and/or videos.

Current music: Pillar- "Fireproof" and Building 429- "Rise"
Current mood: not ready to fly back to Poky tomorrow

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