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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Monday, April 23, 2007

Summer Plans

This is going to be my last summer in California. I am sure I will make time for vacation trips down there occasionally in the future, but as far as having a whole summer in Redlands, this is the last one. I will be holding down the fort at Long's again on Colton Avenue.

Next summer, I will be starting rotations (basically internships) in Boise. So from then on, I will be working and won't have a chance to have a real summer…


Pharmacy School Phun

"When 'fight or flight' happens, your GI tract is supposed to be inhibited so as not waste energy. So why do I want to crap my pants when say, like a bear is chasing me?"
-This was during a lecture on the GI tract. I swear, some of the funniest questions in class come out when people are asking serious questions.

"Forehead wrinkles mean you are constipated."
-I am taking a complementary and alternative medicine class. We have guest speakers every week. Some of them have clinical data that supports their practice (like acupuncture) and others are just total whack-jobs. A good example of a whack-job was the foot zonology lady. This is one of her good quotes. And if this were true, then I would constipated 24/7, since my forehead perpetually has wrinkles. And believe me, I am not constipated. Far from it, actually.

"Lemon juice is alkaline."
-More from the foot zonology lady. Yeah, uh-huh. The citric acid in lemons is basic. That's why they call it citric base, not citric acid.

"If you eat three meals a day and do not poop three times a day, you are constipated."
-the foot zonology lady strikes again. No way. Food moves slowly through the large intestine and ends up getting compacted together. Thus the average number of poops for most folks is once a day or once every two days.

"Why isn't mortality figured into the health care estimate?"
"Because dead people don't need health care."
-this was an ethical question posed by my Social and Behavioral Medicine professor.

Phacial Hair Phun

After spring break, I grew out facial hair for about 10 days or so. It got pretty long (for me). And now I'm giving it another shot. It just itches so much. I don't know how guys can grow those pedophile/ rapist/ terrorist beards. Their endurance for itching must be insanely high.

Pros of facial hair:
I like the way it looks on my face. I think I look better with longer sideburns than not. Having facial hair allows my face to rest from shaving (fewer pimples).

Cons of facial hair:
My facial hair is multi-colored. It's red, brown, blonde, and black. Weird. And it itches like crazy too. And a mustache makes me look like Chester the Molester.

A Better Showing

So we had another volleyball team this year, but we trimmed the fat from previous years and recruited a ringer. We lost the first games badly since we were seriously out of practice. But we managed to end up with a 3-4 record and made it to the semifinals of the championship tournament. And I know 3-4 doesn't sound great, but that's two more wins than we've ever had before.

In that tournament, we had to come from behind in every game in every match. I swear, for once, I would have loved to have taken an early lead and stayed ahead. It was nerve-wracking to always be coming from behind to try to complete the Cinderella story.

I hurt myself nearly every game. Somehow, I end up having to dive all the damn time. Maybe it's because I am slow on my feet and have to compensate for it or maybe I just like to leave it all out there on the court. But anyhow, in the last game I landed pretty hard on my right knee. And two days later, it's still pretty tender and doesn't really appreciate me bumping it into things.

April Blizzards Bring May Shriveled Phlowers

So, per usual, it showed here in Pocatello in April. Pocatello cannot make it through April without snowing at least once. It's actually snowed a few times this April already. Bah. I am so sick of Pocatello's winds, snow, and Mo-mos.

Moving On Up

Next semester (the fall), I won't be in Pocatello anymore. I will be done with this town on May 8th. YAY!!! The pharmacy class is split in half for our P-3 year (next year for me) and I will be going to Boise.

Since we have distance learning televised classes, it's not a big deal to have the class split in half. Many of our professors are in Boise, lecturing to an empty class room anyways right now.
I'll be living fairly close to the ISU campus in Meridian (next to Boise). Here's the website of the apartments I toured and would like to live in:


ISU got a sneak peek of Disturbia a week before it hit theaters. I went to see it, since we didn't really have anything else to do that night. I have to say, it was a pretty good movie. Not real scary, but definitely suspenseful. There were some funny scenes too, so it's not all serious and scary.

Someone (most likely a Mo-mo) brought a young girl to the movie. She screamed at every opportunity she had. It was pretty amusing to hear her let out a full-on scream every time there was an even remotely scary moment.

I do have to wonder what the parent of the young kid was thinking. You know by the name of the movie that it's going to be a messed up movie. You can see the previews just like everyone else and you know that it's a scary movie. The rating of the movie suggests that there may be some disturbing content. Why do you still insist on bringing the little shit to the movie? I mean, seriously. Be a parent. Do your job. You brought the cretin into the world, now be responsible for it.

It's All Phun And Games Until Someone Has To Hump A Door…Then It's Just Phlat Out Phunny

One night, we bought 4 rolls of Saran Wrap with the intentions of wrapping a car up in it. However, we were dumb enough to not check if the car was there before buying it. And as luck would have it, the car wasn't there. So we had to think of alternate uses for the Saran Wrap.

We wrapped up some things in my roomie's bedroom (like his lamps, pictures, TV, DVDs, remotes, hats, backpack, pillows, and bed).

But the true crowning glory of the evening and the Saran Wrap was wrapping up Big Chris in a couple rolls.

After this, he hopped out of my apartment and down the staircase. That was an ordeal and a half. Then he bounded slowly into the street. A car drove by and he hopped his way across. The car slowed down, then turned up the next street, flipped a bitch, and parked on the side of the street. The people in the car sat there and watched Big Chris jump his way to his apartment (which took minutes).

Somehow he managed to wiggle a key out of his pocket and stick it through the Saran Wrap layers. But this still presented a problem. He had to hump the door to get the key in. After a couple minutes of struggling, Big Chris finally got the key in and got the knob turned. It was at this point that the car watching us drove away. It was a little eerie/odd that the car and the people in it stayed there and watched the hopping for so long.

We freed him a little while later, in case you were wondering.

Phailed Date

Katie and I tried to have a date day, but we got shot down. First, we tried to go to the zoo to see all the various animals, but they were closed until the next weekend. So we sat on the swings and killed a few minutes while trying to come up with a new plan. We ended up going to McKee's pet shop. That's a pretty sad downgrade from a zoo. L

Boston Terrier + Pug = Bug = Cuteness

Katie and I went to the local pet store for something to do last weekend. They had some of the cutest puppies ever. It was a cross between a Boston terrier and a pug, also known as a 'bug.' They also had some solid black pug puppies.

It's so heartwarming and sad at the same time to go in and visit the puplets. I wish I could take them all home and play with them all, but I just can't right now. I have to wait at least a year until I am done with California and I have my own place in Boise/Meridian.

But don't think this means that I am going to get a bug. I am sticking with the pug, wiener dog, and kitty. Katie does seem have to an interest in getting a bug though.


My cousin Gina and her fiancé Jay are finally going to get married after 4 years of engagement. It's about damn time. I mean, I thought I would get my Pharm D. before they tied the knot (only have two more years). They're getting married on a cruise ship out of Long Beach on June 4.

Cell Phones and Bathrooms

I was taking a leak in the pharmacy building the other day when a phone rang in the restroom. The ringing was coming from the stall next to me. I could hear rustling and then a beep, followed by "Hello?"

I finished up and shook it twice, but no more. The guy continued to have a conversation on the john. Weird. I just left wondering about the whole situation.

What is everyone else's policy on talking on the john? Say that you are sitting there on the crapper and the phone rings in your pants. What would you do?

I would just end the call, but I want to hear everyone else's thoughts on carrying on a conversation in the bathroom. I mean, what does the person on the other end think when they hear a flush?

I'm A Phatty

I now weigh 163-165 pounds (depending on poop status). I remember being in high school, barely tipping the scales at 100 pounds. And I remember getting food poisoning from Toxic Hell (Taco Bell) and losing 15 pounds. I can't imagine being that thin now.

So, for the last few weeks, I have been attempting to limit my portions at meals. And I've been trying to eat fruits and veggies (grapes, bananas, apples, carrots, celery) instead of chips for snacks. I don't know if it's made a difference really in my weight, but I think I may have more energy from eating better.

And let's just say that it's hard to try to limit your portions when you've eaten like a pig for your entire life. I eat pretty quickly and I don't feel full, so I always feel like I need more food. But I am trying to wait a little while before getting seconds to let my stomach realize that it's full.

I just wish food was not so good. I wish I didn't get so much pleasure from stuffing my face. I swear, if I hadn't had a fast metabolism all my life, I'd be one of those morbidly obese kids on Maury Povich crying my eyes out because other kids make fun of me for not being able to find my pecker.

School Shooting

OK, before I get on my way on this rant, I want everyone to know that I am not a cold hearted sonuvabitch and I feel bad for the families of the victims at Virginia Tech. I wish someone had taken a more active role in that psycho's life and stopped him before he shot the school up. I wish he had just put a bullet in his head first, instead of hurting all those other people.

I am very sick and tired of seeing VT on the news. I can't take it. I don't want to see that damn Asian psycho anymore. It was sad, but let's not drag it out, huh?

I swear, I think the media actually drives people to cause violence. After the VT shootings, there were a couple other shootings (one in Texas and one at NASA). I think people see that shit on the news and it encourages them to do it too. They know they'll get media coverage for doing it. They know they'll grab the attention of the entire nation.
They know they'll be famous for a day, if not a week. They know their story will be splattered across newspapers, TV channels, and the Internet.

Seriously, I mean, I feel bad for the families of the victims. But damn, I bet they wish there was less media coverage of all the shootings too. How would you feel if your son or daughter died in the shootings and you had to see their killer's face on TV all day? How would you feel having the unpleasantness brought up time and time again? How would you like hearing your child's life summed up in 10 seconds on TV by some talking head who feigns to care? Personally, I would be livid with the news networks, but maybe that's just how I am.

Some Twisted Comics (Since This Blog is Weak and Needs Philler Material)

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