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Saturday, June 16, 2007
It's June


This may be a pretty dull blog, since all I've done the entire summer is work at Long's, counting pills and counseling the retarded people that they should take Benadryl (diphenhydramine) if they have hives (tough shit if it makes you drowsy, it's the most effective). Now, I'm not complaining about the work since it's pretty easy and the money is good. My co-workers are pretty easy to get along with too. But damn, I never seem to have much free time. I work 10:30-7:30 on most of my shifts (which includes the best duties and least cash register work), and then by the time I stuff food in my face after work, I don't feel like doing anything besides feeling my ass grow roots to the recliner. I sleep like the dead nightly and have to drag myself out of bed to workout or work.

In fact, this last week, I was originally scheduled to work 16 hours. Sounded like a good week to me....perfect for a little golf and maybe a beach trip. But then one person hurt their back and another took their birthday off, so I worked ~42 hours. But hey, the money and the experience are good.


I'm up to 1643 on eBay! Woohoo! And not to jinx myself, but I haven't had a negative in over 6 months and a neutral in over a month. With the number of retards out there on eBay, it's really surprising to do that well. In fact, I may get some nasty feedback soon.

I sold the "Gone in 60 Seconds" DVD to a guy in Canada (mistake #1 on my part). He didn't respond to any emails for over a week, so I filed an unpaid item claim. He responded by saying that he would pay for it (in French) several times. I told him to speak English (sounds prejudiced? He knows English- the movie was in English) and pay for it, not just tell me how he would pay for it. A couple days go by and nothing happens. Then he sends a Paypal payment....for $0.01. Shipping is $4.95 and the DVD cost itself was $0.01, for a whopping total of $4.96. Paypal took a $0.01 fee for the payment he made. Sonuvabitch. So I kept his penny and left him negative feedback. We'll see what he does.

Another good case was my putter. I sold the Ben Hogan Bettinardi on eBay to a guy in Idaho. He paid right away and I shipped next day. Sounds good, right? No. He says he received the putter with a huge bend in the shaft inches from the head, but he admits that I packed the putter VERY well. WTF? It took me awhile to put this together. In the meantime, he confirmed my suspicions. He sent another angry email stating that I sold a broken putter and that I knew it had a bent shaft. He said the pictures on the auction weren't of the shaft. However, I realized that I took a picture of the head looking down the shaft, showing the final 8-10 inches of the shaft! I told him that. And I told him that I needed a picture of the bent shaft with either today's newspaper in the background or my invoice behind it. And guess what? I haven't heard from the bastard since. Hmmm....what an asshole. Glad I caught that little conniving prick in the act and didn't refund him immediately.

R.I.P. Chapstick

I have a few pet peeves in life. One is shitty drivers. Another is screaming children in restaurants with neglient parents. And another, more insignificant one, is losing my Chapstick. First off, I love having Chapstick around 24/7 because my lips dry out and feel icky. I know, I sound like a girl, but having dry lips is not a pleasant feeling. And more importantly, how do you expect to get any luvin' if your lips aren't properly moisturized?

Anyhow, I buy the damn things in bulk now because I lose them so often. I don't think I have finished one in forever. Let's go over the top three ways in which I lose Chapsticks:

3. They fall out of my pocket golfing. Golf shorts must be made by a fucking retard. Who designs shorts so that stuff falls out of them when their primary purpose is to hold things like tees, ball markers, and pencils? Damnit.

2. I wash them. I forget that they are in my pants pocket and I send them through the washer/dryer. That ruins the loses shapes and turns into a waxy fucking mess.

1. They magically fucking disappear. I swear to God. I shit you not. One minute, I have a 1/2 used mint Chapstick in my right pants pocket and the next, it's gone. I don't know where it goes or how it gets out of my pocket, but the fucker vanishes.

You don't know how irritating it is to lose Chapsticks so often. I really can't remember the last time I finished a stick off.

If you happen to run into a Chapstick goblin, punch the little shit for me. He deserves it for stealing all of mine.

County Am

I played in the County Am, like I do every May. And I did terrible. *Shakes head in disgust.* I'm damn ashamed at how poorly I played. It seemed like nothing went right. If I hit a bad drive, I wouldn't recover from it. If I hit a good tee shot, then I fucked up the approach. If I managed to string two good shots together, then I left my putt halfway there. Jesus H. Vishnu. I shot 85 at Yucaipa (Lordy.....), 87 at El Rancho (thought about withdrawing), and then I made a small comeback at Waterman with 75. My putting was atrocious all three days. I swear, if I could get a ringer to putt and chip for me, I could be pro. Ha. My long game is there, the short game is gone with the days of political incorrectness. Bah.

My dad ended up with the same total score as me, but he was in a handicapped flight, so he got strokes shaved off. He ended up getting third in his flight, getting a gift certificate, and a big-ass plaque. And he even had his picture in the paper on Monday for Sunday's round at El Rancho Shitto.

I played golf today in Palm Springs. I think I was in every bunker on the course and every waste area between fairways (the place had no rough, just all fairways and sand). And now I'm just exhausted from getting up at 4:00 AM to play golf and playing shitty golf.

Guess Who Got Married?

No, it's not me. Don't think the folks of Pocatello wore off on me or encouraged me to get married at 21 (which would be old by their standards). I'm still pretty anti-Mormon. My cousin, Gina, finally got married after three and a half years of engagement and years of dating before that to Jay from New Jersey/New York.

They tied the knot on a charter boat in the Balboa Harbor. Nothing extremely fancy, but nice nonetheless. I took lots of pictures. Check out the album below to see the better ones.

The drive down there reminded me why I hate California traffic. Took 3 hours to get and only a little over an hour to get home. BS.

Say No To Quick Fixes

So a new diet pill has come out (well, not really's half strength Xenical, a diet pill that been around for awhile). It's called Alli (pronounced ally, like a 'friend' in weight loss, also known as orlistat). Now what kind of a friend gives you the side effects that this pill does? Click below to see them. And just keep in mind that the drug works by binding to fat and making it impossible for you to absorb it.

Fatty/oily stool? Who doesn't love a good floater?

Fecal incontinence? I love surprises.

Fecal urgency? What's life without a challenge? I mean, why not have to make that mad dash to toilet?

Flatus with discharge? Why not? That way, you see who is better at farting and who isn't worth a shit.

Increased defecation? More is always better.

Oily evacuation? Better than straining, I suppose.

Oily spotting? Mark your undershorts so that no one else will take them.

Seriously now, why would you take this pill? It's supposed to be used in combination with proper diet and exercise. 99% of Americans who use the pill won't change their diet or lifestyle....that is, until they get the side effects. Ha. If you eat a McDonalds' hamburger, you will have all of the side effects. Pretty much guaranteed. If you eat right, you may still have some of them. Or people will modify their diet and take the pill, then gorge on one fatty meal a week without the pill.

Damn, just join a gym and eat right. Not a hard thing to do. A gym membership runs about $1 a day. And eating right costs the same as eating poorly (more home-cooked meals versus fast food). Alli is $60 a month. It costs twice as much as exercise. Not really worth it.

Not to mention the extra amount of toilet paper you will need.


I'm sure you're all sick of hearing about my kitty, but here are a couple videos of her. Haha. The first one is of her doing happy paws in her bed. She does this nightly, for minutes on end. Weird cat. The second one is of her when she heard her food dish hit on the counter. We trained her to know that meant she would get fed.


Let the bitch rot in jail.

If she doesn't want to eat or drink to avoid getting her picture made on the loo, then she needs to hear these lines of thought:

1. We've seen it all anyways (ie. the porno). It's nothing new and no one cares.
2. Starve and dehydrate for all I care. She'll eat and drink when she's hungry and thirsty enough.
3. Why is she special? She broke the law and should be punished. She's lucky to get a solitary cell. I wish she was with all the other prisoners. There she'd get a glimpse of the real "Simple Life."

Weird Shit I Thought I Would Randomly Add;_ylt=AhaxjFIaqpaa7Y1VfTAGQ7rtiBIF;_ylt=Aq4C7UAsv9h_uxRE1mNtgCvtiBIF;_ylt=AqA7kpgzKUwvszx0F5PLB2_tiBIF

My Movie Reviews

Lady in the Water: Not really scary or even that suspenseful. But a good movie, even if it does show what a big head M. Night Shyamalan has. Probably the best of the three I listed here.

The Forgotten: Lame. All there is to it. Just lame. The plot sucked, was see-through, and the acting was pretty weak too.

Panic Room: OK. Predictable, but entertaining. You saw where they were going minutes before it happened, but still a decent movie.

Hotter Than Hell

The last week or so has been miserable here in Redlands. I'm not used to the heat and I'm sweating like crazy. My truck's AC is questionable at best, so I have to use my Mexican AC all the time (roll down the windows and go fast). I know that's not a PC term, but too damn bad. That's what it's called.

So I get to work in my dress shirt, slacks, and tie with pit stains. And the day hasn't even started yet at this point. Jesus. Someone needs to turn down the thermostat outside, please. It was probably 110 in Palm Springs today when we finished golfing. Damn summer heat.

Current mood: exhausted
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Husbands and sons
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Sail away, sail away to find them
Half a life, half a life amongst them
Out of reach
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Out of reach
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By the waves
The light thats shines
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The light that shines
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Out of reach
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Out of reach
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Out of reach
Out of reach
Out of reach
Too far gone to be saved..."
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"I don't know who you are but now somehow you're breaking my heart
And I dont know who you are but like a bird lift me up to the stars
Now I'm feeling alive, for the first time
Here's hoping this day won't end..."
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"...You can hide between the covers,
And taste the bitterness you've given to me..."
Between the Sheets by Monty Are I

"...Life, is floating fast away.
But I look, your head is turned away.
From the moment you left I knew that something wasn't right.
But the feeling inside has kept me up all night.
You and me are like one heart-beat.
You and me are like one heart-beat.
So slice open my veins,
And let the romance bleed away..."
Bloody Romance by Senses Fail

"...You are the one
You'll never be alone again
You're more than in my head - you're more
Spin faster shouting out loud
You cant steal whats paid for
Such something hurting again
Murder son she's painful
You so believe your own lies
On my skin your fingers
Runaway until the last time
We're gonna lose forever
When you try - don't try to say you wont
Try to crawl into my headwhen you cry - cause it's all built up inside
Your tears already said - already said
You'll never be alone again..."
You Are The One by Shiny Toy Guns
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